PC 25th March 2013


Monday 25th March 2013 at 7.30pm at The Resource Centre 

Present: Cllrs Jopp, Taylor, Burchell, Davey, Exley, Kent, Langton, Murphy, Taylor & J Smart (Clerk)
Apologies: Cllrs Stone & Waters, Ward Cllrs Davies & Francis-Pester
1. Public ParticipationSamantha Pope of North Somerset Times was present.

Mr Roger Collins, Mr Brian Hunt and Mr Cecil Belcher were present.

Mr Hunt asked about the planned meeting with Network Rail and BPC.  The Clerk had asked for a meeting with Peter Willey and Sue Turner and was waiting for a response with convenient dates.

Mr Hunt reported train drivers were still sounding their horns on approach to the dock to signal to open the gates.  Clerk to write to BPC to request that drivers cease using their horns.  Action Clerk.

Mr Hunt also reported that potholes at Avon Road and Underbanks were still not filled.  Action Clerk.

2. Minutes of the last Parish Council MeetingThe minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 25th February 2013 (previously circulated) were signed as a true record.
3. Declarations of InterestNone.


Ward Councillor’s Reports Neither Ward Councillor was present.

Agenda 10/06 Committees – First Bus.



Crime & DisorderCllr Davey had attended the last PACT meeting.  Reported the Police had arrested somebody who had sexually assaulted a child.  PC Cornish had also arrested the habitual shoplifter who was shoplifting from both Co-ops.  PCSO Julie Lewis would be off work indefinitely, due to her husband’s illness.
6. Clerk’s ReportReported Debecca’s Lane and Stoneyfields road surface problems.

Reported large potholes at Lodway.

Reported streetlights not working at Watchhouse Road, Newsome Avenue, Debecca’s Lane, Stoneyfields, The Breaches, Church Road and Lodway.

Brian Weekes had checked the area at The Breaches to find there was no drain.  Once the brambles have been flailed, he will return to clear the verge.  Cllr Taylor to request David Smith to flail overgrown area.  Action AT.

Reported Ovengleam to NSC Environmental Protection, as it appears they pour their waste down the drain outside the rear of Bank Place.

Was contacted by John Carson of NSC who advised although NSC was happy to take over the dog bin emptying contract at the same price as Fountains, if our Village Orderly was willing to empty the dog bins into a wheeled bin that NSC would provide, it would be picked up every fortnight and there would be no cost to the Parish.  This would save approximately £4k.  Following discussion, all agreed to continue with NSC emptying the bins for the time being.

Request update from Cllr Francis-Pester on Priory Road.  Action Clerk.




Maintenance & Highways IssuesFlooding Issues

Clerk requested to write NSC Executive requesting something be done about digging out the drains.

Bus Signage

Gordano Gardens and Kings Arms not yet connected.  Cllr Exley requested a timetable for Gordano Gardens please.

Street Lighting

Following discussion, Cllr Langton agreed to write a letter of complaint to the CEO of SSC Maintenance Contractors regarding various issues.






Committee Meetings:Playing Fields & Open Spaces

Cllr Kent suggested requesting NSC to try to level the MUGA a bit more, as there were still areas of pooling when it had rained.  Clerk to discuss with Cllr Kent.

Environment, Highways & Transport

Clerk to speak to Tom Walker regarding using the Memorial Club car park to clear cars from outside The Old Brewery.

Cllr Exley reported problems with parking in the bus stop at Baltic Place.  Clerk to contact police regarding this problem.  It was suggested that the PC should contact the Police Commissioner about this, as it was a countywide problem.   Clerk to also ask First Bus what is the policy with picking up and dropping up passengers when the bus cannot get near the bus stop.  Cllr Exley to draft a letter to Sue Mountstevens.

Elect a new Vice-Chair for this Committee at the next meeting.


See attached.

Finance & Personnel

The minutes had been circulated and Cllr Langton reported on this.

