PC 28th January 2013

Monday 28th January 2013 at 7.30pm at The Resource Centre

Cllrs Jopp, Taylor, Burchell, Davey, Kent, Langton, Murphy, Stone, Waters, Ward Cllrs
Davies, Francis-Pester & J Smart (Clerk)
Cllr Exley

Public Participation

Mr Hunt and two other residents of Avon Road were present. Mrs Monks complained about
the streetlights in the area being turned off at night. A recent ambulance call-out resulted in
paramedics nearly dropping the stretcher carrying her husband, as they could not see where
they were going. Clerk to ask NSC if the lights could be turned back on in this area. Potholes
in Monmouth Road and Avon Road. Action Clerk.

Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 10th December 2012 (previously
circulated) were signed as a true record.

Declarations of Interest

Cllr Stone declared an interest in Item 19, as Chair of the P&DYPP.

Ward Councillor’s Reports

NSC would be moving funds from the major roads budget for use on smaller roads.

No further funding would be available from NSC for any youth work following the current
round of funding.

Received a number of complaints about Brookside and Crockerne Drive during the snowy
weather. Asked to put those two roads on the rota for pass when gritter is in the village.

NSC was discussing funding a commuter coach service from WSM to Cribbs Causeway. DD
asked if a stop could be situated in the Pill Area.

Carl Francis-Pester

CFP confirmed shortfall in NSC Budget of £1.5m shortfall. There may need to be an increase
in Council Tax, depending on what central government will allow.

Electoral Review – two different proposals – intention to cut councillors and save money.

Optimum number per ward 3,300 (51). Will make a little bit of growth in the future.

Met with Bill Hunt at Ham Green Lakes. Application had been rejected, but then NSC
rethought. Will be resubmitted with a sensible compromise being achieved.

The Tynings – Enforcement Case opened as refused permission for catering facility. A facility
has opened up that does not have permission. Planners will allow new application to be

9 Priory Road – the date had now passed to clear up the site. Enforcement papers were
being prepared by NSC Legal Department. Tony Parker would serve these in the next few
days. Cars will be removed from road and garden.

Cllr Langton reported that the problems with recycling collections in Church Path Road had
resurfaced. Action CFP.

Wessex Water, Bristol City Council and NSC had met to arrange clearance of the large drain
that runs from St George’s Hill to the Port. The job was now waiting for the necessary

Cllr Jopp thanked both Cllr Davies and Cllr Francis-Pester for their reports.

Crime & Disorder

No PACT meeting in January.

Clerk’s Report

Had been in touch with Network Rail regarding the noise complaints from Mr Hunt. Had
made an official complaint, which was now being dealt with. A case had been opened and
enquiries with relevant parts of NR were being made.

Quotation received from Electrical Testing Ltd, for the periodic structural inspection and
testing of the PC’s remaining concrete streetlight columns, of £795.00 plus VAT.

Received a letter from Fountains informing the PC that as of 31st March 2013, its contract
with NSC would come to an end. John Carson of NSC confirmed the service would continue
with another supplier at no extra cost.

Arranged with NSC to cut overgrown bushes etc at The Green and The Ash Path, Ham Green,
and also to the left of the Kings Head.

Reported potholes at Lodway Gardens (again), Monmouth Road, and Crockerne Drive.
Crockerne Drive is due to be resurfaced during the next year.

Reported streetlights not working at Crockerne Drive (again), Bull Lane, The Moorings and

Watchhouse Road.

Maintenance & Highways Issues

Streetlight still flickering in day in Upper Myrtle Hill and three lights on 24hrs in Church Path
Road. Action Clerk.

Reports from Committee Meetings

Playing Fields & Open Spaces

Cllr Kent advised allocation of a slightly higher budget for this Committee for the
maintenance of the culvert at Brookside.

Clerk had received quote for the gate alterations at Brookside of £270.00 plus VAT.

Clerk to deliver letters about Village Green Status of fields to surrounding residents.

