Apple Day 2015

Apple Day 2015 was a great success.
We were blessed with a dry afternoon at last, having had two wet years for the event and last year not enough apples.
Robert, Hamish and Matt brought along their presses and with three in operation a serious amount of juice was pressed.  In addition to the orchard apples, we had a contribution of seven boxes of pears from a local resident making the resulting juice delicious indeed.  The Wassail cider should be good next year!
The apple produce stall was very popular, with a number of cakes, tarts and apple confections being made by FOWHH members  Farmer, David Smith, came along with his tractor and telehandler so apples on the topmost branches were able to be picked.  Such fun was had that, judging by the excited shrieks and laughter of the pickers, the orchard could have been mistaken for the likes of a big rides amusement park!
Public attendance was good, with many families coming along to taste the juice and cakes, collect apples and generally enjoy the community orchard.
A very big thank you to all of you who pressed, cooked and stewarded the event and, indeed, to those of you who came along to enjoy the afternoon and participate in the fun.
Maggi Stowers

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