PC 8th April 2013

Monday 8th April 2013 at 7.30pm at The Resource Centre


Present: Cllrs Jopp, Taylor, Burchell, Exley, Kent, Kent, Davey : Ward Cllrs Davies andFrancis-Pester
Apologies: Cllrs, Waters, Langton, Stone, & J Smart (Clerk)
1. Public ParticipationNone
2. Minutes of the last Parish Council MeetingThe minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 25th March 2013 were not available.
3. Declarations of InterestNone
4.   Ward Councillor’s ReportsCllr Don DaviesReported that he had attended a scrutiny Panel on Youth Funding and questioned Cllr Blatchford about sustainability aspects of the council’s decision to cut youth funding.

Proposals from the Boundaries Commission to reduce representation to 51 +1 would cause local problems as Pill and Easton in Gordano combined would be too large and Pill and Easton in Gordano separated would be too small. There were confusions on potential developments that would further skew imbalances whilst the savings would be minimal although they have already been allocated to finance the new Deputy Executive members who cannot be paid until 2015.

He was due to meet First Bus regional managers this week on fare levels and youth charges. He would also raise whether drivers were refusing to stop when cars were parked in the bus bays because of Company instructions.

He had been approached by a number of people who felt that they would either have to find work or move to smaller houses due to the Welfare reform changes.

He was attending a meeting of the Food Bank committee this Wednesday.

Tree clearance work had been completed at the Old Rectory site on Station Road and that solicitors were dealing with some outstanding issues. He believed that a leaflet had been circulated to neighbours.

Complaints had been received about cyclists on the esplanade and it was agreed that this was a matter of civic responsibility to explain the dangers to young cyclists.

Cllr. Carl Francis Petter

Following drainage surveys the main drain had Church Road was found to have collapsed and will need replacement. Rudgeleigh Road will need to be dug out. No projected commencement dates were available as yet.

St Georges Hill main culvert needs clearing of silt and he is discussing these issues with Colin Meadow this week.

Legal action is being commenced at Priory Road for removal of vehicles, site clearance and tree reduction under a section 215 notice.

Urgent road repair requests had been issued for work in Debenham Lane and Cross Lanes.

The Old Rectory site on Priory Road was now being cleared and access will be through the lay by at the bus stop.

Carl was also dealing with a few initial welfare cases.

The Railway Inn site was up for sale again.

Carl was also meeting Colin Meadus this week to get some urgent action on the dangerous gully on the A369 coming from Abbotts Leigh.

5.   Crime & DisorderCllr Davey had attended the last PACT meeting and reported that at least two boilers had been stripped out of temporarily empty buildings with substantial collateral damage accrueing.
6. Clerk’s ReportNone due to sickness absence
7.  Maintenance & Highways IssuesNone outstanding
8. 8.1



Reports from Committee Meetings:Playing Fields and open SpacesThe Chair confirmed that the list of green sites that had been circulated would now be sent to North Somerset.

Brookside ground clearance now completed preparatory to fitting new access gate.

Environment Highways and Transport

AGREED to write to Port Company and enquire why conveyor is not being used more to reduce night-time rail noise through Pill.

Information required on first Bus operating instructions for bus stop parking. Don Davies to pursue.

AGREED to write to North Somerset as to what revenue maintenance programme exists for bus stop signage.

Thanks to David Smith for clearance work on road edges in the Breaches.

AGREED that Cllr. Charles Exley would draft letter to Police Commissioner regarding illegal parking.

9.  Reports of Meetings with Outside Bodies None
10. Correspondence requiring action not covered elsewhereNone.
11. Confirmation of meetings CalendarAGREED that Chair would confirm dates with Clerk and email.
12. Youth FundingNothing further to report
13. Sites & Policies Development PlanChair had now forwarded comments on to North Somerset.
14. Accounts for PaymentNone
15. Issues for future meetingsNone


Monday 8th April 2013 at 7.30pm at The Resource Centre

AGREED to object to fellingHart Close, Pill – Request to fell poplar tree that had allegedly not responded to pollarding treatment.

Fernleigh Gardens Pill – Dormer window. Councillors were unhappy about the design.

Eden Park – Pill New office block on site. No objections.


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