Environment, Highways & Transport

Nothing further to report.

Finance & Personnel Committee

Nothing further to report.


See below.

Reports of meetings with outside bodies and other organisations


Correspondence requiring action not covered elsewhere


Precept Request 2013-2014

Cllr Langton reported on this.

The proposed precept request for the year 2013-2014 was £84,082.10. Seconded by Cllr
Kent. All in favour. Parish element of Council Tax will remain unchanged at £50.59 for a
Band D property. Action JS.

Budget produced for Finance Committee meeting, shortfall of £3k approx, although this was

likely to be met with a larger carryover.

Cllr Taylor thanked Cllr Langton for his work in setting the budget.

Parish Councillor Vacancies

To advertise the five vacancies, Cllr Taylor would produce a poster for the Pill Paper, Cllr Kent
would prepare the content, and Samantha Pope would put an article in the North Somerset
Times. Action AT/PK.

Southern Co-operative

Cllrs Exley, Davey, Langton and the Clerk had met two representatives from Southern Co-
operative. Cllr Exley had circulated a report on the meeting. Cllr Langton advised a new
permanent manager would soon be in place. The current stocking computer system does
not give local shops flexibility when ordering stock. SC was investing significantly in a new
system that should mean that there will be much more local control. Changing the till
arrangement to five. Chase after four weeks if no manager in place, Clerk to thank attendees
and arrange another meeting when new manager in place. Action Clerk.

 Street Lighting

Cllr Exley, Langton and the Clerk had met with a representative from Phillips to talk about
LED lighting. Cllr Langton had circulated a report on the meeting, and talked about his

All accepted recommendation to trial new LED lantern in one of the replacement columns on
order. Action JS.

NSC Community Resilience Project

This document from NSC had been circulated to all members. Cllr Kent suggested keeping
this under review. All agreed.

Private Sector Housing Consultation

Following discussion, Cllr Stone agreed to study this NSC consultation and report back. Clerk
to ask NSC for housing statistics. Action KS/JS.

Electoral Review of North Somerset

Following discussion, all agreed that the PC should write to NSC advising that it thought
that the level of representation at present is appropriate, and would not want to see it be
reduced. Action AJ.

 Community Centre

Committee were asking for another representative, as sometimes Cllr Exley was unable to
attend due to attendance at the Community Forum. Cllr Waters offered to represent the
Parish Council. Action DW.

Play Pods

Cllr Stone reported that the Pods are now the delegated responsibility of the PC. Cllr Stone
and the Clerk to meet to discuss further. Action KS/JS.

Accounts for Payment


G.B. Sport & Leisure
G.B. Sport & Leisure
Brian Weeks
SSE Contracting
Konica Minolta
Konica Minolta
EDF Energy
EDF Energy
G.B. Sport & Leisure
Society of Local Council Clerks
EDF Energy
Haven Power
Haven Power
Mark Fuller
Julie Smart
Post Office Limited
Bath & NES Council



Play Equipment Inspections – November
Anti-Slip Spray
Play Equipment Inspections – September
Play Area Repair & Maintenance
Streetlight Maintenance 3rd Quarter 2012/2013
Photocopier Copies 05/09/12 – 04/12/12
Photocopier Rental 05/12/12 – 04/03/13
Final Streetlight Invoice 01/11/12 – 20/12/12
Ham Green Pavilion Electricity 03/12/12 – 28/12/12
Play Equipment Inspections – December
Annual Membership Renewal
Dog Bin Emptying – November 2012
Phone & Fax 374442
Clerks & Councils Direct Subscription Renewal
St George EIG JFC Grass Paint
Spout & Steps Electricity 27/09/12 – 16/01/13
Dog Bin Emptying – December 2012
First Direct Debit Collection 18/01/13
Routine January Direct Debit Collection 21/01/13
Tax & NICs
Pension Contributions

Cllr Taylor, seconded by Cllr Stone proposed approval of the accounts for payment. Agreed.

Issues for future meetings

National Grid Meeting.

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