PC Minutes 9 March 2015

Monday 9 March 2015 at 7.30pm at the Resource Centre

Cllrs Jopp, Beasant, Burchell, Davey, Davies, Dawson, Exley, Gentilli, Langton, Ovel, Stone & Taylor.

Ward Cllrs Davies and Francis-Pester, and J Smart (Clerk).

Apologies: Cllr Kent

1. Public Participation

Mr Roger Collins was present.

Mr Belcher and Mr Hunt of Avon Road were present to complain about the rail noise from the spur line. Cllr

Jopp reported that the reply from Sue Turner (BPC) to the PC’s complaint did not answer the concerns raised.

He assured both that the Parish Council would not let the matter rest.

Mr Belcher raised concern about the fibre optic cabling being stolen from the track. Did this control signalling,

and was it a safety issue? He was assured it did not, and that if it did, alarms would automatically be raised if

there was a problem with track cabling.

Severn Road footpath overgrown. Clerk to contact Network Rail, and again request that Alliance Homes visit

the area with a view to tidying up. Action Clerk.

2. Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 26th January 2015 (previously circulated) were signed as a

true record.

3. Declarations of Interest


4. Ward Councillor’s Reports

Carl Francis-Pester

Taken up waste problems with Colin Russell at NSC. Seems to be more of a problem with recycling, not

refuse. More fly tipping at A369 laybys and Marsh Lane.

Sent pictures to John Flannigan (NSC) showing that state of the hedges at Marsh Lane that need cutting back.

Should be done prior to April.

Mr Harris has many vehicles outside his property at 9 Priory Road. Asked John Flannigan about Enforcement

case. Cllr Beasant reported rat issue getting worse in the next property. (Clerk to report). CFP – NSC should

be taking a more robust view. Police are not interested.

Four continuing drain issues at Cross Lanes, 2 x Priory Road/Lodway Church Road/Marsh Lane. Still one at St

George’s Hall.

Reported pothole issues at Cross Lanes, Fernlea Gardens and Happerton Lane.

Complaints had been received about the traffic lights on the M5 Jct.19 roundabout being out of sync. These

are checked regularly.

Cllr Taylor reported that black bags at the Civic Amenity site are being checked for materials that should be

being recycled. CFP reported that the operators are just carrying out spot checks.

Cllr Stone had noticed monitoring equipment on numerous roads in the area. CFP would check if these were

for speed or volume.

Cllr Langton asked about the Village Green application. CFP would investigate.

CFP to Action all above.

Don Davies

Concerned that the PC don’t get notified of failures to collect refuse and recycling. Wonder if pressure should

be put on NSC to obtain more accurate information.

Bus service being changed at the end of March. Three buses per hour now coming through the village at peak

hours. RTI still not working.

Of the new houses at the Old Vicarage in Station Road, all the rental ones have been let to Pill residents, and 3

of the 4 shared ownership properties have gone to Pill residents.

Cllr Jopp thanked both Ward Councillors for their reports.

5. Crime & Disorder

Cllr Davey and Davies attended the PACT meeting. Meetings would be reduced to quarterly rather than

monthly. Clerk advised that Beat Surgery would now be held in the Resource Centre every Wednesday


The Clerk had reported findings of burnt foil around the village. This had been reported to Julie Lewis, who

had advised that the issue would be made ‘Priority’.

6. Clerk’s Report

Reported to NSC and to Simon Banbury directly that the recycling operatives were leaving a terrible mess all

over the village whilst emptying green bins over the last few weeks. On 28th January, Mark Fuller had picked

up two black bags full of recycling that had been dropped whilst being collected for recycling, over the

distance from the Kings Head to the Fire Station.

Reported more fly tipping of tyres at the field gate entrance in Marsh Lane. Fly tipping at Hardwick Road,

Marine Parade, Hope House, Crockerne House, Bank Place and Underbanks also reported.

Received a complaint from the resident of 1 Newport Road regarding heavy lorries turning at the end of

Monmouth Road/Monmouth Court, delivering plant to the Network Rail works at the old coal yard.

Contacted Network Rail. Robin Basu has moved on and Richard Turner was now our new Community contact.

He was very helpful. Called me back within 48 hours and called Mrs White directly to explain what was


Reported sunken drain and raised ironwork at Heywood Road, likely to cause damage to tyres. Repairs

carried out within a few days.

Spoken with Paul Trego of SSE Contracting (street light maintenance). He apologised for the company’s lack

of communication and assured me it would improve. The lights that I have been repeatedly reporting as not

working are not repairable as SSE cannot get the parts. These need to be replaced. C1 & C5 The Breaches, C4

Watchhouse Road and C3 Rudgleigh Road.

