PC 24th June 2013

Monday 24th June 2013 at 7.30pm at The Resource Centre

Present: Cllrs Jopp, Kent, Burchell, Burt, Davey, Exley, Langton, Murphy, Taylor, Ward Cllrs Davies & Francis-Pester and J Smart (Clerk)
Apologies: Cllrs Cave, Stone & Waters

Public Participation

Mr Roger Collins was present.  He reported shrubs obstructing the footpath at Heywood Road.  The Clerk had already reported this to NSC.


Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 20th May 2013 (previously circulated) were signed as a true record.


Declarations of Interest





Ward Councillor’s Reports

Don Davies

Had received complaints from residents regarding The Old Vicarage at Station Road.  Intruders had entered the building and stripped it.  Youths were now frequently entering the building, smashing windows etc.  He had spoken to the Police who were now including this on patrols.  It is still the responsibility of Mr Toogood to secure the building.

Many complaints about X2 and X3 bus services.  He had been in contact with NSC and First Bus to advise of concerns.  Asked why one of two buses that go on A369 can’t come in to Pill, but is still waiting for an answer.  There is also a reliability issue.  Received confirmation that they are having severe gearbox issues with buses (7-8 years old), which is currently being rectified.  Real Time Information (RTI) is also not working properly.  DD was trying to chase issues along, but does not really have any powers.  NSC reluctant to acknowledge there are any problems.

Carl Francis-Pester

Priory Road – Section 215 Notice has been served with 14 days notice (28th June deadline).  If he takes no action, NSC will go on to the site to remove the cars.  Environmental action to do work around the garden (damaged fence etc.).  Will keep advised after Friday.  Action CFP.

Cllr Davey reported that Mr Harris was also parking cars in Church Road.  He has been offensive to people in Church Road.  He had told and NSC Enforcement Officer that he was being victimised.

The Tynings – The owner has put in an application for change of use on a shed.  He suspects the owner is trying to get the issue on original café site lifted, so he can put in a retrospective application for the café.  Currently, officers monitoring traffic movements.

Continuing to push Colin Medus (NSC) on the drainage front.  Still don’t have the work plan following the inspection of this and other sites.  Maybe because NSC still evaluating cost of the work, but really anxious to get this work done before the autumn.

Road surface – Three issues are A369, section of Lodway from last resurfacing to take it up to the Cross Lanes junction, and Cross Lanes itself.

Attended the Corporate Organisation Scrutiny Panel last week.  Members stated what an enormous success the delegation of powers to PC’s had been.  NSC can’t genuinely say it is saving money when the cost is being transferred to someone else.

Cllr Jopp thanked both Ward Councillors for their attendance.




Crime & Disorder

Cllr Davey had not attended the PACT meeting, but was told most issues arising were of a domestic nature.

Cllr Burchell reported that his car had sustained £300 worth of damage on Rag night.  The culprit was caught and charged, but will only receive a minor fine and a ‘slapped wrist’.  Cllr Burchell was not entitled to any form of compensation.


Clerk’s Report

Reported overgrown hedges at Monmouth Road/Monmouth Court, Stoneyfields, Priory Road, The Moorings, St Katherine’s Park and Heywood Road.

Requested weed clearance throughout the village.  Advised that this should be carried out throughout the village within the next two weeks.

Dog Bin at Water Lane broken.  Order another to replace.

Due to complaints about cyclists on sea defence wall, requested no cycling signs at either end of the footpath at Marine Parade and Underbanks.

Bollards now installed at Victoria Park to prevent parking on the pavement.

Reported broken drain cover at the junction of Cross Lanes and Lodway.

Having a few teething problems with new contractor Glendale emptying dog bins regularly.  Happy to come out when reported though.

Brian Weekes has advised he would be willing to carry out the dog bin emptying for £1.5k per year, but not until after July when he is having an operation.  We also need to consider what happens when he goes away.

Reported potholes at Avon Road, Monmouth Road, Stoneyfields and Lodway.  Reported pavement breaking up outside No. 34 The Breaches.

Some potholes had been filled (Bank Place/Baltic Place), Lodway & Poplars junction, but again it looks like they have been poorly done.

Reported large amount of fly tipping at Severn Road behind the Network Rail fence. Requested this whole area be cleared up as it is an eyesore.

Received a report that the footpath that runs along Brookside is overgrown.

David Smith is to cut Jenny’s Meadow and arrange to cut back trees at Mr Hunt’s boundary, as preventing light getting in to the property.

Two of the new LED streetlights are now installed, both at Cross Lanes.  The two at Trinder Road and one at The Poplars should be installed within a couple of weeks.



Maintenance & Highways Issues

Cllr Davey – Oak Grove to Hardwick Road footpath is overgrown.  Action Clerk.






Reports from Committee Meetings

 Playing Fields & Open Spaces

Cllr Kent reported on this.  Letters sent to residents of boundary of Washing Pound.

