PC Minutes 22 June 2015


Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council

Monday 22nd June 2015 at 7.30pm at the Resource Centre


Cllrs Jopp, Burchell, Davey, Davies, Dawson, Ovel & Taylor.  Ward Cllr Davies and J Smart (Clerk).


Apologies: Cllrs Beasant, Kent & Langton



Public Participation


Mr Roger Collins and Liam Jones of North Somerset Times were present.



Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting


The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 18th May 2015 (previously circulated) were signed as a true record.


Declarations of Interest







Ward Councillor’s Reports


Don Davies


MetroWest public meeting to be held on 10th July at Pill Community Centre.


Heywood Terrace, Bull Lane and Church Road are due to be resurfaced.  Monmouth Road postponed due to Network Rail works and The Railway building works.


Pill Road to be done during school holiday (not sure which one).


NSC is now pursuing council tax arrears.  If vulnerable people are being chased, let DD know.


Still receiving complaints regarding HGVs in EIG.  Any member witnessing this should take down registration number and/or company and let DD have the information.


Cross Lanes planning application from last month (extension and balcony).  Discuss at Planning Meeting.


Cllr Jopp asked about the NSC school transport issue from last meeting, where DD had advised that he was waiting for the outcome of discussion on costs.  DD reported that there had been a meeting today of the Scrutiny Panel today, but that none of the questions asked in March relating to this had been answered.  NSC will now be holding an emergency meeting to discuss this.  DD to report back hopefully by next meeting.  Action DD.





Crime & Disorder


Cllr Davey reported that had been lots of bike thefts and damage to cars over the last couple of weeks.  Lack of response from Police.



Clerk’s Report


Reported rotten tree at recycling facility to NSC and Alliance Homes.


Reported fly tipping at St John’s Ambulance Hall, Markham Pump on Waterloo Wharf, Hope House, Marine Parade and Chapel Row.


Requested weeding throughout the village – no reply.


Reported street lights out at C7 Crockerne Drive, and dislodged lantern at Stoneyfields.


Reported overgrown hedges both sides of the exit of Debecca’s Lane.


Requested road surface be repaired at Lodway Gardens.


Bin set alight on Victoria Park the morning after rag.  Requested replacement.


Had received a couple of requests for the high pavement at Lodway to be considered for new safety measures.  Very dangerous as a route to school.  One lady had fallen off and broken her arm.  Agenda E, H&T Committee.






Maintenance & Highways Issues


Mess at recycling area – commercial dumping.

Trees at Triangle – investigate cutting down.

DD reported weed killing and road sweeping will be done around the village in the near future.







Reports from Committee Meetings


Playing Fields & Open Spaces


Nothing further to report.


Environment, Highways & Transport


Portbury Docks bus service – DD will report back on this at the next committee meeting, following meeting to view new bus stop.  Cllr Taylor would raise the issue at the BPC Liaison meeting to be held on 8th July.


Clerk waiting for response from Adam Wood regarding a request for the Community Payback scheme to paint the rail spur underpass.


Footpaths & Rights of Way Sub-Committee


Nothing to report.


Finance & Personnel


Cllr Ovel recommended approval of the Business Continuity Plan, seconded by Cllr Jopp.  Agreed.


Cllr Ovel recommended amendment to the Financial Regulations to include 3.5 and 3.6 to tie in with the Business Continuity Plan.  Seconded by Cllr Taylor.  Agreed.


As the budgeted amount of £3,330 would not now be used for ‘Election Expenses’, Cllr Ovel recommended moving £1,300 of this to ‘Street Lighting Improvements’, and the remainder into ‘Contingency’.  Seconded by Cllr Jopp.  Agreed.  Action Clerk.


The Clerk reported that as ‘Bin-it’ was now emptying the dog bins, rather than Mark Fuller, the shortfall in budget would be £698.20 plus VAT for the year, and this could be covered by contingency funds.





See below.





Reports of meetings with outside bodies and other organisations








Correspondence requiring action not covered elsewhere


Cllr Jopp raised concern about the response from Nigel Ashton’s secretary to the request from the PC for him to attend the meeting.  He suggested writing to Cllr Ashton stating the PC’s disappointment in his lack of attendance and how that would affect this parish.  All agreed.  AJ to draft letter for approval.



