PC Minutes 28 September 2015


Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council

Monday 28th September 2015 at 7.30pm at the Resource Centre



Cllrs Jopp, Beasant, Burchell, Davies, Langton, Ovel & Taylor.  Ward Cllr Davies and J Smart (Clerk).


Apologies: Cllrs Davey, Dawson, Kent & Stone



Public Participation


No members of the public were present.



Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting


The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 27th July 2015 (previously circulated) were signed as a true record.


Declarations of Interest







Ward Councillor’s Reports


Don Davies


Remembrance Service memorial laying at Christchurch on Wednesday 11.11.15 (DD attending).  St George on Sunday 08.11.15.  DD had asked Cllr Ashton’s Secretary if he was attending, but he was waiting for a formal invitation from the PC.  Cllr Taylor recommended writing to Cllr Ashton to request he represent the ward on 8th November.  Action Clerk.


NSC had repaired the road sign at Pill Road junction.  The sign on A369 had been replaced but was half the size of the previous one.  ‘NO HGV’s’ sign was very small, also obscured by lamp post.  Suggested ‘NO ACCESS TO DOCKS’ sign be made up.  Write to Cllr Ashton to ask him to do something about this issue.  Point out we had asked numerous times for the sign to be large.  Explain in detail how long this has been going on.


Resurfacing works would take place at Lodway on 12th October.  Shuttle bus would be in operation from 9.30am to 3.30pm, working from EIG, turning in Church Hall car park, using all bus stops.  Coming back into Pill and doing reverse journey.  The termination point for the shuttle bus would be A369 bus stop at Portbury entrance.


The Portbury Docks service has started but only being serviced by X5.


Nigel Ashton was not in attendance.





Crime & Disorder


Nothing to report.



Clerk’s Report


Reported overgrown hedges at Gordano Gardens, Macrae Road and The Green, Ham Green.


Paper bin went missing at the recycling facility.  Ordered new one.  Arrived but with only two small holes in lid for glass/cans.  Reported this to NSC.  Recycling facility not emptied last week.


Reported fly tipping at Monmouth Road, Hope House and Marine Parade


Reported 24/7 burning light at C5 Macrae Road, and in Perrett Way, Ham Green.


Reported missing drain cover at corner of New Road and Pill Street.


Reported streetlights not working at Gordano Gardens, Stoneyfields, Debecca’s Lane, Marine Parade, Underbanks, Rudgleigh Road, The Breaches, Church Road, Priory Road, Crusty Lane, Hardwick Road & Oak Grove.


New signs now erected on A369 entrance to EIG, Martcombe Road (top and bottom of Haberfield Hill).  Also give way markings completed in EIG.  More to follow after resurfacing.


Investigated electricity supplier renewal for street lighting.  Renewed for another year with Haven Power for unmetered supply at a reduction of .04p per unit, resulting in a saving of approximately £1,500.00 per annum.


Glendale (on behalf of NSC) had been in the village last week, weeding many roads and mechanical road sweeping after.  The whole area was much improved.


Received a complaint about the annual bonfire at Avon Road field.  People are already building the fire and it looks like a tip (mattresses etc).  Concern about all the metal and nails etc left following the fire (from pallets etc).  Owner had to have nail removed from dogs paw.  This is supposed to be an SSSI.  Something should be done.  Problem with toxic fumes.  JS to speak to Alison Button.  Don’t start building until two weeks prior to bonfire night and clean up afterwards.  BL & JS to meet Alison.






Maintenance & Highways Issues


AT – chest freezer dumped in Chapel Row.


Potholes at bottom of Sunnyside/Chapel Row.


New Road pothole at junction with Station Road.


Push for Crockerne Drive to be resurfaced.


Lodway pavement from Station Road to surgery poor surface.


White lines at end of Sambourne Lane (add to Lodway following resurfacing).







Reports from Committee Meetings


Playing Fields & Open Spaces


AT reported on this.  Clerk to ask James Monks to cut back trees to a height of about 7ft in Hardwick Road children’s play area.


