PC Minutes 26 October 2015



Monday 26th October 2015 at 7.30pm at the Resource Centre


1. Public Participation – Members will receive questions from members of the public for a period

not exceeding ten minutes.

2. Present: Cllrs Jopp, Davies, Davey, Burchell, Dawson, Langton, Taylor

Apologies: Julie Smart (Clerk), Cllrs Beasant, Kent, Ovel & Stone

3. Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting – To agree the minutes of the meeting of the Council

held on Monday 28th September 2015 (copy previously circulated).

Approved with emendation of price of electricity in Item 6 from .04p to £.04

4. Declaration of Interests – To receive Declarations of Interest in accordance with the Adopted

Code of Conduct July 2012.

5. Ward Councillor’s Report

It was noted that there was no report from Cllr Ashton.

 Report from Cllr Don Davies

a) the ward councillor should note that the number of cars outside 9 Priory Road is increasing

and getting closer to the blind corner, but no action is forthcoming. Someone driving one of

these cars has been seen depositing large quantities of rubbish in local bins.

b) the sign ref HGV on the A369 is failing to deter lorries from attempting to access the docks.

Agreed: to write to Cllr Ashton about these two concerns Action: Clerk

c) a survey of off-peak buses in the last week showed no missing buses and few that were

significantly late. However the supposed real-time information is still not working. Cllr Davies

will raise again with North Somerset. (But there had been an issue on Tuesday last week when

there was no service for over 50 mins). The X2 and X3 buses now go into Bower Ashton and

hence give access to the UWE buses and hence to most of Bristol on a day ticket. This should

be advertised. Agreed: to put a notice about this in the Resource Centre Window. Action: Cllr

6. Crime & Disorder – To receive reports from members.

a) next PACT meeting is the first week in November.

b) there have been stories of a stabbing incident in the village on Saturday evening, but no

further information was available

c) one young person has been banned from the Youth Club and is a concern: contact with the

PCSO about the matter would be useful. Action: Clerk

7. Clerk’s Report –

No report was available, but NSC’s proposal for green bins was discussed. It was agreed that

this was clearly inadequate and there has been no consultation. The Executive member claims

that it is a health and safety issue but this is very unclear. The cost to the council of the bins

would be £1.8m. There is a major problem with storage of the bins for some people: equally,

will people who don’t have gardens be forced to pay for one? How will the issue of stolen

bins be dealt with?

Agreed: the council should register our concern about the lack of consultation, the lack of

clarity about the scheme, and the near-certainty of an increase in fly-tipping. It is also likely

that more will go into black bins and hence to landfill. Action: Clerk

8. Maintenance & Highways Issues – To receive reports from members.

Potholes to rear of Resource Centre have finally been filled.

Cllr Davies agreed to take up the way in which this was done as it disrupted access to parts of

the village for lengthy periods. A similar issue has arisen about the availability of a footpath in

front of the Railway Inn building during the redevelopment and many other jobs that have

been done in the village in recent years: NSC do not take any care to oversee the way

contractors undertake work. Action: Cllr Davies to take this up with Highway Officers

9. Reports from Committee Meetings

Playing Fields & Open Spaces

a) the issue over the square goalposts that have been installed by NSC on Watchhouse Hill has

been investigated: they are legal but not now advised. Deferred to next meeting of

Environment, Highways & Transport

a) agreed to take the issue of hours of operation of the railway line up at the next Port Liaison

Committee that is attended by Network Rail.

b) there is some anxiety over the coverage of the village by Glendale. The Clerk is asked to

monitor the situation and report at the next meeting. Cllrs are asked to report areas of bad

littering to the Clerk. The Gordano Gardens litter bin appears not to be being emptied

sufficiently often: it is suggested that the Clerk asks Glendale to monitor the situation and

report in case evidence of misuse can be found.

Public Footpaths & Rights of Way Sub-Committee

To be dealt with during Planning Committee meeting

10. Reports of meetings with outside bodies and other organisations

Parish Forum – 7th October

Cllr Davies reported: discussions covered the spatial plan, superfast broadband, some

transport issues, including public transport – networking, timetable, advertising etc. Total

Transport was discussed – i.e. all forms of transport that NSC has any interest in – as an

opportunity to get greater integration.

11. Correspondence requiring action not covered elsewhere

12. Planning for Future Housing including Joint Spatial Plan

There is a meeting on 12th November (details have been circulated) relating to issues around

the Core Strategy and Joint Spatial Plan. Cllr Jopp is happy to attend. Agreed: that we request

Cllr Jopp to report back after this meeting and consider further action at that time.

Relating to this is the question of developing a neighbourhood plan, perhaps with Abbot’s

Leigh. Agreed: we should progress this matter and if possible do so in conjunction with

Abbot’s Leigh. Action: Clerk to investigate the acceptability of this approach to NSC.

13. Tidal Lagoons in the Severn Estuary – Request for meeting

Agreed: to check with the company involved as to whether a public meeting would be

appropriate at this stage. If not we should proceed with a meeting just with the Parish Council.

14. Request for grant towards LED lighting from Low Carbon Gordano Community Fund

Cllr Langton explained that Low Carbon Gordano have put £22 500 into their Community Fund.

The money is available for local community organisations to bid for to support measures to

reduce carbon emissions. Agreed: that we should put in a bid for funding to support our

programme to install LED street lights. Action: Cllr Langton

15. Councillor Attendance

Cllr Jopp proposed that we should pass a motion agreeing leave of absence for Cllr Kent.

Agreed. Action: Cllr Jopp/Clerk

16. Remembrance Services

Cllr Jopp is happy to read the list at St George’s on 8 November and Cllr Dawson will lay the

wreath. Cllr Jopp will read the list on 11 November at Christchurch; Cllr Davies will hope to

attend and lay the wreath.

17. Accounts for Payment

Approval proposed by Cllr Jopp , seconded by Cllr Davies : agreed

18. Issues for future meetings

Cllr Jopp to discuss with the Clerk the introduction of an action list to ensure that we keep

track of actions that we have initiated

Cllr Langton notified Cllrs of the Finance C’tee meeting on 2 November at 7.30 and asked C’tee

Chairs to review their expenditure and notify Finance C’tee of any likely divergence from their

expenditure plans.