PC Minutes 18 May 2015


Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council

Monday 18th May 2015 at 7.30pm at The Resource Centre

Present: Cllrs Jopp, Davey, Stone, Burchell, Davies, Ovel, Taylor, Beasant & J Smart (Clerk)

Apologies: Cllrs Kent & Langton

1. Public Participation


2. Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 23rd March 2015 (previously circulated)

were signed as a true record.

3. Declarations of Interest


4. Ward Councillor’s Reports

Cllr Davies

Cllr Davies had contacted Cllr Nigel Ashton, but to-date had not received a response.

Cllr Taylor suggested writing a letter to CFP to thank him for his work for the Parish over

the years.

A group called ‘Severnet’ was looking at economic development for businesses in the area.

Interested in getting a bus service into Royal Portbury Dock. Trying to get First Bus


Network Rail – corresponding with NR regarding noise from compound in Monmouth

Court/Monmouth Road. Concerned about the weight limit on the bridge at Station Road.

Confirmed that there was a 17 tonne max. weight limit on the pavement, but could not

confirm what the weight for the road is. No signs anywhere. NR to get engineer to confirm

what the limit is.

Planning – NSC seem to be disregarding comments. Perhaps should be stronger with PC

requests in the future.

Would find out tomorrow what the NSC Committee structure was going to be.


5. Crime & Disorder

No PACT meeting since January, but due to be one this Thursday.

Cllr Taylor suggested writing a letter to Sue Mountstevens stating PC’s concern about split

policing of wards in the Parish.

6. Clerk’s Report

Received a request from St Katherine’s School for traffic direction sign on A369 toward

school. Forwarded to Liam Abercrombie at NSC.

Reported overgrown tree obstructing pavement at Hardwick Road, and overgrown hedges

at Gordano Gardens and Sambourne Lane.

Reported large amount of mud on road at Common Lane.

Reported fly tipping at Bull Lane, Park Walk, New Road, Waterloo House, Hope House and

Watchhouse Hill.

Requested No Parking sign for Baltic Place bus stop.

Requested new litter bin at Watchhouse Hill – replaced.

Reported damage to Park Walk play area to Alliance Homes.

Met with WPD to agree cutting back trees and hedges at Bull Lane and at the footpath

from Water Lane to Westward Drive.

Received request from NSC Community Warden to replace fencing at Avon Road cycle path

(top of Jenny’s Meadow), and have the underpass repainted. Agenda Committees.

7. Maintenance & Highways Issues

Cllr Davey reported problems at the corner of The Poplars and Lodway. Drivers were

parking too close to the junction, causing an obstruction. The Clerk suggested ‘H’ markings

instead of double yellow lines, as they do not require a TRO. Clerk to contact NSC.

8. Reports from Committee Meetings:

No Committee meetings held in May.

9. Reports of Meetings with Outside Bodies

Green Flag judging last Tuesday.

Severnet Meeting – Don Davies (see above).

10. Correspondence requiring action not covered elsewhere


Clerk to circulate full list at the end of the month. Councillors to contact clerk should they wish

to have sight of any documents listed.

11. Parish Council Vacancies

Cllr Ovel, seconded by Cllr Beasant nominated Nona Dawson to be co-opted to the Parish

Council. ALL AGREED. Action Clerk.

12. School Transport

Cllr Jopp reported on a campaign that is currently running. DD – all primary schools in area

are nearly full, so people moving to the village were having difficulty getting children into

Crockerne. Secondary schools – St Katherine’s was the feeder school from Crockerne, and

Gordano the feeder school from Portbury. If schools are swapped it would take away the

requirement for transport. DD wait to see outcome of discussion on costs. Agreed to defer

this issue for a few weeks.

13. Prior’s Fields

The Clerk had met with Mr Church. Keep this issue on the agenda for the next few months.

Look at boundary with allotments. Action AT/JS.

14. The Tynings Development Road Naming

All agreed with ‘Tynings Close’, as suggested by the developer. Clerk to advise NSC.

15. NSC Town & Parish Planning Workshop

Cllrs Ovel and Beasant were both happy to attend this workshop, but would need more

information. Clerk to inform when more information available. Action BO/SB/Clerk.

16. Accounts for Payment

Payee Details £

Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – March DD 21/05/15 690.22

Unicom Fax & Phone Bill – May DD 21.43

Pom Langton Pill in Bloom Plants (Brackenwood) 14.40

Brian Weekes Dog Bin & Litter Bin Emptying x 4 180.00

Came & Company Local Council Insurance 01/06/15 – 31/05/16 1,559.09

Konica Minolta Photocopier Rental Charges 12/02/15 – 11/08/15 212.83

Pill Community Centre Use of Room for Annual Parish Meeting 20.00

G.B. Sport & Leisure Play Equipment Inspections for April 120.00

DC & LM Smith Brookside grass cutting, baling & removal 84.00

Andrew Bentley Salary 135.18

Mark Fuller Salary 799.07

Julie Smart Salary 1,370.71

Post Office Limited Tax & NICs 438.97

Bath & NES Council Pension Contributions 382.40

TOTAL:- £6,028.30


Cllr Taylor, seconded by Cllr Jopp, proposed approval of the accounts for payment. Agreed.

17. Issues for future meetings

Arrange a meeting with Gary Colossimo of Heywood Surgery.

BCP at next F&P Committee meeting.

Parish Plan alterations to be accepted.

Possible affordable housing sites.

Signed: ………………………………….

Date: …………………………………….

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