2015 PCF Minutes

Trustees Meeting

7.30pm on Wednesday 21st October 2015 in the Resource Centre


Present: Kevin Stone, Chris O’Connell, Don Davies, Mike Burnett, Liz Moore, Arthur Taylor (Trustees) and Julie Smart (Office Manager)

1. Welcome and Apologies

Apologies had been received from John Thatcher and Fred Gaskin.

2. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.

3. Matters arising

Display Monitor – GH asked if we still needed it, and would we be interested in selling it. LM advised that it was not used and people walking past the window did not look at it. Agreed to advertise the TV for sale in the window for £100.

Freecycle – GH had previously suggested a Freecycle facility in the window, but after investigation, and discovering that there were lots of local Freecycle items on Facebook, together with Bristol & NS Freecycle, didn’t think it was needed.

Agreed to not go ahead with Community Traders list, as this could be seen as promotion by the PCF.

GH had sent a letter to Nigel Ashton, advising him that should be more visible in the community, as some residents did not know that he was their Ward Councillor. He had not received a courtesy of a reply. GH would send another curt letter to him.

4. Final Financial Report for 2014-2015

JS had circulated the end of year financial reports to all Trustees. Accepted.

Concern was raised about Alliance Homes possibly needing to charge rent next year. There was obviously a good case to put forward to them for not charging the PCF. JS to contact.


Items appearing on Sundry payments for the year were a shredder and the Watchhouse Hill Slowworm project = £200 + £155.83

5. Premises Issues

JS to ask Kate Jopp about the automatic opening door at the Post Office, and obtain quote.

CCTV – all OK.

6. Future Developments

GH suggested that a further CAB session would be necessary. All agreed that if it becomes increasingly apparent, PCF should request further. JS to monitor.

KS asked if South West Law covered this area. LM reported that CAB appointments are mostly debt counselling. KS to investigate.

7. Other Issues

GH was concerned that items belonging to the PC had disappeared or been lent out and not returned. The Apple pickers had gone missing and there was no record (on the form on the inside of the stationery cupboard door) of who had borrowed them.

A PCF blue collection tin had been borrowed and JS was not made aware of this. Display stands had also been borrowed and not returned. Nobody should take anything without letting JS know.

GH suggested a definitive list of what we own or look after on behalf of other people should be drawn up. Make it clear to volunteers that nothing must be lent out to anybody else without letting JS know.

Donation/collection boxes on the front desk. These should only be RC, not other village

organisations. All donations given in the RC should be for the PCF.

AT – suggested dating paintings/pictures for sale – if not sold within six months, request owner come to collect/swap.

Trustees Meeting

7.45pm on Wednesday 18th February 2015 in the Resource Centre

Present: Gerry Hunt, Kevin Stone, Chris O’Connell, Liz Moore, John Thatcher, Paul Kent, Mike Burnett & Fred Gaskin (Trustees)’ Noel Ayling (Auditor), Julie Smart (Office Manager)

1. Apologies

Arthur Taylor and Charles Exley.

2. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.

3. Matters arising


4. Confirmation of new Trustee

Don Davies Proposed by Liz Moore, seconded by Chris O’Connell. Agreed.

5. Financial Reports and Accounts (to-date figures attached).

JS had circulated the accounts to-date figures against budget to all Trustees.

DD to investigate who had key to second PCF garage in Pill Street (previously held by Inspire). Possibility this garage was not now needed.

JS reported that the PC would be reducing its annual grant to the PCF from £10k to £6k for the forthcoming year. This should not be a problem as the carryover from last financial year will be substantial.

Pill Community Foundation: Established 2002

Registered Charity Number: 1099933

Company Registration Number: 4407948

GH had received a request for a donation of £300 from the Golden Oldies Charity. LM to check if the group had already received funding from the Community Forum. Depending on what LM found out, all agreed to provide a donation of £300.


Three cameras now up and running. All happy for cameras to remain where they are.

7. Display Monitor

it didn’t appear that anyone was actually paying any attention to the notices on the monitor, and GH wondered if it was still useful. All agreed to remove it.

8. Volunteer News

Twenty volunteers now. There were two new volunteers – Jill Coleman and Lyn Matthews. Lyn would like to be involved with sorting out the books.

All involved with the Resource Centre were sorry to hear the news of the death of Pete Buck, and would all miss his regular visits.

9. Suggestions for future

North Somerset Freecycle – would it are worth getting a local Community Freecycle? SPAD was keen to do this and would investigate how it could be organised.

GH – suggested it would be useful to maintain a list of services available in the village (plumber, electrician etc). Obviously, volunteers would not be able to recommend a specific tradesman.

People were happy with the new LED lights around the windows, as it lightened what was a very dark area.

10. Future Meetings

Wednesday 17th June 2015

Wednesday 21st October 2015


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