PC Minutes 26 January 2015


Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council

Monday 26th January 2015 at 7.30pm at the Resource Centre

Present: Cllrs Jopp, Beasant, Burchell, Davies, Davey, Dawson, Langton, Murphy, Ovel &Stone. Ward Cllrs Davies & Francis Pester. J Smart (Clerk)
Apologies: Cllrs Exley, Gentilli, Kent & Taylor



Public Participation


Mr Roger Collins was present.


Liam of North Somerset Times was present.



Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting


The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 8th December 2014 (previously circulated) were signed as a true record.


Declarations of Interest






Ward Councillor’s Reports


Carl Francis-Pester


CFP had met with David Turner (NSC) this week about roads in the village. Nothing was on the NSC schedule for April. Reported Church Road and Marsh Lane foliage overgrown, and paths not kept clear. Raised issue of signage for the docks.


Parking – CFP suggested that the Clerk contact Kate Buss (Leigh Woods) regarding TRO road markings in the area to discuss a joint approach. The Clerk had already spoken with Kate who had said she would make contact when she was ready.


The A369 Cycle path was nearly complete.


Issues of fly tipping in laybys on A369.   Signage needed for no overnight stays.   Foliage had now been cut down.


Cllr Stone asked how the new cycle path was going to be managed where agricultural accesses were (e.g. mud from kennels).   CFP advised that the current mud was from works that had recently been carried out in that area. CFP would investigate.


Don Davies

Debecca’s Lane being resurfaced next week. Also, signs being erected stating ‘not suitable for heavy vehicles. Same as CFP for fly tipping, although people using alliance homes large bins for commercial waste.


DD had been unable to attend the Port Liaison meeting. New Government policy was to electrify all tracks into docks. He had asked for this question to be put at the meeting. No reply yet.

Water running off Priors Fields – asked CFP where this was going. CFP advised there was an issue still outstanding in Church Road with drains that have not been cleared/repaired. Being followed up at the moment.

Station Road housing – all over 55 flats have been offered to Pill residents and all the rental houses have been offered to Pill people. Shared ownership – trying to offer these on different financial terms, as people couldn’t afford the mortgage part of the house cost.


Cllr Langton asked if anybody know when the Village Green Application decision report was going to be published. Clerk had heard from Nan Kirsen that it would be next week.




Crime & Disorder


Cllr Davey reported there had been no PACT meeting this month. Sue Davey off sick. Next PACT meeting on Thursday next week.


Clerk reported Beat Surgery will be held at the Resource Centre.


Clerk investigating CCTV coverage in Baltic Place with Chris Harrison of NSC.



Clerk’s Report


Made an official complaint to Alliance Homes, as fly tipped mattress at Baltic Place that had initially been reported in early December had still not been collected.


Reported faulty North Somerset Council owned street lights at Cross Lanes.


Again reported all street lights in The Breaches and some in Stoneyfields not working, and asked if any news from WPD to request for works. No reply.


Reported street light cover missing at Marine Parade – already replaced.


Reported large pothole at junction of The Poplars and Stoneyfields, and also at bottom of Westward Drive and at Newsome Avenue.


Reported pothole in Cross Lanes outside entrance to Allotments – temporarily filled already.


Reported damage to kerbstone at Marine Parade.


Debecca’s Lane resurfacing works will be carried out on 3rd February for approximately two days.


Met with Nigel Ledson of Alliance Homes to request better lighting at Baltic Place. These works have now been carried out – upgrades to LED have and further lighting in public areas.


Requested grit bin for Back Lane – still not arrived.


Wrote to various members of NSC requesting that they visit Pill Road outside St Katherine’s School to inspect the state of the road surface and asking for it to be resurfaced. No replies yet received.


Met with Shelley Lee and a new NSC Community Officer. This new job role will look at things like dog fowling and antisocial behaviour etc.   I gave them both a big list of outstanding and new issues.


Complained to SSE regarding non-attendance to reports of street lights not working. Issues reported since mid-December had not been attended to. SSE apologised and stated this was due to lack of personnel and being extremely busy. Holding invoice.


Carol Sexton had written to PC reporting cars parking on faded zig-zags outside the Fire Station. Requested NSC to repaint ASAP.


Reported damaged bollard at bottom of Avon Road with junction of Mariner’s Way.





Maintenance & Highways Issues


Lodway Gardens road surface outside surgery.


Cuero Housing – hedges at ‘The Orchard’ flats in Cross Lanes encroaching onto footpath.