Village Orderly


Exempt session.


Cllr Jopp reported that Mark Fuller had now been off sick for some time. His contract stated that the PC would pay four weeks on full time pay. From 1st July 2015, his pay would be reduced to £88.45 per week for 28 weeks (statutory sick pay).  Clerk to speak to Carol Fuller regarding Mark’s situation (perhaps tests could be brought forward if arranged privately), and to Cllr Beasant regarding HR/terms of contract.  All agreed.  Action Clerk.



Brookside Play Area


The Clerk had received complaints about the state of Brookside Playing Field.  Suggested putting up a notice warning of dangers and suggesting if taking children to please inspect the area before playing.  Clerk to ask Brian Weekes to check regularly.  Perhaps item in Pill Paper.  Ask residents to report any suspicious activities to the Police if seen.  Action Clerk.




Street Lighting Improvements


Following a recent sub-committee meeting, Cllr Jopp reported that the following street lights would be upgraded to LEDs:-


Concrete columns = C3 & C6 Stoneyfields.

Pole Brackets = C4 Watchhouse Road, C1 Springfield Road, C2 Church Path Road, C1 Cross Lanes and C6 Hardwick Road.  Action Clerk.


WPD had now passed on updated details to Haven Power (only stating 10 units, when there are 26).  Action Clerk.


The Clerk had requested a meeting with Urbis, the manufacturer of the LED lamps.  No reply received to date.  Action Clerk.



Accounts for Payment

Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – March DD 22/06/15 690.22
Unicom Fax & Phone Bill – June DD 23.03
Edric Hobbs Bus Shelter Cleaning (2 shelters / 1 visit) 22.00
Brian Weekes Litter bin emptying x 4 40.00
JRB Enterprise Limited Dog Poo Bags 131.82
Konica Minolta Copying Charges 1.79
Bristol/Wessex Water Ham Green Water Charges 01/11/14 – 22/05/15 103.56
Terri Bell (Pill in Bloom) 9 x Hanging Baskets 193.50
Bin-it Dog Bin Emptying 04/05 – 03/06 351.82
DC & LM Smith Jenny’s Meadow grass cutting 60.00
CJ Landscapes Brookside Footpath cutting 55.00
DC & LM Smith Brookside grass cutting 60.00
Noel Ayling Internal Audit Fee 110.00
G.B. Sport & Leisure May Play Equipment Inspections 120.00
G.B. Sport & Leisure Repairs to broken fixing on swing at Brookside 90.00
P&D Children’s Partnership First Half Annual Grant 7,500.00
Community Forum Grant Annual Grant 2,000.00
Pill Community Foundation First Half Annual Grant 3,000.00
Arthur Taylor Expenses 7.60
Julie Smart Expenses 93.61
Mark Fuller Salary 799.07
Julie Smart Salary 1,370.51
Post Office Limited Tax & NICs 405.57
Bath & NES Council Pension Contributions 382.40
TOTAL      £17,611.50


Cllr Davey, seconded by Cllr Dawson, approved of the accounts for payment.






Issues for future meetings


Financial Regulations for Internet Banking.

MetroWest Consultation – Agenda E, H & T on 13th July.

Parish Plan Working Party (DD, BO & ND).

Parish Council Vacancies – Clerk to put up notices.



Signed:  ………………………………….


Date:  …………………………………….






MONDAY, 22nd JUNE 2015




1.         The following applications had been received:-


15/P/1244/F Spring House

Martcombe Road


Single storey extension to the rear of an existing two storey semi-detached house.


No objections.



The Old Rectory House

Rectory Road


Erection of replacement garage.


No objections in principle, but if approved, requested a condition stating for garage use only – no conversion to residential in the future.

15/P/1058/F – 13 Cross Lanes, Pill


Cllr Davies was concerned about a planning application he had seen that had not previously been discussed at a PC meeting.


The proposal was for a double storey rear extension with balcony and part single storey rear extension and removal of part of double garage to 13 Cross Lanes.  The proposed extension was extremely large and would also cause loss of privacy to neighbouring properties.


Two residents had already objected to this application.


Following discussion, the Clerk was requested to contact the NSC Case Officer (Raheel Mahmood) to request further time to comment on this application.  Cllr Davies would also call the application in to Committee.


Action DD/Clerk.