PC 20th May 2013


Monday 20th May 2013 at 7.30pm at The Resource Centre


Present: Cllrs Jopp, Kent, Burchell, Davey, Exley, Langton, Murphy, Stone, Taylor, Ward CllrFrancis-Pester & J Smart (Clerk)
Apologies: Cllr Waters & Ward Cllr Davies

Public Participation

Roger Collins was present.


Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 25th March 2013 (previously circulated) were signed as a true record.


Declarations of Interest



Ward Councillor’s Reports

Cllr Francis-Pester

NSC had submitted a proposal to reduce Councillor numbers from 61 to 51.  51 had now been accepted.

Affordable Housing – concern raised whether the PC could be confident that this would relate to local family allocation and would the PC have any control.  Reality is that it is very unlikely.

NSC Budget – no further additional cuts, but merger with YP & Adult Social Services going ahead.

Graham Turner is departing.  He will be replaced in due course.

Clifton Suspension Bridge – representation made on toll increases.  Public inquiry starts on 29th May at Ashton Court.  Decision will be whether to allow the increase to go from .50p to £1.  Concern about what the charges will be funding (Visitor Centre etc).

New grounds maintenance contract in place with Glendale taking over from Fountains.  Any problems please contact CFP.

Pollution incident at BPC – black smoke.  Not able to follow up further as no dates or details.

Priory Road enforcement.  Now going to Court.  Pursuing owner under a different tack (remove and dispose of cars to recover costs).  DVLA pursuing cars on the road.  Should be cleared within a couple of weeks.  Notice served last week.

The Tynings – complaint about tearoom, contrary to planning appeal.  Reason for refusal was volume of traffic.  The NSC Enforcement Team is currently deciding whether to pursue any further action (retrospective or refusal).

Cllr Exley asked about progress on drain clearance.  CFP advised all assessment work now done.  Has been told that by the end of June we should have a programme for the next year for remedial action across the area.  Chasing a couple of times a week.    Hope that Church Road and large culvert to dock on the top of the list.  Blocked drains will also be included on the programme.

Cllr Langton asked what was the current situation with regard to our two wards in terms of numbers.  CFP advised this was difficult to assess, as there are different versions.  Don into Portbury & Carl into Long Ashton.  Fundamental change on the cards.  There would be an increase of about 800 residents per councillor.  Proposals in by 4th June.  What may be useful is to make comments about what might not be acceptable.  Further discussion under Item 12.

Cllr Davey asked about pothole in Stoneyfields.  CFP will chase up tomorrow.


Crime & Disorder

Cllr Davey reported from PACT meeting.  There had been a spate of burglaries, with boilers being ripped out and taken from empty properties.


Clerk’s Report

Lodway parking.

Reported Debecca’s Lane and Stoneyfields road surface problems.

Reported large potholes at Lodway, The Poplars and Stoneyfields.

Reported streetlights not working at Watchhouse Road, Newsome Avenue, Debecca’s Lane, Stoneyfields, The Breaches, Church Road and Lodway.

Brian Weekes had checked the area at The Breaches to find there was no drain.  Once the brambles have been flailed, he will return to clear the verge.  Cllr Taylor to request David Smith to flail overgrown area.  Action AT.

Reported Ovengleam to NSC Environmental Protection, as it appears they pour their waste down the drain outside the rear of Bank Place.

Was contacted by John Carson of NSC who advised although NSC was happy to take over the dog bin emptying contract at the same price as Fountains, if our Village Orderly was willing to empty the dog bins into a wheeled bin that NSC would provide, it would be picked up every fortnight and there would be no cost to the Parish.  This would save approximately £4k.  Following discussion, all agreed to continue with NSC emptying the bins for the time being.

Request update from Cllr Francis-Pester on Priory Road.  Action Clerk.


Maintenance & Highways Issues






Committee Meetings:

Playing Fields & Open Spaces

Cllr Kent was elected Chair & Cllr Davey Vice-Chair of the Playing Fields and Open Spaces Committee.

Environment, Highways & Transport

Cllr Taylor was elected Vice-Chair of the Environment, Highways & Transport Committee.  Cllr Waters would be requested to take the position of Chair.


Cllr Burchell was elected Chair and Cllr Exley Vice-Chair of the Planning Committee.

