PC 25th February 2013

Monday 25th February 2013 at 7.30pm at The Resource Centre

Cllrs Jopp, Taylor, Burchell, Exley, Kent, Stone, Waters, Ward Cllrs Davies and
Francis-Pester & J Smart (Clerk)
Cllrs Davey, Langton & Kent

Public Participation

Mr Hunt of Avon Road attended to complain further about noise from the rail spur, and the
letter he had received from Network Rail, who had been unable to help the situation. He
would like to meet with a representative of Network Rail. CFP had met with BPC last week.
Agreed that Peter Willey of Network Rail was happy to be invited to a PC meeting to discuss
the noise and maintenance issues etc. Communication of works was pretty poor, and a
schedule should be issued to the PC when appropriate. Clerk to write to ask for a meeting
with Peter Willey and Sue Turner and bring along last three months noise reports. CFP to
provide his contacts. Action CFP/JS.

CFP advised that movement of wood pellets would not be starting in the foreseeable future
(this would have added about 20 trains per day). Supplied to Didcot would cease at the
end of March.

Mr Hunt was very upset about the situation, and threatened to stand on the track. Cllr
Exley asked for it to be minuted that the PC would not condone this type of action.

Mr Hunt also reported overgrown bushes on the corner of Monmouth Road and
Monmouth Court. Action JS.

Mr Garfield Porter advised he was undertaking a project about WWI & WWII people in
the village, and asked if during the annual memorial service, the PC would read out the
Christian names of the fallen, as well as the surnames. All agreed.

Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 28th January 2013 (previously
circulated) were signed as a true record.

Declarations of Interest

Cllr Stone declared an interest in Item 12, as Chair of the Pill & District Children & Young
People’s Partnership.

Ward Councillor’s Reports

Cllr Francis-Pester

A large delegation had attended his surgery regarding flooding issues. Nothing yet had

been done about clearing large culvert that leads out to the dock area. Colin Meadus and
David Turner (NSC) were requested to take action on this and report back to CFP this week.

Complaints received about streetlights in Church Road. The Clerk advised that this was a
WPD fault with target completion date of 19th March.

Please keep CFP informed on Church Path Road refuse/recycling collection situation.

Reported the 1.5% increase in Council Tax. There will be other considerable issues coming
to the fore. Made NSC aware of anomalous processes that are costing the council a lot of
money. Happy to take up any similar processes and put to the council. Action All.

Priory Road cars – NSC now pursuing legal action. Resident had not been well.
Requirement is that all cars are moved and front of site cleared up. Currently with court.

Reported that the Environment Agency is spending £10k in Pill. Clerk advised this is the
crack in the wall at Underbanks, opposite Waterloo House.

Waiting for the official report on the 20mph speed limit.

Complaints received about Network Rail across the whole of the village.

Buses are changing in March. GBBN buses will become X2 and X3.

Lodway Close and Avon Road – complaints regarding the new barriers had now been
reported to Senior Director in NSC.

NSC budget setting process occurred last week. Cuts as confirmed will affect many people
in Pill. DD advised all to be alert, speak to Ward or straight to NSC if complaints from
residents. Need to keep pressure on regarding the Youth Partnership. DD thanked council
members for work done on behalf of the youth of the village.

Cllrs asked if there had been any progress on the bus stop on Martcombe Road. CFP – NSC
prepared to go ahead with this, but no progress as yet.

Cllr Exley reported that there was no bus timetable on the shelter at Gordano Gardens.

Cllr Kent asked what was the current percentage occupancy at Castlewood, and was money
being spent for empty parts of the building. CFP – no, health service and police now taken
up residency.

CFP reported that the only projected saving within what NSC was doing was the saving
of £150k for the Director. A Health Scrutiny meeting would be taking place on Thursday,
which may reveal a bit more.

Cllr Exley reported the gutter on Abbots Leigh Road, just past The George pub. CFP will chase this up. Action CFP.

Crime & Disorder

The Clerk reported that Cllr Davey had attended the PACT meeting. PCSO Julie Lewis is off
work long-term.

