PC Minutes 23rd November 2015



Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council

Monday 23rd November 2015 at 7.30pm at the Resource Centre



Cllrs Jopp, Burchell, Davey, Dawson, Langton, Ovel & Stone.  J Smart (Clerk).


Apologies: Cllrs Beasant, Davies, Kent & Taylor




Public Participation


No members of the public were present.



Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting


The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 26th October 2015 (previously circulated) were signed as a true record.


Declarations of Interest







Ward Councillor’s Reports


Don Davies


Cllr Davies was not in attendance, but had circulated his report (see below).

Met with council officer ref the HGV problems. Plan is to have a 7.5t GVW ban for whole village from St Georges Hill, from Pill Road and from Marsh Lane into village, signed with international weight signs, legally enforceable, with pre-warning signs on A369 and at docks end of Marsh Lane. Only exception would be for access to local sites. This would be proposed for next financial year. We shall need to keep pressure up once proposals come from officers, especially on EIG Cllr.

Went to Severn Net Coastal Communities Fund kick-off meeting. They are now formulating business plan and there is another meeting next month. I think there is potential for this village to attract some funding, especially for supporting people into work, so am pursuing.

Police incidents and on-going anti-social behaviour at youth club. Police are involved and Lesley can update you.

Priory Road – no news, though there is a ‘task force’ sorting it out.

Joint Spatial Plan – we have the information, needs PC to discuss.

Green bins – great source of complaints – PC response?

Nigel Ashton was not in attendance, and no report had been submitted.






Crime & Disorder


Cllrs Davey and Davies had attended the PACT meeting.  The Beat Sergeant (Mark Raby) and PCSO Simon Tuong were present.  Problem with a particular youth at Youth Club who had been permanently banned, who was now turning up and trying to kick the door down.  In the process of banning him from entire premises.  Youth Club called police last Monday when the youth arrived, but the Police did not attend.



Clerk’s Report


Reported street lights not working at Stoneyfields, Gordano Gardens, Lodway Close, The Breaches, Brookside, Cross Lanes, The Green, Ham Green, Church Road.


Ordered replacement LED streetlights for Watchhouse Road, Springfield Road, Cross Lanes, Church Path Road, Hardwick Road, and two replacement concrete columns in Stoneyfields.


Reported blocked drains at Monmouth Road and Bull Lane.


Requested two new litter bins for Victoria Park, and one for the bottom of Westward Drive.


Reported overgrown hedges obstructing footpath at bottom of Newsome Avenue, and hedges obstructing junction visibility at the junction of Cross Lanes and Lodway.


Reported fly tipping at Marine Parade (numerous times) – suggested NSC/Alliance Homes educate its tenants.


Reported fly tipping at the recycling facility numerous times.


Reported potholes at the junction of The Poplars and Stoneyfields, and at the top of Newsome Avenue.


Reported a tree on Waterloo Wharf that is now growing around the protective cage.  Jason Cox (NSC) inspected and advised that NSC would not be doing anything as it would damage the tree too much.  The tree will just continue to grow around the cage.


Requested NSC arrange for the mechanical road sweeper to visit Pill & EIG as soon as possible.


Contacted Neil Wollard of the Tidal Lagoons in the Severn Estuary Group.  Meeting not relevant for general public at present.  This would be later in 2016.  Happy to meet with Parish Council though.  Clerk to arrange separate evening meeting.


There is NSC Snow Warden training at Clevedon, this Thursday at 10.00am if anyone would like to attend.


Clerk to speak to Alison Button regarding debris left from bonfire at Avon Road field.






Maintenance & Highways Issues








Reports from Committee Meetings


Playing Fields & Open Spaces


Nothing further to report.


Environment, Highways & Transport


Nothing further to report.



Finance & Personnel


Cllr Langton proposed an increase in fees per match of £30.00 for St George EIG, £20.00 for Pill United and £10.00 for St George EIG Juniors.  Cllr Dawson seconded.  Agreed.


Cllr Langton proposed an increase in allotment fees to £300 per year.  Cllr Stone seconded.  Agreed.


