Roll of Honour 1916


MARCH 4, 1916

The following have responded to the call of King and Country from Pill and Easton-in-Gordano:

Babbidge, Harry, H.M.S. Goliath

Bailey, C.G.

Bailey, J.  R.F.A.

Bailey, Jack, R.M.L.I.

Bailey, G.W.

Berry, Edward, 12th Gloucesters

Berry, Frank, Royal Irish Reg.

Bessant, C.

Bessant, J.

Blaken, C., 12th Gloucesters

Board, J.,  R.N.

Bolwell, D. Somerset Light Inf.

Borne, E.C., 7th Bedfords

Buck, G., R.N.

Buck,  Lance-Corpl. J.C.

Buck,  John

Buck,  J.T.

Buck, T.

Bull, S.

Bull, S.P.

Bull, J., S.L.I.

Bullock, Corpl. T.G.

Carey, Lieut. F., R.N.R.

Case, W.

Cavell, 2nd Lieut. H.J., 14th Sherwood F.

Chell, F.

Collins, Bert, Somerset L.I.

Comerford, J.

Comerford, H.H., 12th Gloucesters

Comerford, Gnr. A., Somerset R.H.A.

Comerford, E.G., 2nd Bedfords (killed)

Day, Corpl. F.

Derrick, Gnr. W., Somerset R.H.A.

Derrick, E.T., H.M.S. Roebuck

Dickins, H.

Dickens, Lance-Corpl. G.

Dickens, Lieut. F.G., D.S.C., R.N.R.

Dickens, Jack, Royal Engineers

Dickens, Lieut. John W.E., Commanding Officer, R.F.A. Polshannon

Dickens, Harold E., 1/4th Gloucesters

Dickens, Nurse Grace, V.A.D.

Dix, Seaman, H.M.S. Caesar

Dixon, W.

Dixon, E.R. North Somerset Yeomanry

Downs, Dvr. Edgar, R.F.A.

Edwards, C., R.F.A.

Ellis, 2nd Lieut. Ewart, S.L.I.

Evans, Lieut. John P., Gloucestershire Yeomanry

Evans, Nurse Rita

Evans, Nurse Joan

Fletcher, S.R.

Fletcher, Spr. A.R., S.M.R.E.

Fletcher, P.L., 2nd Monmouths

Fletcher, S.N., 12th Gloucesters

Gadd, James, R.N.

Gainey, F.W., 3rd Gloucesters

Gale, Corpl. G.H., 4th S.L.I.

Gardiner, Sidney

Gilmore, Frank, R.F.A.

Gold, Corpl, T.W., Somerset R.H.A.

Gold, L-Corpl. Harry, S.L.I.

Gould, Corpl. T.

Gould, H.

Greenslade, Sergt. T., Som. R.H.A.

Grigg, Sergt. W.G., Worcestershire Regt.

Hall, James, 6th Royal Berks.

Hall, Lieut. Francis, 2nd Dorsets.

Hall, Lieut. Richard, 2nd Dorsets.

Halliday, F.W., R.A.M.C.

Hambling, L-Corpl. M.L., R.G.H.

Hambling, Herbert W.S., R.G.H.

Hammond, Lieut., R.N.R.

Hancorn, -.

Harding, J.

Hazell, J.

Henson, L-Corpl. F.R., 5th Canadian Eng.

Henson, Thomas, H.M.S. Defence

Hibbard, Dvr. A.E., R.F.A.

Howarth, James (killed)

Hucker, V.

Hulin, A.P.

Hunt, T.G. (junior), R.N.

Hunt, George E.

Hunt, James, N.R.

Hunt, Lieut. T.G.

Hunt, W.

Hunt, John

Hunt, Nurse Mary, B.G.H.

Hurst, J.

James, Gnr. Victor, R.F.A.

James, G.W.

James, John

Jones, A.V.

Jones, S.C.

Jones, Wm. M.

Jones, Corpl. H.J.P., R.F.A.

Jordan, Corpl A.E.

King, Sergt. Ernest

King, Dvr. E.C., A.S.C.

Knight, Dvr. M.H., R.F.A.

Knight, Tom. Somerset L.I.

Light, F.J., 15th Gloucesters

Lindsey, L-Sergt., 22nd Wessex & Welsh Rifles

Lovell, Nurse Grace, Military Hospital, Falmouth

Maggs, Corpl. W.H., 4th S.L.I.

Mail, C.R., Somerset R.H.A.

Mail, J.G., 15th Gloucesters

Manning, Gerald

Manning, Clifford

Mitchell, B.J., R.F.A.

Montague, A. B.

Moore, Junr. L.H., S.L.I.

Moore, Snr. L.H.

Newsome, Dr., R.A.M.C.

Nicholls, Gnr. Ray, Somerset R.H.A., .A.C.

Ogbourne, E.W.

Parslow, F., R.E. Detachment

Parsons, L-Corpl. C., 5th S.L.I.

Pearce, Corpl. W.E., S.M.R.E.

Phillips, W.G.

Poole, Lance-Corpl. H.

Porter, Tpr. A.W., North Som. Yeomanry

Prescott, L-Sergt. A.G., H.A.C.

Ray, Lieut. S., R.N.R.

Reed, John

Rice, George, 2/6th Gloucesters

Rich, J. (lost in H.M.S. Majestic)

Rich, Fred. John, H.M.S. Suffolk

Rogers, Wm., R.E.

Rogers,  F., 12th Gloucesters

Rogers, Lance-Corpl. Wm. Geo.

Rosewell, F., S.L.I.

Rosewell, Spr. N., Royal Engineers

Rosewell, C., S.L.I.

Rowland, Corpl. R.

Rowland, W.

Rumble, Saddler  A., R.F.A.

Russell, A., 1st Gloucesters

Russell, F.

Sage, A.L., Grenadier Guards

Savery, A.

Selway, Douglas W., 15th Gloucesters

Selway, Hubert, J., Transport Service

Sharp, Wm. M. Biddle, S.L.I.

Shaw, Lieut. C.

Shaw, Boy Leslie

Shepherd, W.C.

Sheppard, L.J., S.L.I.

Simpkins, G.

Smith, T.H.

Stenner, W.G., R.A.M.C.

Stothert, S., H.M.S. Minotaur

Stokes, H.H., 15th Gloucesters

Stokes, A.G., Royal Irish Regt.

Thomas, C., R.F.A.

Thomas, Lieut. W., R.N.R.

Thomas, Lieut. B.

Thomas, S.

Thompson, Dvr. W., R.E.

Trott, Reginald

Trott, J.

Vaughan, Lieut. Frank, 3rd Bucks

Vowles, S.J., Bedfordshire Regt.

Watson, Chief P.O., R., R.N.

Watts, A., Royal Marine Garrison

Weaden, L.E., A.S.C.

Weaden, Sidney, H.M.S. Impregnable

Weaden, Corpl. George, 8th S.L.I. (killed)

Webb, W.F.

Welsh, Jack., S.L.I.

Wheadon, W.J., 1st Devons

Wheadon, F., R.F.A.

Williams, W.T.

Williams, F.

Williams, W.J.

Williams, W.D., 3rd Grenadier Guards

Williams, Sergt. F.J., S.L.I.

Williams, Corpl. Edward, R.F.A.

Williams, William, R.F.A.

Wingate, Sergt. Stephen, R.F.A.

 Yeales, A., S.L.I.

Youngston, S.

Youngson, L.H., General Military Police

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