Pill – Positives and Negatives

PILL  Services involved

 Pill Library

 Crockerne Children’s Centre (Pill)

Pill Initial options identified:

 Relocate Crockerne CC to library

 Transfer the library service provision to the parish council

 Create an integrated solution for the Crockerne CC and/or library, potentially co-locating with partners

 Close Pill Library without re-provided services

 Retain current Crockerne CC location but conduct a service review

 New site/solution for children’s centre and library

 Close children’s centre without re-provided services

Rejected options

The option to build a new integrated facility is rejected due to the capital costs.

Options to close Pill library and Crockerne CC without alternative suitable provision has been rejected due to the evidence of need for these services within the community.

Impact analysis of remaining options

Relocate the children’s centre to the library


 Reduced revenue costs for both services

 Integrated service offer

 Potential space to undertake re-configuration, for example provision of small meeting room, customer WC, outdoor space etc.

 Potential for children’s centre/ library new delivery model and self-service options – for example longer opening hours

 Increased footfall for both services

 Larger space for the children’s centre to operate in 30

 Flexibility in opening hours to meet the needs of both services

 Partner use, e.g. immunisation clinics, supervised contact


 Capital cost of adjustments to make premises suitable for both services, for example, relocated entrance and enlargement of front facing windows

 Reduction in library area

 Relocating children’s centre away from primary school and nursery

Library service transfer to Parish Council


 Community integration of service

 Retains service network albeit in a different guise


 Reliance on volunteers to run service

Integrated solution for children’s centre and library within community partner site e.g. Resource Centre


 Reduced revenue costs

 Integrated service offering

 Maintains network provision

 Various NSC officers and partner agencies already use the Resource Centre


 Limited sites available

 Resource/capital implications unknown

 Savings therefore could be limited/nil

 Some sensitivities around library service/Resource Centre provision and overlaps

 No outdoor space for the children’s centre

Retain the children’s centre in current location and undertake service review


 Reduced revenue costs

 Academy status of Crockerne School may reduce revenue costs due to redrafting of leasing terms


 No integrated service provision

 Lack of adequate space (inside and outside)

 Public access to site difficult

Emerging preferred option

The emerging preferred option for the Pill area is to relocate the children’s centre to the library. This is due to it being more cost effective to run and the potential to increase space and facilities for the children’s centre – including outdoor space.

This would be mutual beneficial to both services and their service users due to the potential increased footfall, crossover of services for children and families. If selected this would mean the shared facility would have the potential for increased opening hours and signposting to services, as well as capital investment to make the necessary changes on site.

Summary of feedback

 Encouraged that the offer is a positive one for the community with an improved library with outdoor space

 Concern re car parking and potential increase in traffic on road leading to the library

 Use of the space will require careful timetabling to ensure that all the needs of the community are met. Would like to see service proposals as early as possible.

 Concern that needs of older users are not overlooked

 Need to safeguard the relationship between the children’s centres and nursery/school brought about by their close proximity

 Potential disturbance for residents who live in the vicinity of the library. There have been previous issues re noise – children’s centres are not designed to be quiet spaces.

 Would like to see more contribution to the wider health and social wellbeing agenda to improve outcomes for the community. NB currently do have schemes such as books on prescription and links with the Mental Health team but need to expand this offer and develop relationships.

 Questions about how self-service (Open Plus) would work in practice at the library  Concerns raised over how income would be increased

 Staff very positive about the idea of working more closely in Pill, and could see lots of opportunities for enhanced service delivery

 Suggestions about potential sites for Pill services

 Staff suggested some other local groups and contacts to engage with in Pill