PC 9th December 2013


Present: Cllrs Jopp, Kent, Burchell, Exley, Kent, Stone, Ward Cllr Francis-Pester and J Smart (Clerk)
Apologies: Cllrs Burt, Cave, Davey, Langton, Taylor & Ward Cllr Davies

Public Participation

Mr Roger Collins and Mr Garfield Porter were present.

Mr Porter thanked the PC for reading out the Christian names of the fallen at the recent Remembrance Service.  He had received lots of good feedback.

Mr Peter Stanley attended to update the PC on the current situation with the Crockerne Pool Business Support Group. The School is very committed to retain the pool, and the Group are trying to generate funding to support it.  There will be no funding from NSC.  The plan is to make it into a Community Pool, with all year round usage, so it would be more sustainable.

The cost would be approx. £100k to £150k.  Lloyds Bank had recently donated £3k, inherited £4.4k previous committee, and possible £5k from Southern Co-operative could be forthcoming next year.  The Group would soon be making substantial grant applications.  A timetable had been set to go ahead next winter, so the facility would be available for use the following Easter. Permission would be needed the Church of England, although the pool itself was not transferred in 1980, the land was.

The Group would be seeking PC support for the concept of a Community Pool, and looking for members of the community, not involved with the school, to get involved with the Community Pool Scheme.  Possible concerns were increased traffic movement, parking, security and safeguarding children.

Cllr Jopp thanked Peter for attending and presenting the plans for the pool.


Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 25th November 2013 (previously circulated) were signed as a true record.


Declarations of Interest



Ward Councillor’s Reports

Donald Davies was not present but had circulated his report.

Carl Francis-Pester

Had met with John Compton (drainage contractor on contract to NSC).  Five or six major drainage issues around the ward.  Gas and other utility contractors had damaged drains in the process of carrying out their work, but had not repaired the damage.  These issues were being pursued now, as there was no cost to NSC (charge the relevant utility company).  Also working on getting large culvert under the port land repaired in the new financial year.

Cllr Exley asked about the flow of water from Priory Road, down Debecca’s Lane and into Church Road.  CFP – The contractor was trying to work out a way of digging out this problem.  Very soon have a date for repairing beneath road outside St George’s Hall and Church Road.  CFP will arrange to meet Cllr Exley if he comes out again with the contractor.

General maintenance problems – NSC had now agreed to undertake all the jobs that the Clerk had emailed to CFP.

An enforcement issue on the tea rooms at The Tynings.  Because traffic movements cannot be identified as associated with the tearoom, NSC is unable to enforce any action.  Following this up with Chris Nolan.

Access to and from site by Coleacre Kennels will be discussed at Abbots Leigh PC meeting tonight.

John Flanagan had agreed to undertake to do the weed killing.  Clerk to call.

Still no NSC budget figures, so unable to advise on the Council Tax Support Grant for next year.

Brown signs have been ordered for the laybys and lorries turning into the village for the port.

Cllr Exley stated that enforcement issues were still not being sorted by Mr Harris at 9 Priory Road.  CFP – keeping pressure on as much as he can.

Cllr Jopp thanked Cllr Francis-Pester for his report.


Crime & Disorder

A&S Police had forwarded the crime figures for November to the Clerk.  This had been circulated.

Further burglaries had occurred in the previous week at Ovengleam (Baltic Place) and Money Matters West (Bank Place).


Clerk’s Report

Reported fly tipping at the recycling area and at Priory Gardens and Westward Drive footpath.

Reported streetlights not working at Rudgleigh Road, Bramley Close, Debecca’s Lane, The Breaches, Church Road, Stoneyfields, Priory Road and Westward Drive.

Reported overgrown hedges blocking streetlight C2 at 1 Debecca’s Lane.

Reported damaged drain in Rudgleigh Road.

Reported several train noise issues and horn blowing on behalf of Mr Hunt.

Send a further formal letter to Mrs Sims requesting action be taken to take down the gate and bollards at Pump Square/Marine Parade, or the PC would arrange for it to be done and send her the bill.


Maintenance & Highways Issues




Committee Meetings

Playing Fields & Open Spaces

Tree House – PK had written a letter to Insurers explaining what the plan was with levelling out the ground and covering with further mats, so that the far treehouse could remain in place.

Environment, Highways & Transport

Nothing to report.


See below.




Reports of meetings with outside bodies and other organisations

Southern Co-operative

Cllr Jopp reported on this meeting, attended by the Manager, AJ, LD and JS.  Overall quite a positive meeting and David was working hard to get things back on track following a poor start.  Five new employees to start soon.


Correspondence requiring action not covered elsewhere

None so far.  Clerk will send again at the end of December.


Questions for NSC Chief Executive Meeting

Cllr Kent will draft a list (all members to forward ideas to Cllr Kent).


Accounts for Payment

Payee Details


Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – December DD 23/12/13


Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – December DD 23/12/13


North Somerset Council Dog Bin Emptying – November


Bowcom St George EIG JFC Grass Paint


BT 374442 Phone & Fax Final Bill


Mrs J Billington Pill in Bloom Expenses


G.B. Sport & Leisure Play Equipment Inspections – November


Mark Fuller Salary


Julie Smart Salary


Post Office Limited Tax & NICs


Bath & NES Council Pension Contributions


Julie Smart Expenses




Cllr Kent, seconded by Cllr Exley proposed approval of the accounts for payment.  Agreed.


Issues for future meetings

Localism Act.

Meeting of the Planning Committee

Monday 9th December 2013 at 7.30pm at the Resource Centre

1.  The following applications had been received:-

13/P/2283/FUnit 1, 2 &  3Garanor Way Royal Portbury Dock Change of use from B1 and B8 to B1, B2 and B8 use No objections

3/P/2285/TPOUnit 4 St George’s Hall, Easton-in-GordanoWorks to various trees. No objections. 

13/P/2239/F  Land adjacent to Abbots Leigh Kennels Pill Road Abbots Leigh Construction of a vehicular access track. (For information and discussion).CFP to contact Clerk following discussion with Abbots Leigh Parish Council.

2.  The following application had been approved:-

13/P/1915/F             4 Cabot Way  Pill –  Erection of a glazed dormer window in roof of existing                                           bungalow

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