PC 19th August 2013

Monday 19th August 2013 at 7.30pm at The Resource Centre


Present: Cllr Jopp, Kent, Burchell, Burt, Cave, Exley, Murphy, Stone, Taylor, Waters, WardCllrs Davies & Francis-Pester and J Smart (Clerk)
Apologies: Cllrs Davey & Langton

Public Participation

Approx. 30 members of the public were present

Andy King spoke on behalf of members of the public regarding the recent demolition of the landing stage jetty at Watchhouse Road by the PCC.  There was concern as the PCC had not spoken to the community about the plans.  Mr King had contacted Cllr Davies, who then requested that the demolition be stopped so public consultation could be carried out.  This was refused.  The residents were angry that the PCC had failed to maintain the jetty to such an extent that it needed to be demolished.  Cllr Jopp advised that the PCC had written to the Parish Council, the Regatta Committee and Pill Hobblers to advise of the plans over two years ago, and this had been reported in the Pill Paper, asking for anyone who was concerned to contact the Clerk.  Nobody did.  Dennis Williams reported on when the jetty was actually built.   Work had been carried out to maintain it up to 2006, and then a request put in to PCC advising it needed further works.  At that point, the PCC could not find a drawing or an agreement relating to the landing stage.  Andy King suggested, on behalf of those present, that the PCC should be made to reinstate.  PC to request attendance by the PCC to a public meeting to answer questions.  Action Clerk.

Glenis Jones reported that the residents of No. 5 Pump Square had erected bollards that were not within the boundary of their land.  The Clerk advised she had already reported this to NSC Enforcement.  There was also a dangerous wall at the rear of Victoria House, not clearly visible as covered by overgrown foliage.  Action Clerk.

Glenis Jones reported weeds along the high pavement.  The Clerk had been advised by NSC that weeding throughout the village would be done more than three weeks earlier.  Clerk to contact NSC.  Action Clerk.

Glenis reported concern over dog walkers not picking up after their dogs in Court Hay football pitch.  More signs were needed, and possibly a total ban on dog walking in the field.  Action Clerk.

Mr Hunt again requested the hedges on the corner of Monmouth Road and Monmouth Court be cut back.  He also requested that the copse of trees in Jenny’s Meadow by reduced by approx. 8’-10’.  Action Clerk.

Clerk to call Network Rail tomorrow to follow up previous report of NR Severn Road land being a mess (fly tipping, overgrown trees etc.)  Action Clerk.

Louise Dixey reported fallen and dangerous trees in the woodland area behind the green fence at Watchhouse Hill.  Clerk to ask NSC Tree Officer to inspect the area behind the fence.  Action AT/JS.


Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 22nd July 2013 (previously circulated) were signed as a true record.


Declarations of Interest

Cllr Stone declared an interest in Item 7, as he was in the process of purchasing a property opposite the proposed double yellow lines.




Ward Councillor’s Reports

Carl Francis-Pester

CFP had followed up the issues raised at the last meeting.  David Turner and Frank Cox (NSC) met with CFP and DD.  Reported that NSC has acquired equipment that will predict which roads are due to fail, and it will repair those first.  Roads for resurfacing still on the list were Pill Road (St Katherine’s) and the A369 at Beggar Bush Lane.

A mock-up has now been prepared for the signs on the A369 advising no access for lorries heading to the port.  Will send on for consultation when he receives it.

CFP had reported fly tipping in A369 lay-bys.

Photography work now completed on Church Road drainage.  Waiting for the date of when the works will be carried out.  This is major structural work, and he was keeping in touch with residents of Church Road and NSC Officers have also met with them.

Priory Road NSC enforcement was ongoing.  Cars were now off the site and further work planned for the foliage around the site.  Expressed view that hedges should be cut down all the way round.  Work to be done in the garden to make it better for neighbours.

The Tynings – Chris Nolan (NSC Enforcement) still had a number of issues being investigated regarding traffic.  Simon Harris now has permission to use the far barn.  Liam Fox had also written to the Planning Department reporting that this situation needed to be resolved.

There had been an ongoing recycling collection issue at Perrett Way.  Collections were frequently missed.  Colin Russell was now dealing with this.

Rural Fair Share – Rural Councils are underfunded compared with inner city areas.  A petition has been prepared to go to the relevant minister, asking that the formula be looked at again.  Asking that something is done to reduce the funding gap by a proportion each year.

Don Davies

Knightstone Housing was planning to start work at the Old Vicarage at the end of the Month.

Cycle route to Abbots Leigh, via Pill.  NSC still in discussion about the section from St Katherine’s School to Abbots Leigh.

Confirmed that was no more money from NSC for Youth Funding.  From end of September, Parish Council funding will be used to cover three nights per week.

News from Alliance Homes that the unit in the precinct (next to the Post Office) would be filled within the next seven weeks.

Concerned that when the proposed double yellow lines at The Old Brewery have been painted, that employees using the building will take up the remaining space that is needed for the surgery.  The owner of The Old Brewery, Tom Walker, would be happy to oblige in meeting the PC to try to find a resolution.

Cllr Kent asked for the PC to recognise and thank Cllr Davies and the Clerk for their work on the Jetty at the weekend.

Cllr Jopp thanked both Ward Councillors for their attendance.

5.   Crime & DisorderThe Clerk advised that the mobile Police van did not turn up when due last week.  CFP suggested that the PC needed to hold them to account, as things were not being enforced as they should be.