Committee Meetings


Finance & Personnel

Cllr Langton reported on this meeting. Deferred discussion on Business Continuity Plan until next Finance meeting, as budget discussion had taken so long.




See below.




Reports of meetings with outside bodies and other organisations


Football Clubs Meeting – Cllr Langton reported on this. BL, LD & JS met Clubs. Explained PC spending a great deal more than income received. Not looking to make a profit, but current situation was not sustainable. Financial statements from all Clubs had eventually arrived. Juniors in pretty good shape. Pill United existing on a shoestring, but new Treasurer would get it into shape. Agreed to defer discussion on fees. Will receive notice of all fixtures every Monday. Perhaps fund raise for machine to cut grass, would cut PC costs considerably and put the Clubs much more in control. Discussed combining body to take on long term lease of the PC pitches and changing rooms. They face big financial issue as in the winter to use St Katherine’s facilities costs over £3k per year. Try to arrange a meeting to try to get some more favourable terms. Action BL/LD.


Talked about increased water rates and taps. JFC members sometimes find external tap running (probably turned on by youths on way to school). Clerk to arrange for an internal shut off. Action Clerk.


Agreed to meet again on 5th.


Portishead Cruising Club


Cllr Davies reported on this meeting. Signage, gate and jetty were discussed. PCC have come to conclusion they should do something about the jetty, and would be having a further meeting to discuss this. Signage – following discussion it was agreed that deed of covenant still stood. H&S issue changed to right of way issue. Proposed the PCC should use same principle as Christchurch – if floodgate was shut for 24 hours once per year it would solve the right of way issue.   The new grid was discussed at length.   PCC have agreed that they will go forward with the gate, and are going to remove the metal grid from the side of the slipway as have now realised how dangerous it is. Signage – this is actually correct (authorised persons and at your own risk). It was a useful and positive meeting.


Cllr Ovel had attended the Bristol Airport Community Review meeting with Cllr Davies. Outside of the preferred catchment area for funding. No more than £1k outside of Wrington, Backwell area.   Discussion about improvements to access to the airport.





Correspondence requiring action not covered elsewhere




Approval of Draft Budget 2015-2016


Cllr Langton reported on this. Clearly the carryover was going to be much less than the previous year. Significantly less money to look at this year. Cllr Ovel had requested the Resource Centre accounts. All agreed the RC could survive without such a large grant. A formula on spreadsheet was incorrect, so the budget would have to be revisited.   Action Clerk.


Clerk to prepare Finance & Personnel Committee meeting agenda for Monday 2nd February 2015 at 7.30pm.



Precept Request 2015-2016


Following discussion, Cllr Ovel proposed a precept request of £91,700.00, an increase of 4.8%, or £53.69 per Band D property. Cllr Davey seconded, all agreed. Action Clerk.



Dog Bin Emptying


The Clerk had received a letter informing the PC that the price to empty dog bins was increasing from £2.00 to £6.00 per empty per bin. This will be discussed at the Finance & Personnel meeting on 2nd February 2014.











Accounts for Payment

Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – November DD 21/01/15 625.00
Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – November DD 21/01/15 77.51
Unicom Fax & Phone Bill – January DD 23.04
GB Sport & Leisure November Play Equipment Inspections 120.00
GB Sport & Leisure December Play Equipment Inspections 120.00
SETON Stationery 7.07
SETON High Vis Jacket for Village Orderly 70.80
Edric Hobbs Bus Shelter Cleaning x 2 visits 44.00
J Keeley Tree Services Tree Clearance – Water Lane to Westward Drive Footpath 400.00
North Somerset Council Dog Bin Emptying 172.80
North Somerset Council Dog Bin Emptying 172.80
SSE Contracting Streetlight Maintenance – Third Quarter 2014/15 862.01
EDF Energy Spout & Steps Electricity Bill 13/09/14 – 19/12/14 25.88
Brackenwood Garden Centre Pill in Bloom Account 15.25
EDF Energy Ham Green Pavilion Electricity – 02/10/14 – 05/01/15 104.27
P&DC&YP Partnership Second Half of Annual Grant 7,500.00
Mark Fuller Salary 779.69
Julie Smart Salary 1,359.50
Post Office Limited Tax & NICs 415.72
Bath & NES Council Pension Contributions 364.92
TOTAL £13,260.26


Cllr Murphy proposed, seconded by Cllr Burchell, approval of the accounts for payment.





Issues for future meetings


NSC Consultation on Joint Strategic Planning Policy (Cllr Davies would look at this).


Signed: ………………………………….


Date: …………………………………….


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