2013 PCF Minutes

Pill Community Foundation Trustees Meeting Minutes


25 September 2013 in the Resource Centre


Gerry Hunt, Arthur Taylor, Kevin Stone, Chris O’Connell, Charles Exley, John Thatcher, Paul Kent, Mike Burnett.


Jo Burt, Roger Lambert, Julie Smart,

1. Minutes of the last Meeting

6th February 2013 had been circulated and were accepted as an accurate record

2. Matters Arising

All covered by agenda

3. Financial Monitoring Group

4.1. The Committee had reviewed the finance report which was up to date and satisfactory.

4.2 The Youth Drop In rent had been received

4.3.  Recommend that a donation of £1,200 be made to Pill Children and Young People’s Partnership – AGREED

4.4. Shutters – Noted that Alliance Homes have declined to make a donation towards the cost of new shutters. The Finance Committee was recommending that the shutters be left open to provide illumination in the dark area of the precinct and also to allow notices to be read when the centre is not open. AGREED to check with insurance cover as to whether there are any implications.

4.5. Chair advised that an Advice Transition Fund grant had been won by North Somerset for supporting voluntary organisations. He had requested a contribution towards the cost of new shutters.

4.6. 222 books sold through Amazon £852 with £102 being passed on to Tyntesfield.

4.  Finance Report

6.1  Account balance£10,500 with a further £5,000 due from the Parish Council. NOTED with thanks to J. Smart.

5. Charitable Status

5.1 Currently the Foundation was a private company limited by guarantee (A private limited company where the liability of members is limited. It does not have a share capital, but has members who are guarantors instead of shareholders. Members agree to pay a nominal sum which can be as little as £1 if the company is wound up. This is a useful structure for a charity where it is desirable for the Trustees to have the protection of limited liability. Also, the charity has legal personality so can enter into contracts like employment contracts in its own name)

5.2  Last year it was suggested that we investigate the possibility of becoming a Charitable Incorporated Organisation  (CIO)  This is a new form of legal entity designed for non-profit organisations in the UK. The main intended benefits are that it would have legal personality, the ability to conduct business in its own name, and limited liability so that its members and trustees will not have to contribute in the event of financial loss. These are already available to limited companies; charities can be formed as companies, but then they must be registered with both Companies House and the Charity Commission. In contrast, the CIO only needs to register with the Charity Commission. This is expected to reduce bureaucracy for the charity, The CIO status became available to charities in England and Wales on 4 March 2013.

5.3 After consideration it was agreed that the benefits of changing were only marginal but that this should be kept under review . NOTED

5.4  Another possibility was that we could become a sub-committee of the Parish Council similar to Pill in Bloom. After some debate it was proposed and AGREED that this should not be pursued.

6. Volunteer Issues

800 visits per month noted over the last 3 months.

7. Any Other Business

7.1.     It was suggested that more business could be done by email and that 2 meetings per year be scheduled –
AGM in October and a second meeting in April. AGREED.

7.2.     AGREED to investigate whether shop front can be redesigned with centre doorway.

7.3.     Citizens advice volunteer was leaving after many years service.  AGREED to make a suitable presentation.

3rd April 2013 in the Resource Centre


Gerry Hunt, Arthur Taylor, Kevin Stone, Chris O’Connell, Charles Exley, Liz Moore, John Thatcher Paul Kent, Mike Burnett.


Jo Burt, Roger Lambert, Julie Smart,

1.  Minutes of the last Meeting

6th February 2013 had been circulated and were accepted as an accurate record

2. Matters Arising


3. Youth Drop In

3.1   Move to Community Centre – transition arrangements successful. Numbers holding up. Partitions working well, Parish Council funding is sufficient for 6 months. Keys returned.

3.2   Partnership is compiling an inventory of all equipment but Apple Laptop is still missing

3.3   Garage rental has now increased to £17 per month.

3.4   AGREED to continue paying rent as a storage facility for Drop In tents etc..

3.5   AGREED to clear cupboard under counter and donate any tins of food to Food Bank.

3.6   AGREED to ask Community Centre to supply invoice for partitions.

3.7   AGREED to await invoice for refund of letting charges from Partnership

4. Financial Monitoring Group

4.1   Financial update including provisional end-of-year position – NOTED with thanks.

4.2   Budget 2013 -14 update – NOTED with thanks.

4.3   Subsidised activities – Suggested that these should be carefully costed and monitored

4.4   Replacement Shutter – installation in hand for new financial year.

4.5   Amazon book sales now approaching £1,000

4.6   AGREED to share profits with Tyntesfield 75% to 25% payable quarterley.

4.7   AGREED to pay cost of upgrade for JS computer.

4.8   AGREED to continue paying Office Manager at Parish Council rate equivalent.

4.9   AGREED Chair should carry out annual Office Manager appraisal.

5. Training

5.1   First Aid Course – had been extremely successful but there was some concern about the number of late cancellations which accrued costs. Thanks to JS for organising training and also to Methodist Church for providing venue.

5.2   AGREED to levy £25 non-refundable pre-payment on future courses.

5.3   Other Training – AGREED to put on Difficult Customers course at a cost of £200 for half day payable to Partnership. KS to propose date.

6.  Other Business

6.1   Discussed possibility of Resource Centre acting as a distribution point for the Food Bank.

7. Future Meetings

3rd July 2013, 2nd October 2013, 4th December 2013.

6th February 2013 in the Resource Centre


Gerry Hunt, Arthur Taylor, Kevin Stone, Chris O’Connell, Roger Lambert, Charles Exley, Paul Kent, Mike Burnett.


Jo Burt, John Thatcher, Liz Moore

1. Minutes of the last Meeting

5 December 2012 had been circulated and were accepted as an accurate record

2. Matters Arising


3.  Youth Drop In

3.1   Community Centre partitioning will be completed next week.

3.1.1          AGREED to contribute £85 to cost.

3.2   Move scheduled for end of February, negotiations taking place between Paul Punter, Inspire and Community Centre management Committee.

3.3   Partnership have confirmed that they are only prepared to fund activities at Youth Club premises.

3.3.1          AGREED to invoice Partnership for letting charge of £50 per night from 1/10/2012

3.3.2          AGREED to consider grant to Partnership when submitted formally.

3.3.3          AGREED to support application to Big Lottery by Partnership

4. Financial Monitoring Group

4.1   Budget proposals APPROVED

4.2   Noted insurance placed with another company premium down from £1,900 to £832.

4.3   AGREED to replace shutter at cost of £3,300.

4.4   AGREED to request donations for shutter from Allied Homes and Coop.

4.5   AGREED to purchase replacement computer speakers.

5.  Volunteers

5.1   Three more volunteers have been recruited: Sylvia Ford, Liz Herbert, Pauline Bigwood.

5.2   AGREED to accept training proposal from Kevin Stone on behalf of the Partnership for Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Difficult Customers. KS to write flier and articles for  Pill Paper and North Somerset Times.

5.3   Advice Services Transition Fund application by CAB proceeding – will provide portal for front desk enquiries.

6. Other Business

6.1   Age UK have ceased Drop In from October 2012. Allied Homes have asked to run a surgery on Wednesday mornings – AGREED.

7. Future Meetings

3rd April  2013, 3rd July 2013, 2nd October 2013, 4th December 2013.

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