St Katherine’s end of year party.  Very generous letter in the Pill Paper from Mark Fuller, thanking people who helped him.  Cllr Kent visited the Head Teacher, who was pleased to have been told about it.  Police had agreed to be in the area at the end of the school day.  He thought he had it covered.  He will reply to the letter in the Pill Paper.

Cllr Langton asked about the Village Green Application.  The Clerk advised that this was now with NSC, who had advised it was a slow process.

Environment, Highways & Transport

Cllr Jopp reported on this.  As reported earlier, the Victoria Park bollards had now been installed.  Comments on the proposed double yellow lines outside The Old Brewery had been sent back to NSC.  Now waiting for confirmation of a meeting with Mike Sullivan.

Finance & Personnel Committee


Cllr Langton reported on this.

Following discussion, all agreed that any future replacement street lights would be LED’s.

Neither employee was due a salary increase again this year.  Agreed to make more hours available to both.  Mark Fuller would like an increase.  Arranged for Mark to get six hours overtime for the work he did at Watchhouse Hill.  Recommended for increase of one hour per week and six hours overtime.  Agreed.  Action Clerk.


See below.




Reports of meetings with outside bodies and other organisations

Network Rail & The Bristol Port Company

Cllr Exley reported on this.  Well attended meeting, approx. 10 local residents.  Complaints about the noise issue and a request to install some sort of noise barrier.  NR and BPC confident that they are on solid ground and would not move on the issue.  DD asked them to consider moving the gates back to give the trains a run up the incline.  Replied that security issues would prevent this, so nothing can be done there.  NR Community Officer was prepared to come down and listen to our issues on a regular basis.  Need to press them to establish what the situation actually is.  People in the area suffering extreme discomfort.  Should look to put some sort of noise monitoring equipment in by someone whose results would be accepted by all parties.

Ought to be investigating what the line used to look like when it was operational.  There was a degree of acoustic barriering which has been removed and replaced by wire fencing.  If that was the case, there may be a case to go back to NR.

Push BPC severely on getting some acoustic barriering up the spur line.  Start putting a case together for that.

At the meeting NR advised it would react to complaints, but have only received four official complaints in the last year, so need to get people motivated to put in complaints as they happen.

Suggested putting an item in the Pill Paper with full contact details for NR and NSC to encourage reporting of incidents.

CFP need to engage Mark Ponsford (Noise Environmental Officer at NSC) to follow this up.

DD thought both BPC and NR paid lip service to the people at the meeting.  Woodchip cannot be put through the conveyor so movements will increase.  DD has now asked Sue Turner if the gates could be opened in advance of a train entering, but has not yet received an answer.  Agreed the need to let all the residents about contacts for complaints.  Many houses affected by the line.

CE – suggested moving forward with a working group on this issue.  Action CE.



Correspondence requiring action not covered elsewhere



Accounts for Payment


Payee Details


Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – April DD 21/06/13


Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – April DD 21/06/13


Cllr Taylor Expenses (Key Cutting)


Brian Weekes Brookside Play Equipment Repairs & Drain Clearance


JRB Enterprise Limited Dog Poo Bags


North Somerset Council Dog Bin Emptying – April & May 2013


Konica Minolta Photocopier Rental 05/06 – 04/09 & Copying 05/03 – 04/06


G.B. Sport & Leisure UK Limited Brookside & Hardwick Road Play Area Inspections – May


Came & Company Insurance Parish Council Insurance 01/06/2013 – 31/05/2014


Mr Noel Ayling Internal Audit Fee


Pill Community Foundation First Half Annual Grant


Mark Fuller Salary


Julie Smart Salary


Post Office Limited Tax & NICs


Bath & NES Council Pension Contributions


Julie Smart Expenses March – June





Cllr Murphy, seconded by Cllr Kent proposed approval of the accounts for payment.  Agreed.


Issues for future meetings

Clerk to arrange meeting with temporary manager of the Co-op.



1.  The following applications had been received:-
13/P/0957/LDE The Tynings

Martcombe Road


Certificate of Lawful Existing Use for a block of stables and their use for the keeping of horses; a ‘tin shed’ in use for the storage of tools and equipment relating to the building trade (use class B8); a ‘barn’ in use for the storage of vending machines and the storage of tools and equipment (both use class B8) with associated access, manoeuvering and parking areas.

No objections.

13/P/0973/TPO Old Rectory House

Rectory Road


T1 – Beech.  Raise canopy by 4-5 metres to reduce failure rate of lateral branches and to remove any dead or rubbing branches (crown clean).

Objection – no work had been required previously in recent arboricultural report.  Concerned that this work may damage the tree for the future.

2.  The following application had been approved:-
13/P/0648/F 7 Watchhouse Road


Conversion of existing dwelling into 2No. dwellings.





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