PC 25th November 2013

Monday 25th November 2013 at 7.30pm at The Resource Centre


Present: Cllrs Jopp, Burchell, Davey, Exley, Langton, Murphy, Taylor, Waters, Ward Cllrs

Davies and Francis-Pester & J Smart (Clerk)

Apologies: Cllrs Kent & Stone

Public Participation

Mr Roger Collins and Samantha Pope of North Somerset Times were present.


Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 28th October 2013 (previously circulated) were signed as a true record.


Declarations of Interest





Ward Councillor’s Reports

Carl Francis-Pester

Mr Harris of 9 Priory Road, had started putting more cars in his garden.  CFP had regularly informed the Police.  Keep pressure on the vehicles on the road.  Still have an environment issue to follow up with the garden.  CFP continues to chase this issue.

Thanked PC for submissions on Boundary Review.  Nothing more now until February 2014.

Still quite a sizeable list of drainage work to be done.  Followed up Church Road reports, spoke to Ian Crichton and NSC.  The continuing problem was due to leaves blocking the drain, which had now been dealt with.  Meeting drainage officer at NSC on Thursday to try to persuade them to get the culvert to the port land cleared.  This would clear a substantial amount of drainage problems.

The road outside St Katherine’s School (Pill Road) and A369 had been schedule for resurfacing next year.  Trying to get this brought forward, but not hopeful.

Cllr Waters asked if CFP could be more specific with dates regarding road problems.  CFP – works scheduled for quarter one, but could possibly be quarter two.

Cllr Exley asked about the Church Road drainage problem.  He actually saw water gushing out of the manhole covers.  CFP stated there was still an issue with the main culvert.  Meeting drainage officer, going through maps and walking around.  These roads are linked to this culvert (as above).

Cllr Jopp asked about works at Coleacre Kennels.  CFP advised that contractors had been told they must have some sort of vehicle wash, as mud was gathering on the road.  Possibility of putting gravel into the field.  Will hear later this week.

Don Davies

Thanks for support on Boundary Commission issues.

Station Road works seem to have commenced.  Scrub has been stripped away.

Network Rail had cut back hedges at Monmouth Road/Monmouth Court.

First Bus reduced charges in and out of Bristol.

Waiting for progress on new bus stop at Martcombe Road (X3 to stop near the garage).

Children’s Centre at Crockerne School – steps to reduce the funding.  Reduce number of places on offer due to low demand.  Unique in NS regarding funding.  Being told by child minders that they are full.  Taking this forward and trying to get a resolution, but this may not be as hoped.

Cllr Langton asked if there was any indication what will happen with NSC Council Tax Support in the next financial year.  CFP – not known yet, but should get figures this side of Christmas.  Cllr Davies advised that NSC would pay nothing extra to the Council Tax subsidy.

Cllr Jopp thanked both Ward Councillors for their reports.




Crime & Disorder

Cllr Davey gave a report on the crime figures for the month.  Cllr Exley reported attempted break in at the Breaches last night, and Police advised another in Hardwick Road.  All should be careful.


Clerk’s Report

Reported twice a Bristol City Council black wheelie bin fly tipped at Monmouth Road – dangerous as could be thrown onto the railway track.

Reported fly tipping at St Catherine’s Mead and St George’s Church Hall.

Reported blocked drains at Heywood Road and Cross Lanes.

Reported damaged paving slab at Baltic Place zebra crossing.

Reported overgrown NSC hedges at The Green, Ham Green.

Reported broken BT cover in pavement at the top of Church Path Road.

Reported streetlights in Watchhouse Road and The Breaches not working.

Reported large pothole at Cross Lanes – filled the following day.

Reported pavement outside No. 33 The Breaches breaking up.

Reported damaged road surface at the bottom of Church Path Road.

Requested new road name sign for The Withys, which had been damaged by a tree during the high winds.

Arranged for Alliance Homes to turn on the electricity at 1 Bank Place, so Glyn Duck’s clock would work.

Brian Weeks had repaired the benches at Victoria Park.

Mrs Sims had been requested to remove the gate and bollards that were not within her property boundary at Pump Square.  To-date this has not been carried out.  Clerk will visit her this week.

NSC contractors made two visits to fill potholes in Monmouth Road.  This was now complete but not a very good job.

The hedge at the end of Monmouth Road had now been cut back.  Again, not a very good job.

Reported the drainage grills on the cycle track near the MUGA had been removed.

Concrete column street light testing is planned to take place w/c 2nd December.



