PC 28th October 2013

Monday 28th October 2013 at 7.30pm at The Resource Centr 

Present: Cllr Jopp, Davey, Kent (Vice Chair), Burchell, Burt, Murphy, Stone, Taylor, Waters, Ward, Davey, Exley,

NS Cllrs. Francis-Pester

Apologies: Cllrs  Langton, Cave, J Smart (Clerk) NS Cllr Davies



Public Participation

6 members of the public were present.

  1. Potholes it was reported that some of the potholes in Newport Road and Monmouth Road had been repaired but others had been ignored.
  2. Chapel Row had serious pothole at bottom of steep hill from Sunnyside.
  3. Hedge not cut in Avon Road. AGREED to ask Playing Fields and open Spaces Committee to review decision on reducing height of trees in Jenny’s Meadow.
  4. Concern expressed about Boundary Commission Report.

Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 23rd September 2013 (previously circulated) were signed as a true record


Declarations of Interest



Boundary Commission Report Draft Recommendation

AGREED to draft a counter proposal arguing that we want the boundary to cover all of Pill, Ham Green and Easton-in-Gordano rather than include Easton-in-Gordano in Gordano Valley.

AGREED to leave a copy of the amended letter in the Resource Centre so that parishioners could sign their agreement to our proposals.




Ward Councillor’s Reports

Carl Francis-Pester

Carl was concerned that North Somerset Core Strategy had been referred back because the views of Bristol County Council had not been taken into consideration. This could impact on Pill and E-i-G green belt. There could also be an effect on the passenger railway proposals arising from improved transport facilities.

Don Davies

Written report received and circulated.




Crime & Disorder

PAC meeting – nothing to report.

Reply received from secretary to the Crime Commissioner that she cannot attend a meeting until next year.





Maintenance & Highways Issues

  1. Concern about the erection of road signs to prevent articulated lorries entering village. One took 45 minutes to extricate itself from Church Road/Beechwood Road.
  2. Water still coming out of manhole covers in Church Road.
  3. Manhole covers opposite Beechwood Road overflowing. Some gully work has been done but has not been successful as it would appear that not action had been taken to improve the main sewers.
  4. Concern that BT street furniture cabinets had been doubled at Station Road/Heywood Road causing blockage to road and disruption to traffic but no prior notification had been given to the Parish Council. AGREED to write again to North Somerset requesting that we be given advance notice of road works.
  5. Poor state of Monmouth Road pothole repairs noted.





Reports From Committee Meetings

Playing Fields & Open Spaces


  1. Ham Green Football Changing Rooms – £400 quoted for replacement of water heaters. AGREED to replace as a temporary measure pending quotations for gas installation or further information on cost of solar panels.
  2. Washing Pound – further meeting with residents has agreed that large stones can be used to block access.
  3. Brookside Tree House – still awaiting site meeting to assess safety considerations
Environment, Highways & Transport
  1. Electrical Waste Amnesty Event – Meeting held at the Community Centre.
  2. Awaiting quote for replacement of slats on seats in Victoria Park rather than new benches.
  3. Permissive Path – AGREED to write again to Mrs Sims.


Minutes have been circulated.





Reports of meetings with outside bodies and other organisations

Pill Young People’s Partnership

New provider had been appointed to replace Avon Youth and Inspire.


Correspondence requiring action not covered elsewhere

AGREED to circulate list.


North Somerset Council

AGREED to recirculate letter to new chief executive for comment and resubmission.


Accounts for Payment

AGREED to circulate list



Remembrance Day


Wreaths have been ordered and new list of the fallen compiled by the History Society showing first names will be read out at both ceremonies for the first time.

AGREED to thank Peter Reeve for the work done in cleaning the St George’s memorial.


Issues for Future Meeting

AGREED to generate action lists from meeting minutes on a monthly basis as an aide memoire to outstanding business.



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