PC 23rd September 2013

Monday 23rd September 2013 at 7.30pm at The Resource Centre

Present: Cllr Kent (Vice Chair), Burchell, Burt, Murphy, Stone, Taylor, Waters, Ward, Davey

Apologies: Cllrs Jopp, Davey, Langton, Exley, Cave, J Smart (Clerk)

1. Public Participation

3 members of the public were present.

1. Gerry Hunt spoke about the proposed boundary changes, whilst acknowledging the

Cllrs Davies & Francis-Pester and NS Cllr Davies

difficulties of formulating changes based purely on numbers he rejected the latest

proposals as having no basis in the realities of the communities represented.

Action: AGREED to urge all residents to write independently to the boundaries commission

as well as formulating a Parish reponse.

2. Gerry also asked that we request Alliance Homes to write to the residents of

Action: AGREED to write to Alliance Homes as requested.

3. Brian Hunt complained about potholes in Monmouth Road near coalyard.

Action: NOTED that this was already on the list requesting action from NS

4. Brian Hunt complained about dangerous thorn tendrils hanging over from railway

Action: AGREED to write to North Somerset for urgent trimming of the hedge concerned.

Action: Agreed to send best wishes to Chair, Andy Jopp in respect of his son who was

undergoing a serious operation.

2. Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 19th

were signed as a true record.

3. Declarations of Interest


4. Ward Councillor’s Reports

Carl Francis-Pester

Ward Boundaries – North Somerset were remiss in not putting in their own boundary

submission in addition to their request for a reduction in councillor numbers. As a result

the Boundary Commission split the Parishes in an unacceptable manner. Carl referred to

the Boundary Commission website and pointed out that comments must be in before 18

November. The proposals increased representation of councillors from 2,800 to 3,500 to

meet the targets set by North Somerset on total numbers. He pointed out that such action

makes North Somerset vulnerable to being squeezed out of existence by Somerset and

Bristol in future reorganisations.

Waterloo House about throwing cigarette ends off the balconies.

property on Monmouth Road.

Port Company Carl had attended a meeting of the Port Liaison Committee where the lack of

a government energy policy affected some of the rail companies from investing in modern

rolling stock causing consequent noise problems for residents.

Carl had already asked Mark Ponsford’s noise assessment team to monitor track and would

check on the current situation.

Track packing by the viaduct has dropped – will raise with Peter Willey.

1a Priory Road

A proposal had been submitted for planning permission to allow land to be sold on. There

were inherent dangers because of shared access. Awaiting planning officers report after



Will raise Monmouth Road issue and others referred to with NS officers. A360 still needs

finishing and signs removed.

Recycling Collection

Continuing to monitor situation at Perrett Way

Don Davies

5. Crime & Disorder 

Excrement smeared over Hardwick Road playing equipment.

6. Maintenance & Highways Issues

Concern about grass growing throughout village – New Area Liaison Officer, Shelley Leigh

has been asked to take action.

7. Reports From Committee Meetings 

Playing Fields & Open Spaces

• Washing Pound – further meeting with residents has agreed that large stones can be

used to block access.

• Brookside Tree House – still awaiting report on safety considerations

Environment, Highways & Transport

• Electrical Waste Amnesty Event – Meeting at the Community Centre in October


 Minutes have been circulated

8. Reports of meetings with outside bodies and other organisations

Docks Liaison Meeting

AT reported that he and Cllr Carl Francis Pester attended the meeting on 18th

when representatives of the main rail Freight companies were present. DB Schenker Rail

(UK) ran the majority of the coal trains and admitted that they were old stock that were

noisy because of the solid axles on the rolling stock. Whilst these were within current noise

limits they were not due to be replaced until 2020.

Railfreight use quieter American designed rolling stock which is more up to date.

There was no noise problems associated with the car transporters or the new covered

wood pulp wagons that ran through occasionally on test runs.

Sounding of horns was only permitted when workers were on the track and all instances

were recorded on monitoring equipment but only maintained for 48 hours.

Shunters met the trains before the gates were opened and would communicate by mobile

phone when the train was stationary (Not permitted when train in motion)

Gates could not be sited anywhere else due to security issues (Following complaint and

response reported by Cllr Don Davies)

Railway monitor group – Report awaited

9. Correspondence requiring action not covered elsewhere

List had been circulated – Noted.

10. Local Government Boundary Commission

Formal notice of New Ward Boundaries proposals now received and circulated to

councillors. The Boundaries Commission were asked by North Somerset to reduce

representation to 51 seats and had come up with a proposal for 50 providing some leaaway.

Councillors will represent 3,900 rather than 3,400 residents.

AGREED to write to the Boundary Commission a response on behalf of Parish Council.

Action PK to draft initial response and circulate.

Cllr Taylor, seconded by Cllr ____ proposed approval of the accounts for payment. Agreed.

15. Issues for future meetings


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