Areas for development discussed at the meeting were:-  Ham Green Pavilion upgrade, street lighting improvements, set aside fund for Neighbourhood Plan, Play Equipment upkeep, and set reserves at £20k.


If Committee Chairs have anything further they want to add, the F&P Committee need to know this by January.  Action ALL.


Discussed Bank Deposit Protection Scheme.  No action necessary.


Footpaths & Rights of Way Committee


Cllr Dawson reported on this.  Reported that NSC would be looking at clearing the Bottoms in the next few weeks.  Boxing Day Walk would be advertised soon.  Ivor King is producing a ‘Pill Round’, which is not quite finished yet.




See below.





Reports of meetings with outside bodies and other organisations


Cllr Jopp reported on Bristol Port Liaison Committee – he raised the issue of pedestrian access from the A369 into the dock area.  Requested that BPC ask their staff who would use this access.


Cllr Langton had attended the Community Forum meeting.  Nothing to report.






Correspondence requiring action not covered elsewhere


Cllr Jopp drew attention to the letter from Maggi Stowers.  Thanks to Peter J Connell for offering to add the two extra names to the War Memorial, free of charge.



NSC Green Bins


Cllr Davies had suggested starting a petition regarding this, as he had received numerous complaints from the residents following the proposals.


Following discussion, Cllr Jopp proposed to start a petition.  Put item in next Pill Paper, and put notices in Resource Centre and notice boards.  Petition forms to be held at Resource Centre.  Action AJ/Clerk.


12. NSC Refuse and Green Bag Collections


Cllr Burchell had complained about bins not being emptied, being reported to NSC, but are then not being picked up within 2 days.  Clerk to write to Streets & Open Spaces complaining about this.  The contractors should be fined if they don’t meet the standards set in the contract.  Action Clerk.


13. Fly Posting in the Village


Cllr Langton reported there were far too many people that put notices up and don’t take them down when the advertised event had taken place.  Seeking to ascertain whether support for something in the Pill Paper to encourage people to take notices down if out of date.  Cllr Langton to draft and item for the PP.  Action BL.



NSC Parish Town Core Strategy and JSP Briefing


Cllr Jopp reported on this, and the NSC PowerPoint presentation was shown.  Cllr Ovel explained how to respond to the consultation.  Clerk to put information in RC window, enabling response from wider public.  Action Clerk.


15. Green Belt Review

Cllr Jopp had contacted adjoining Parishes regarding this issue, and all had replied agreeing to meet.  Suggested meeting to discuss this and a joint response to the Core Strategy on Monday 7th December, 7.30pm.  AJ & BO to draw up an agenda for the meeting.  Cllr Ovel suggested all PCs respond as one.  Cllr Langton proposed to adopt this strategy, seconded by Cllr Burchell.  Agreed.  Action AJ/BO.


Accounts for Payment

Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – 23/11/15 – Direct Debit 690.22
Unicom Fax & Phone Bill – November Direct Debit 20.83
Bin-it Dob Bin Emptying – October 393.21
JRB Enterprise 10,000 Poop Scoop Bags 131.82
The Conservation Volunteers 2 Days Hay Cutting at Jenny’s Meadow 660.00
G.B. Sport & Leisure Play Equipment Inspections – October 120.00
Royal British Legion Wreaths 68.00
Konica Minolta Photocopier Rental 12/11/15 – 11/02/15 106.42
Brian Weekes Brookside and Hardwick Road Play Equipment Repairs 127.50
Mark Fuller Salary 442.25
Julie Smart Salary 1,370.51
Post Office Limited Tax & NICs 368.87
Bath & NES Council Pension Contributions 382.40
TOTAL      £4882.03


Cllr Langton, seconded by Cllr Davey, approved of the accounts for payment.






Issues for future meetings




Signed:  ………………………………….


Date:  …………………………………….








1.         The following applications had been received:-


15/P/2525/F 34 St George’s Hill


Erection of a single storey extension and a first floor extension over existing garage.
Reiterate comments made on previous MMA application.
2.         The following applications had been approved:-


15/P/2214/F 49 Westward Drive


Erection of garage and single storey rear extension following demolition of existing garage.