Prior’s field – Clerk ask Mr Prior if access can be gained from the rear of Priory Farm.  If so, agreed that residents would pay for any alterations, not the PC.


Environment, Highways & Transport


Cllr Taylor reported on this.


Finance & Personnel


Cllr Langton reported on this.  Clerk to check SSP Holiday Pay for Mark Fuller.




See below.





Reports of meetings with outside bodies and other organisations


Cllr Langton reported that there had been a Community Forum meeting last week, but that there was nothing to report.






Correspondence requiring action not covered elsewhere


Cllr Jopp reported on the Annual Return from Grant Thornton.  The External Auditor had reported that “no matters had come to their attention giving cause for concern that relevant legislation and regulatory requirements had not been met”.


There were two matters that the External Auditor had brought to the attention of the Council:-


1.  Financial Regulations

2.  Timing of internal audit.


The Financial Regulations had been updated during this financial year.


Action F&P Committee.



Neighbourhood Plan


Cllr Jopp had attended a meeting at NSC regarding the above, and he reported on this, outlining what it was all about.  He suggested setting up a small working party to investigate whether the PC should produce a Neighbourhood Plan or not.  Cllr Davies advised that Abbots Leigh PC was looking into doing it, and perhaps both parishes could do it together.  Clerk to obtain information about Neighbourhood Plan and forward to Councillors for consideration. KB/BL/SB/BO/DD.


12. 9 Priory Road


Cllr Beasant reported that nine cars were parked outside the property over the weekend.  The Clerk read an email from Cllr Davey to Ward Cllr Nigel Ashton, and his reply, regarding this and other matters in the area.  Clerk to forward email to Cllr Beasant for action.




Accounts for Payment

Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – 21/09/15 – Direct Debit 690.22
Unicom Fax & Phone Bill – September Direct Debit 25.27
DC & LM Smith Brookside Grass Cutting 42.00
Edric Hobbs Bus Shelter Cleaning 44.00
Bin-it Dog Bin Emptying – August 393.21
GB Sport & Leisure Weekly Play Equipment Inspections for August 150.00
Bowcom St George EIG JFC Grass Paint 175.20
Glendale Grounds Football Pitch Mowing x 8 326.40
Grant Thornton Annual Return 2015 Fee 480.00
SSE Contracting Street Light Maintenance 2nd Quarter 2015/2016 862.01
EDF Energy Baltic Place Electricity 19/06 – 18/09 24.15
Julie Smart Expenses 142.78
Mark Fuller Salary 353.80
Julie Smart Salary 1,370.51
Post Office Limited Tax & NICs 368.87
Bath & NES Council Pension Contributions 382.40
TOTAL      £5,830.82


Cllr Langton, seconded by Cllr Taylor, approved of the accounts for payment.






Issues for future meetings




Signed:  ………………………………….


Date:  …………………………………….










1.         The following applications had been received:-


15/P/2053/F The Tynings

Martcombe Road


Erection of 3 dwellings and the conversion of retained building to a dwelling with associated parking, retained existing vehicle access, landscaping and infrastructure following the demolition of large greenhouse, poly tunnels and water tanks, hardstanding and infrastructure.


Recommend refusal. A two-storey residential development would have a detrimental impact on the openness of the Green Belt.


Vote to include comment about screening if approved: Cllrs Burchell and Ovel – AGAINST.  Cllrs Davies, Jopp & Taylor – FOR.  Inclusion carried.


Councillors RECOMMEND REFUSAL of this application. A large, two-storey residential development would have a seriously detrimental impact on the openness of the Green Belt.


Without prejudice, should North Somerset Council be minded to approve the application, Councillors requested that suitable screening of the proposed property be a condition of approval, to reduce the visual impact of the dwelling on the surrounding area.





73 Westward Drive


Certificate of Lawful Development proposed for erection of a single storey rear extension.


No objections.




2.         The following applications had been approved:-


15/P/1761/F 11 Rectory Road


Erection of a two storey side/rear extension following demolition of existing garage.


15/P/1787/F 2 Rudgleigh Avenue


Retrospective application for the erection of a 1.8m timber fence to the back boundary of the house.