Received request to use Parish Council football pitches and changing rooms for a football holiday club for 5-9

year olds during the next school holidays. Clerk to ask what the organiser would be charging. Action Clerk.

7. Maintenance & Highways Issues

Clerk and CFP to contact Liam Abercrombie to ask if the ‘Business Parks’ can be removed and the NO HGV be

made larger.

Cllr Ovel reported on the road surface at Church Road that now had really deep potholes. He had assumed

that this would be done when Debecca’s Lane was resurfaced. CFP would check with NSC, as this was

probably not be resurfaced due to the drain issues. Clerk to contact to state disappointment that Church

Road had not been carried out with Debecca’s Lane. Action CFP/Clerk.

Following consideration, all agreed to concur with the developer of the Railway Inn, to name the new

development at Monmouth Road ‘Railway Court’. Action Clerk.

8. Reports from Committee Meetings

Playing Fields & Open Spaces

Cllrs Davey and Langton had a meeting with St Katherine’s School regarding charges to St George EIG JFC for

use of the sports halls. Cllr Langton had drafted a letter to Elspeth Davis (Head of Governors) requesting a

reduction in charges. It was agreed that Cllr Jopp would sign and send the letter. Action AJ.

Environment, Highways & Transport

Cllr Taylor reported on this meeting. A street light replacement working group would be set up, made up of

the following:- BL, ND, AJ, CE & JS. Action All.

Cllrs Davies and Taylor had met with Liam Jones from NS Times to report on the PC’s complaints about the

road surface at Pill Road outside St Katherine’s School.

Footpaths & Rights of Way Sub-Committee

Cllr Dawson reported on this meeting. Minutes had been circulated.

Finance & Personnel

Cllr Langton reported on this meeting. Minutes had been circulated. The Committee RECOMMENDED

employing the Village Orderly on a three month trial basis to empty dog bins whilst carrying out his other

duties. If the trial period proved satisfactory, alter his employment contract to include this. A budget of £3k

for the year would be set aside for this purpose. Set-up sub-committee to go ahead. Cllr Beasant seconded.

All agreed. Sub-Committee of BL, CE, SB, ND & JS would arrange to meet next week. Action ALL.

Due to changes (as above) an alternative budget was arrived at which had been circulated. Cllr Langton

proposed acceptance of the budget, seconded by Cllr Dawson. APPROVED.


Cllr Langton reported that at its recent meeting, the Community Forum had agreed that the PC should

continue to use the existing Parish Plan. Cllr Taylor had agreed to review and update it where necessary. This

would then be approved by the PC.

See below.

9. Reports of meetings with outside bodies and other organisations

Cllr Langton reported on the Community Forum meeting. Of most concern was that the membership was

getting older, and the group has failed to attract new blood.

10. Correspondence requiring action not covered elsewhere


11. Joint Strategic Planning Strategy

Cllr Davies and Langton had been working on this. Cllr Davies had circulated a document, and this was

discussed. Cllr Davies agreed to draft a letter stating the PC’s concerns. AJ to sign the letter. Action


12. Royal Portbury Dock Rail Spur Noise

Sue Turner (BPC) had responded, but failed to address any of the issues raised in the PC’s recent letter. Cllr

Jopp proposed to draft a response to Sue Turner’s letter to circulate for approval. Cllr Langton suggested

contacting the Chief Executive of BPC if a reasonable response was not forthcoming from Sue Turner. All

agreed. Action AJ.

13. Request for Resurfacing – Pill Road

See above.

14. Approval of 2015-2016 Budget

See above.

15. Date and topics for Annual Parish Meeting

Date: AGREED – 8.00pm on Thursday 16th April at the Community Centre.

Topics: MetroWest, Budgeting & Precept, Planning Strategy.

16. Accounts for Payment

Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – November DD 23/02/15 625.00

Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – November DD 23/02/15 77.51

Unicom Fax & Phone Bill – February DD TBC

CommuniCorp Clerk & Councils Direct Subscription Renewal 12.00

Avon Wildlife Trust Annual Subscription 48.00

North Somerset Council Grit Bin at Back Lane 180.00

North Somerset Council Dog Bin Emptying 172.80

GB Sport & Leisure UK Weekly Play Equipment Inspections – January 120.00

Pill Community Foundation Second Half of Annual Grant 5,000.00

Mark Fuller Salary 779.69

Julie Smart Salary 1,359.50

Post Office Limited Tax & NICs 415.72

Bath & NES Council Pension Contributions 364.92

TOTAL £9,155.14

Cllr Langton, seconded by Cllr Dawson, approved of the accounts for payment.

17. Issues for future meetings


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