Maintenance & Highways Issues







Committee Meetings

Playing Fields & Open Spaces

Mathison’s had provided a quote for repairing the showers (approx. £1k).  Cllr Davey had the details of another plumber that could provide a quotation.  If the Clerk was unable to obtain another other quotes, Cllr Waters proposed using Mathison’s carry out the work, seconded by Cllr Burchell.  Agreed.

Clerk to obtain a quote for installing short wooden bollards at the Washing Pound.  The central one should be locked and removable.  Key to remain in PC office, for use by residents for access when necessary.

Cllr Langton proposed, Cllr Waters seconded that 10’ be removed from the tallest two trees at Jenny’s Meadow.  Clerk to ask David Smith to carry this out.

Environment, Highways & Transport

Weed Killing – Following discussion, decided to hold off with this, and CFP would contact John Flanagan to find out what has happened with the new contract.


See below.


Report from Finance Committee Meeting

Cllr Langton reported on this.

Discussed areas for development for 2014-2015.  The overriding concern was about what might happen in the next financial year with regards NSC funding cuts.

Once results obtained from concrete column testing, schedule of replacements would be made and new lights ordered.

Cllr Langton proposed increase to Clerk’s salary of 1%, in line with NALC guidelines, and an hourly rate of £7.45 (living wage) for Mark Fuller. Cllr Waters seconded proposal. All agreed.




Reports of meetings with outside bodies and other organisations

Cllr Langton reported on the Community Forum meeting.  Clerk to arrange meeting with the new Southern Co-operative Manager (during day).

Discussion on volunteering in the village.  Suggestion of volunteering fayre.  Each group have a stand and encourage people to give some time.  Find a way to make people aware that this village exists with the help of volunteers.  PC happy for the CF to take this forward.


Correspondence requiring action not covered elsewhere



External Audit Report

The Clerk reported that Grant Thornton, the external auditor, had returned the Annual Return and completed the External Auditor’s Certificate and Opinion as follows:

On the basis of our review, in our opinion the information in the annual return is in accordance with proper practices, and no matters have come to our attention giving cause for concern that relevant legislation and regulatory requirements have not been met.

Thanks to Clerk.


Meeting with Sue Mountstevens, Police & Crime Commissioner

Suggest 30th January.


Meeting with Mike Jackson, NSC Chief Executive

Clerk to contact to arrange date.


Accounts for Payment


Payee Details


Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – September DD 21/11/13


Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – September DD 21/11/13


G.B. Sport & Leisure Play Equipment Inspections – August 2013


G.B. Sport & Leisure Play Equipment Inspections – October 2013


Brackenwood Pill in Bloom Account


Anita’s Garden Centre Pill in Bloom Hanging Baskets


North Somerset Council Dog Bin Emptying – October


Brian Weekes Repairs to Brookside Play Equipment


Brian Weekes Repairs to Victoria Park Benches


Pill Christmas Lighs Committee Annual Grant


P & D Children & Young Peoples P’ship Second Half of Annual Grant


Mark Fuller Salary


Julie Smart Salary


Post Office Limited Tax & NICs


Bath & NES Council Pension Contributions






Cllr Langton, seconded by Cllr Murphy proposed approval of the accounts for payment.  Agreed.

16. Issues for future meetings


Meeting of the Planning Committee

Monday 25th November 2013 at 7.30pm at the Resource Centre

1.  The following applications had been received:-
13/P/2034/F Avonview

5 Pump Square


Single storey side extension and demolition of detached garage.

No objection in principle, but concern was raised regarding access arrangements.

13/P/2062/TPO The Coach House

Martcombe Road


Various works to numerous trees.

No objections.

13/P/2120/F 23 Lodway


Construction of 1No. two-storey dwelling with attached garages and conversion of existing stone building into 1No. dwelling including the erection of front and rear dormer windows.

No objections.

13/P/2124/F 62 Stoneyfields


Double storey extension to side of existing house.

No objections.

13/P/2181/F 5 The Moorings


Single storey rear extension, loft conversion with dormer and rooflights.

No objection in principle, but concern was raised regarding the accuracy of the plans submitted.

2.  The following applications had been approved:-
13/P/1963/TPO 19 Hart Close

Ham Green


1 Willow – Fell.  The tree is too young to have been present when the TPO was made.  Consent from NSC is not required.
13/P/2181/F 5 The Moorings


Single storey rear extension, loft conversion with dormer and rooflights.
3.  The following application had been refused:-
13/P/1655/O 1a  Old Priory Road


Outline planning permission with all matters reserved for subsequent approval for erection of a detached bungalow with access onto Old Priory Road.

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