PC 8 December 2014


Minutes of the Joint Meeting of the Parish Council & Committees

Monday 8th December 2014 at 7.30pm at The Resource Centre


Present: Cllrs Jopp, Burchell, Davey, Dawson, Langton, Murphy, Ward Cllr Francis-Pester and J Smart (Clerk)
Apologies: Cllrs Beasant, Davies, Exley, Kent, Ovel & Stone

Public Participation

Mr Roger Collins was present.

Mr Hunt and Mr Belcher were present.  Both complained again about the rail noise.  Cllr Jopp assured them that Cllr Exley would arrange to meet them to go through noise monitoring reports as soon as possible.


Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 24th November 2014 (previously circulated) were signed as a true record.

Declarations of Interest





Ward Councillor’s Reports
Cllr Carl Francis-Pester


The Tynings – two of the planning application had been turned down and third one would probably go through with conditions.  Access was an issue and residents had objected.

Mr Harris of Priory Road – NSC enforcement is proceeding on the garden.  Highly unlikely that they will do anything with the conifer trees.

Unlikely to know what the NSC budget for next year will be before Christmas.

Update tomorrow on NSC position on Core Strategy.  Main issue was numbers, looking for approximately 21,000 houses.  All debate had been about numbers, should have been more about sites and locations.  Will let the Clerk know outcome.

Cllr Don Davies

Cllr Davies had circulated notes of issues, as he was not going to be present.

Cllr Burchell complained about inconsiderate parking on refuse collection days.  CFP – If problems were persistent, a smaller truck could be arranged, or timing of route could be altered.  Ham Green hill is a problem as collection in always in rush hour, when children are going to school etc.  CFP would remind them this was not acceptable.

AJ thanked Cllr Francis-Pester for his report.




Crime & Disorder

Cllr Davey had attended the PACT meeting.  She was the only person present.  Julie Lewis had forwarded the crime figures to the Clerk.  Clerk to circulate.  Problems of antisocial behaviour for residents of the new house next to Brookside entrance.

Cllr Murphy reported from Neighbourhood Watch that some smash and grabs from vehicles had taken.

The Clerk had circulated the response from Sue Mountstevens to the PC email.  Cllr Jopp had drafted a reply and read this to members.  Agreed to send the email.

No PACT meeting next month.

6. Clerk’s Report

Reported fly tipping at Recycling area.

Reported lights out at Rudgleigh Road and The Breaches.

A local resident had cleared weeds at the sea defence wall at Marine Parade.  Clerk to find out who this is.

Clerk to find out when Western Power Distribution would report on reduction of power used due to replacement LED street lights.




Maintenance & Highways Issues

Cllr Davey – problem with dangerous car parking at junction of The Poplars and Lodway.  Julie Lewis was aware of this.






Committee Meetings

Playing Fields & Open Spaces
No Committee Meeting.
Environment, Highways & Transport  –  The Clerk had received a quote from James Keeley Tree Services of £400 to clear Water Lane of all overhanging trees.  This was accepted.  Action Clerk.



See below.




Reports of meetings with outside bodies and other organisations

Clerk to email Cllrs Exley, Davies, Taylor regarding arranging a meeting with Messrs Hunt and Belcher regarding rail noise.  Action Clerk.

Cllr Jopp had prepared a report on the meeting with Portishead Cruising Club (Tess Reid, Derek Estcourt, Cllr Jopp, Davies and Clerk), and this had been circulated to all members.  Report attached.  Agenda January meeting.  Action Clerk.

10. Correspondence requiring action not covered elsewhere


11. Business Continuity Plan

A copy of the draft Business Continuity Plan had been circulated to all members.  Acceptance of the plan was adopted.  Comments from members were welcomed at any point to Clerk, Cllrs Langton or Ovel.

12. Accounts for Payment

Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – November DD 22/12/14 625.00
Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – November DD 22/12/14 77.51
Unicom Fax & Phone Bill – December DD 21.91
North Somerset Council Dog Bin Emptying 172.80
Royal British Legion Remembrance Wreaths x 2 34.00
DC & LM Smith Cutting Ham Green Hedges 180.00
DC & LM Smith Cut back verges and remove spoil at Ham Green 180.00
DC & LM Smith Brookside Grass Cutting 26/10 42.00
Brackenwood Garden Centre Pill in Bloom Account 33.56
Bristol Wessex Water Pavilion Water Services 14/05 – 31/10 78.37
JRB Enterprise 10,000 Dog Poo Bags 131.82
Konica Minolta Photocopier Copies 05/09 – 04/12 48.91
Konica Minolta Photocopier Rental 05/12 – 04/03 228.92
Pill Christmas Lights Annual Grant 1,000.00
Julie Smart Expenses Sept-Dec 104.22
Mark Fuller Salary 779.69
Julie Smart Salary 1,399.67
Post Office Limited Tax & NICs 440.43
Bath & NES Council Pension Contributions 377.66
TOTAL   £5,956.47
Cllr Langton, seconded by Cllr Murphy, agreed approval of the accounts for payment.
13. Issues for Future Meetings


Football Pitches

Items for development to be with Finance Committee by 5th January.

Signed:  ………………………………….

Date:  …………………………………….

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