See attached for planning applications/approvals.

The Finance Committee meeting scheduled for tomorrow would not now go ahead, as members were unable to attend.



Reports of Meetings with Outside Bodies

Cllr Taylor reported on the FOWHH meeting last week.  Grass had been cut on the Orchard.  More thinning out of the trees to open up vistas.


Correspondence requiring action not covered elsewhere



Parish Council Vacancies

Andrew Burt was present and spoke about his reasons for wanting to be a Parish Councillor.  Enjoyed his last time on the PC.  He had left due to work commitments, now at the stage where it frees him up to re-join the council.

Mrs Debra Cave spoke about her keenness to join the PC to make a difference.  Has worked with the P&DC&YP Partnership.  Good to be involved in local decision making to benefit the community.

Cllr Taylor proposed the PC accept both applicants.  Seconded by Cllr Stone.  Agreed.


Electoral Review – New Ward Boundaries

Discussed with CFP – Following further discussion, Cllr Langton proposed writing to Boundary Commission stating the PC would prefer the status quo, but should this not be possible, proposing becoming Pill & Easton-in-Gordano become a single ward.  Seconded by Cllr Stone.  All agreed.

Cllr Jopp would draft a letter to circulate via email to members.


NSC Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document Consultation

Cllr Davies talked about this.  Service villages such as Pill,  (see Don email 18th May).  Same principle as The Old Vicarage.  Reinforce that the PC would prefer a system where there was local preference.

Cllr Jopp suggested putting something together along these lines.  Cllr Taylor proposed this, and asked for someone to draft a response.   Cllr Kent would draft this letter.


Accounts for Payment

Payee Details £
Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – May DD 21/05/13 300.00
Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – May DD 21/05/13 75.00
EDF Energy Spout & Steps Electricity 17/01 – 23/04 28.89
DC & LM Smith Clear Brookside Entrance & Install New Pedestrian Gate 317.25
G.B. Sport & Leisure Play Equipment Inspections – April 2013 150.00
Glasdon UK Limited Parts for Village Orderly Trolley Refurbishment 102.04
Pill Community Centre Use of Room for Annual Parish Meeting 22/04 20.00
Edric Hobbs Bus Shelter Cleaning x 2 22.00
EDF Energy Bill for Ham Green Pavilion 29/12/12 – 08/05/13 125.44
Mark Fuller Expenses (Boots) 26.00
Mark Fuller Salary 691.47
Julie Smart Salary 1,313.21
Post Office Limited Tax & NICs 387.99
Bath & NES Council Pension Contributions 328.54

Cllr Langton, seconded by Cllr Taylor, proposed approval of the accounts for payment.  Agreed.


Issues for future meetings

Washing Pound – Playing Fields & Open Spaces Committee.


 A G E N D A

1.  The following applications had been received:-
13/P/0568/F 10 Heywood RoadPill Erection of a new dwelling on land to the rear of 10 Heywood Road, Pill.Cllrs objected to this proposal on the grounds of over-development of the site and the building would impact excessively on neighbouring properties and garages.  Increase in traffic movement would cause access problems. 
13/P/0648/F 7 Watchhouse RoadPill Conversion of existing dwelling into 2No. dwellings.No objections. 
13/P/0742/TPO 18 Miles CloseHam Green T1 – Scots Pine – Structural prune to promote development of the desired or natural form.No objections. 
2.  The following applications had been approved:-
13/P/0197/F Ham Green Fishing LakesChapel Pill LanePill Extension to the existing shed to form a welfare unit for the bailiffs and anglers.
13/P/0279/F 45a Ham GreenPill Erection of a single storey rear extension.
13/P/0374/F 32 Macrae RoadHam GreenPill Single storey rear extension.
13/P/0382/F 70 Crockerne DrivePill Two-storey side extension and attached garage.
13/P/0399/F 2 Victoria CottagesMartcombe RoadEaston-in-Gordano Erection of front porch. 
13/P/0470/F 17 Priory GardensEaston-in-Gordano Alterations and extensions to existing front and rear dormers to provide additional living accommodation. 
13/P/0480/F 4 Fernlea GardensEaston-in-Gordano Extension to the existing dormer window on the front elevation.
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