PC 24 February 2014



Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council

Monday 24 February 2014 at 7.30pm at the Resource Centre


Present: Cllrs Jopp, Kent, Burchell, Davey, Exley, Kent, Langton, Stone, Taylor, Ward Cllrs Davies and Francis-Pester & J Smart (Clerk)
Apologies: None received.



Public Participation

Mr Roger Collins and Sam Pope of North Somerset Times were present.  Mr Hunt and Mr Belcher of Avon Road attended to complain again about the nuisance of the trains at Avon Road.  Mr Hunt had still not heard anything following the noise monitoring that NSC had carried out in January.  Ward Cllr Francis-Pester agreed to chase up the results with Mark Ponsford tomorrow.  Possibly meet with EWS following receipt of results, to see what can be done.  Could the coal be transported to Avonmouth on the conveyor?

Mr Hunt and Mr Belcher also reported dangerous potholes in Monmouth Road.


Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 27th January 2014 were signed as a true record.

Declarations of Interest




Ward Councillor’s Reports

Carl Francis-Pester

Had met Mark Macgregor (NSC) for walkabout to highlight issues in EIG.  A list of road, drainage, pothole, gulley clearing, and road surface issues were highlighted for action.  Specifically at Church Road, Debeccas Lane, Lodway, Fearnlea Garden, Cross Lanes and Rectory Road.

A survey would be carried out at the botton of Rectory Road, as residents thought it dangerous to cross the road.

There had recently been poor response from NSC officers, but signs that had been ordered (laybys and port access) were now to be pushed through as quickly as possible.

Don Davies

Mark Macgreor will also be meeting with Cllr Davies on Friday – Councillors and Clerk to let him know if any issues prior to 28th February.

Cleanliness of trains leaving the port has been less good recently.  Cllr Taylor advised he would write to Sue Turner regarding this.

First Bus consultation taking place currently.  Pill has become part of Bristol which means cheaper fares.

Boundary Commission consultation.  Complaints for initial proposals received from Pill & EIG totalled the most, and that it why it has been sent back for a further consultation.  Fourth person looking at this now who might be prepared to look at over-large wards.  Revised plan is beneficial to us, but other parts of NS are less happy with the outcome.



Crime & Disorder

No PACT meeting this month.  Officers had been working at the Somerset levels to prevent looting.


Clerk’s Report

Reported fly tipping at Recycling Area and Marsh Lane.

Reported damage to pavement at corner of Westward Drive and Orchard Lea.

Reported streetlights out at Church Road, Rudgleigh Road, Church Path Road, The Breaches, Anchor Way and Monmouth Road.

Reported potholes at Church Path Road, Newsome Avenue, Cross Lanes, Lodway, Monmouth Road and Crockerne Drive.  With the exception of the numerous holes in Monmouth Road and Crockerne Drive, these have all now been filled.

Received various reports of dogs being poisoned on Watchhouse Hill.  Called A&S Police and vets in the area, but no such reports had been received.

Requested a new litter bin near the telephone box at Sambourne Lane.  Mark Fuller is unable to remove the lid to empty it.

Complained about the state of the Baltic Place bus shelter.  Paul Connolly advised he had asked the shelter company to undertake some work on this shelter some while ago which included a new solid vandal proof front panel on the shelter, unfortunately this work has not been completed so he will chase this up.

Also NSC had suggested to St Katherine’s school that they might like to use the back panels for some school art work but to date this offer has not been taken up, and he will also see if we can progress this.

In the meantime he will arrange to get the NSC cleaner out to remove graffiti, although it seems to get damaged soon after this is undertaken each time.

Following the recent resurfacing, reported that the new surface is now breaking up at the junction with Cross Lanes.  Also reported problem with road drain in Rudgleigh Road.

Reported blocked drains at Heywood Road, Pond Head, Hardwick Road.  These have been jetted along with others around the Green.

The showers at the Ham Green Pavilion changing rooms have now been repaired and are working correctly.

Problem of fly tipping increasing due to ridiculous administrative red tape that has to be completed prior to taking a van to the tip.  CFP advised that this had been raised with David Turner, if any change would report back.


Maintenance & Highways Issues

Report to Clerk.





Committee Meetings

Playing Fields & Open Spaces

Village Green – no reply to PC letter of complaint had yet been received from NSC.  Both DD and CFP had written and neither had received a response.  JS to chase for a reply.

Environment, Highways & Transport

Nothing further to report.


See below.


Reports of meetings with outside bodies and other organisations



Correspondence requiring action not covered elsewhere



Electoral Review of North Somerset – Further Limited Consultation

Cllr Jopp had drafted and circulated a letter of response for consideration.  Abbots Leigh PC wished to remain with Pill & EIG and Leigh Woods, and would probably respond along the same lines as Pill & EIG.  Cllr Kent stated it was an excellent letter and should go ASAP.  Suggestion to insert item in March Pill Paper – residents should now respond to the new boundary changes.  ALL AGREED to send the letter ASAP.


Meeting with NSC Chief Executive – Update

Cllr Jopp reported on the informal meeting with Mike Jackson, the new Chief Executive of North Somerset Council.  Clerk to remind Mike Jackson to respond to small list that the PC members had given him.


Request from Lodway Cricket Club

Cllr Jopp reported on the request to install practice nets on the PC football pitches.  All Agreed to approve in principle, but would need to meet on site and also discuss with JFC.    Cllr Kent happy to liaise with LCC on this issue.


Date and topics for Annual Parish Meeting

APM to be held on 28th April.  Cllr Davey confirmed Len Grey Hall will be free.

Topics for discussion: Fair Trade, Community Market.


First Bus – Real Time Information

DD had received numerous complaints about buses.  The new RTI machines in bus shelters were not really working correctly.  First Bus blames NSC and vice-versa. Requested support in complaining to First Bus and NSC.  If the technology is there, it should be used properly and show what is happening in real time.  ALL AGREED.  DD to draft letter for circulation to members for approval.

Paul Connolly had advised DD that Contractors had been instructed to put it in place the new bus stop at Martcombe Road.  This work had not yet been carried out.


Accounts for Payment

Cllr Jopp, seconded by Cllr Langton agreed approval of the accounts for payments.


Issues for future meetings

PC to invite Robin Basu of Network Rail to meet with Councillors regarding train movements (freight paths).

Next Finance Meeting at 7pm on 10th March.


Signed:  ………………………………….


Date:  …………………………………….

Pill & Easton-in-Gordano Parish Council

Meeting of the Planning Committee

Monday 24th February 2014 at 7.30pm at the Resource Centre

1.  The following applications had been approved:- 
13/P/2309/F The CroftPill Road

Ham Green

Erection of swimming pool enclosure and single storey pitched roof link extension with two roof lights to north west elevation (amendment to planning permission 13/P/1598/F).
13/P/2324/F 6 Watchhouse RoadPill Erection of conservatory to south elevation.


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