Clerk’s Report

Reported road surface breaking up around manhole covers at Crockerne Drive and Underbanks.

Reported broken drain cover in Sambourne Lane footpath.

Reported vandalised bus timetable at Hardwick Road.

Again reported overgrown shrubs at 15 Heywood Road, forcing pedestrians to walk on the road.  More overgrown branches in the footpath between Water Lane and Westward Drive.

Received a complaint about overgrown trees and shrubs at the entrance to St Katherine’s Park (o/s No. 2 Macrae Road).  Reported this to NSC.

Wrote to all residents of Eirene Terrace attaching refuse and recycling calendar.  They had been putting out their waste on the wrong dates and leaving the grey sacks out until they were picked up.

Reported unauthorised erection of a gate between Pill Hobblers building and Victoria House at Marine Parade.  Footpath leads from Marine Parade to Pump Square.

Reported streetlights not working at Hardwick Road, Crockerne Drive (again). Also burning 24/7 at Underbanks.

Reported new lock had been broken on Alliance Homes bin store at Baltic Place (to the rear of Southern Co-operative).

Reported excessive amounts of dog fouling along the Marine Parade sea defence wall, not being picked up to NSC.

Reported graffiti on the Baltic Place bus shelter and adjacent wall to AH & NSC.

Reported damage to tree at Waterloo Wharf (Watchhouse Road side) to NSC Tree Officers.

Returned some fly-tipping in Pill Street to its rightful owner in Park Walk.


Maintenance & Highways Issues

The proposed double yellow lines at Lodway were agreed.  Action Clerk.




Committee Meetings

 Playing Fields & Open Spaces

Cllr Kent reported that following recent holidays, he had now gone for a third attempt to have a meeting with residents at Washing Pound.

AT raised concerns about taking the tree house down at Brookside, as advised in the Annual Inspection Report.  PK thought that at the moment it would be a good decision to keep it there.  The Clerk had requested GB Sport & Leisure to find out from the Inspector how to make the play item as safe as possible.

Environment, Highways & Transport

DW reported pavements in Ham Green both sides were starting to break up quite badly.  Action Clerk.


See below.


Nothing to report.


Reports of meetings with outside bodies and other organisations

Watchhouse Hill – AT reported on this.  The Green Flag was again awarded this year, and had been put up today.  Well done to all concerned.

KS asked to acknowledge all the hard work and effort that went into the P&DC&YPP Fun Day on Saturday.  Although not a fund raising activity, the event didn’t run at a loss.

E reported on the Railway monitor group – Had a couple of meetings to make people aware of the reporting procedure and encourage individuals to report complaints to NR directly.  Establishing a base line for noise, but early days.


Correspondence requiring action not covered elsewhere



Southern Co-operative – New Manager and Community Support Scheme

Following discussion, the Clerk was requested to ask the new Manager to attend the next meeting to explain the funding system currently in place for local causes.  Action Clerk.


Letter to North Somerset Council Chief Executive

Following discussion, PK and AJ to draft a letter.  Action PK/AJ.


Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner’s Letter

AJ reported on the reply letter that had been circulated.  All members thought the reply was not good enough, and that things were not being dealt with.  Would expect to be able to report are operational matters that are not happening as they should to her.  AJ to draft a letter for circulation.  Action AJ.

14. Accounts for Payment
Payee Details


Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – August DD 21/08/13


Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – August DD 21/08/13


Bowcom St George EIG JFC Pitch Grass Paint


North Somerset Council Dog Bin Emptying – July


G.B. Sport & Leisure UK Limited Playground Equipment Inspections – July


St George EIG JFC Ham Green Pavilion Maintenance


Mark Fuller Salary


Julie Smart Salary


Post Office Limited Tax & NICs


Bath & NES Council Pension Contributions





Cllr Kent, seconded by Cllr Cave proposed approval of the accounts for payment.  Agreed.


Issues for future meetings

Benches on Victoria Park – Clerk dealing with this.

Revival of the precinct.

Meeting of the Planning Committee

Monday 19th August 2013 at 7.30pm at the Resource Centre

1.  The following applications had been received:-
13/P/1273/F Siniat UK

Marsh Lane

Easton-in-GordanoProposed processing building, new warehouse building, reception hopper and overhead conveyor.

No objections.13/P/1287/F1 Watchhouse Road

PillAlterations to the front elevation to enlarge the bathroom and omit the oresent balcony.

No objections.

 13/P/1368/F59 The Breaches

Easton-in-GordanoSingle storey extension to the rear of the property.  Replacement of garage roof and fit two skylights.  Enlarge drive area and entrance from the road.

No objections.13/P/1373/FAvonview

Pump Square

PillChange of use of land to garden land, and the erection of extension to existing outbuilding (retrospective).13/P/1489/F14 Springfield Road

PillProposed rebuild of garage with pitched roof.

No objections.

2.  The following applications had been approved:-
13/P/0914/F Shepherds Hall

Rear of 3 Pill Street

PillChange of use of first floor from B1 work space to residential dwelling.13/P/0957/LDEThe Old Stables

Chapel Pill Lane

PillErection of extension, changes to fenestration and other alterations.13/P/1047/F35 Stoneyfields

Easton-in-GordanoErection of a single storey side extension and front porch.13/P/0957/LDEThe Tynings

Martcombe Road

Easton-in-GordanoCertificate of Lawfulness of existing of development (erection of stables, use of tin shed, barn unit 1 & 2, land for access).

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