Clerk’s Report

Reported blocked drains in Lodway, New Road and Pill Street. Received a complaint about
NSC drain clearing at the moment. Only doing some, and have missed the Church Road
drains where the flooding occurs. Also, the contractors visited Cross Lanes and told a
resident that nothing could be done because the drain needed digging out. The resident
was disgusted that this was not done whilst they were there.

Reported potholes in Pill Road just past St Katherine’s School, at Westward Drive outside
the Fire Station, Lodway Gardens, Monmouth Road. The last three have all now been filled.

Fallen tree on the verge in Monmouth Road now removed and some further clearance
carried out.

Reported streetlights not working in Church Road, The Breaches, Stoneyfields and
Debecca’s Lane. SSC visited to repair the Crockerne Drive light, but it was still not working.

Following my request, NSC and Community Safety confirmed the Avon Road streetlights
would not be put back on at night.

Reported fly tipping at stairwell of Baltic Place.

Received requested quotes from David Bailey of NSC for updating the Back Lane steps area.
A ramp would be unfeasible, so he has suggested removing the slabs and tarmacing the
surface. This would cost in the region of £800.00. Also, replacement of the handrail would
cost approx. £2,700.00.

Request that the highway outside The Old Brewery have restricted parking. Agenda 11th

Mark Fuller will be on leave from Monday 4th March for one week.

Maintenance & Highways Issues

Clerk to request Brian Weekes to clear area adjacent to Lodway Farm. Action Clerk.

Many complaints received about blocked drains and flooding. CFP will chase Colin Meadus
(NSC) regarding these issues. Action CFP.

Reports from Committee Meetings:

Reports of Meetings with Outside Bodies

Bristol Port Company – see Public Participation.

Correspondence requiring action not covered elsewhere

Date for Annual Parish Meeting

Joint Committees and Full Council meeting on 8th April. Annual Parish Meeting on 22nd
April. Action Clerk.

Youth Funding

Cllr Stone reported on this. Not optimistic of any funding for 2013/2014. PC funding used
for first six months last year.

Proposing that YC provision must be sustained for the whole year. This means that the YC
will close for two nights per week. It was proposed that to maintain stability, the Youth
Club would be open for one night per week for the whole year, and the Youth Drop-in for
one night for the whole year. The Partnership was very thankful to the PC for a further

Cllr Kent stated that lack of funding from NSC was a deplorable state of affairs. Despite
all efforts it was lamentable being left high and dry with the serious possibility that if no
further money coming in, then the overall youth provision could disappear. Cllr Kent
agreed to draft a letter for Nigel Ashton, stating the withdrawal of funding was undoing a
huge amount of good work. Failure to support the future of the youth of the parish was
scandalous. The excellent work that Cllr Stone had done in difficult circumstances was
admirable. Action PK.

Cllr Stone stated the Partnership would strive to do what it could, but important to know
what is going on.

Cllr Taylor was disgusted that NSC money earmarked for youth funding was now in reserves
and would not be used.

Sites & Policies Development Plan

Cllr Jopp reported on this. Clerk to email NSC information on this. The consultation to
commence on 28th February and finish on 19th April. Action All.

Accounts for Payment


Public Lighting Electricity – February DD 21/02/13
Public Lighting Electricity – February DD 21/02/13
Annual Membership Subscription

Brady Corp. Limited (Seton)

G.B. Sport & Leisure UK Limited
R Buck
Brian Weekes
Fountains (OCS Group UK Ltd)
Mark Fuller
Julie Smart
Post Office Limited
Bath & NES Council
Pill & District C&YP Partnership

Village Orderly Equipment
Play Equipment Inspections – January 2013
Stationery and Village Orderly Equipment
Tree Work and Repairs at Ham Green Pavilion
Works to Notice Boards at Post Office and Ham Green
Dog Bin Emptying – January 2013
Tax & NICs
Pension Contributions
Bridging Grant to end of March 2013


Cllr Kent seconded by Cllr Waters, proposed approval of the accounts for payment. Agreed.

Issues for future meetings—

18th April – BPC conference to discuss utilising the Severn Estuary for power.



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