9.  Reports of Meetings with Outside BodiesThe Community Forum had met last Monday for it’s AGM.  Elspeth Davies stood down as Chair, and Mike Goldsworthy had taken her place.  Cllr Langton reported on requests for grants and donations.  Clerk to provide criteria for grants and donations to the CF.  Action Clerk.
10. Correspondence requiring action not covered elsewhereNone.
11. Confirmation of Budget 2013-2014Cllr Langton proposed acceptance of the 2013-2014 budget.  Seconded by AT and PK.
12. NSC Youth FundingCllr Jopp reported a letter had been sent to Cllr Ashton, which had previously been circulated.  Cllr Langton had written privately regarding the same issue and had received an email reply, which he read.  Suggested seek a meeting with the Leader of the Council and the Executive Member to ask what they expect to happen if there is no money.  Discuss with members of the Youth Partnership.  AT – meeting tomorrow night, so will respond.  Agenda next Committees/
13. NSC Sites & Policies Development PlanCllr Jopp had circulated a response to this and this was discussed.  Green spaces to be added: were Brookside, PC Football Pitches, Rudgleigh Cricket Club, St George’s Football Club, Pump Square, Allotments, Jenny’s Meadow, The Green at Ham Green.  All happy for Cllr Jopp to draft a response and plan for circulation.  Action AJ.
14. Items for Annual Parish MeetingNSC Service Cuts.

Village Sharing (Paul Kent).

15. Accounts for Payment
Payee Details £
Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – February DD 21/03/13 300.00
Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – February DD 21/03/13 75.00
JRB Enterprise Limited Poop Scoop Bags 131.82
G.B. Sport & Leisure UK Limited Play Equipment Inspections for February 120.00
Bowcom St George EIG JFC Grass Paint 161.40
Edric Hobbs Bus Shelter Cleaning x 2 November & February 44.00
Konica Minolta Photocopier Rental 05/03/13 – 04/06/13 228.92
Konica Minolta Phtocopier Copies 05/12/12 – 04/03/13 103.21
Fountains (OCS Group UK Ltd) Dog Bin Emptying – Feburary 2013 345.60
Bristol & Wessex Water Ham Green Pavilion Water Services 15/09/12 – 12/03/13 82.99
G.B. Sport & Leisure UK Limited Annual Inspections x 3 234.00
Mark Fuller Salary 690.03
Julie Smart Salary 1,289.50
Post Office Limited Tax & NICs 417.53
Bath & NES Council Pension Contributions 328.54
Julie Smart Expenses 106.99
TOTAL:- £4,659.53

Cllr Langton, seconded by Cllr Kent, proposed approval of the accounts for payment.  Agreed.


Issues for future meetings



 Monday 25th March 2013 at 7.30pm at The Resource Centre

 A G E N D A

1.  The following applications had been received:-
13/P/0374/F 32 Macrae RoadHam GreenPill Single storey rear extension.No objections.
13/P/0382/F 70 Crockerne DrivePill Two-storey side extension and attached garage.No objections in principle, but would point out to NSC Officers that the plans are incorrect, as they do not accurately describe the footprint of the building on the site plan. 
13/P/0399/F 2 Victoria CottagesMartcombe RoadEaston-in-Gordano Erection of front porch.No objections.
13/P/0470/F 17 Priory GardensEaston-in-Gordano Alterations and extensions to existing front and rear dormers to provide additional living accommodation.No objections. 
2.  The following application had been approved:-
13/P/0001/TPO Unit 4 Business SoftwareSt George’s HallEaston-in-Gordano W1 – Ash – balanced crown reduction to last reduction points (approx. 2.5m) – part of Woodland W1 of TPO 920.
13/P/0037/F 4 Manor CloseEaston-in-Gordano Convert garage into living accommodation and link to house.  Erection of a single storey rear extension and erection of a single storey garden store.
13/P/0154/TPO Penny Brohn Cancer CareChapel Pill LaneHam GreenPill T5 – Lime – balanced crown reduction of up to 30-40%.
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