PC 22nd July 2013

Monday 22nd July 2013 at 7.30pm at The Resource Centre


Present: Cllrs Jopp, Kent, Burchell, Burt, Davey, Kent, Langton, Murphy, Stone, Taylor, Waters, Ward Cllrs Davies and Francis-Pester & J Smart (Clerk)
Apologies: Cllrs Cave & Exley
1. Public ParticipationMr Roger Collins was present.  Mr Brian Hunt and Mr Belcher from Avon Road were present.  Mr Hunt had received a letter from Network Rail advising that over the past year NR had only received four complaints from residents.  DD advised this was probably that only four had complained via the website.  Mr Hunt complained of more noisy trains, his wife had phoned Network Rail and was told that NR would only speak to her husband.

Cllr Langton agreed to write to NR and MP, as NR’s procedures were appalling.  Mr Hunt also reported that the EWS wagons were so noisy, they should be stopped.

Cllr Jopp had produced a leaflet for house drops, advising people on how to report noise issues to Network Rail or the Bristol Port Company.

Mr Hunt requested that the trees in the copse in Jenny’s Meadow be trimmed down, as they were restricting light into his property.

Mr Hunt complained about overgrown trees and fly tipping on Network Rail land behind the wire fence that runs between the track and Avon/Severn Road.  The Clerk had already made an official complaint about this, and had received a case number from Network Rail.

2. Minutes of the last Parish Council MeetingThe minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 24th June 2013 (previously circulated) were signed as a true record.
3. Declarations of InterestNone.


Ward Councillor’s ReportsCarl Francis-Pester

CFP advised repairs would be carried out on the A369 in the next month or so, although not where needed.  He would continue to lobby for principle areas that needed work – outside St Katherine’s School, Cross Lanes & Lodway, and near entrance to Leigh Woods.

Some patching had been done around Lodway, but these were temporary repairs pending full patching.  DD & CFP periodically meet with David Turner to discuss this.

CFP trying to get Church Road drainage works on the NSC schedule for September.

Reported that NSC Drainage contractors would soon be digging out on A369, using temporary traffic lights.

New speed signs would be erected from motorway to Markham Dip.  Also requested for signs to be erected on both laybys stating no overnight stays.

Following a request for signs on A369 St George’s Hill entrance stating ‘No Access to BPC’, John Painter had responded positively.

Enforcement was progressing on Priory Road situation.   Five cars had been removed from the drive, and the rest should be moved after a further 10 days.  Police following up incident of tyre slashing.  The Clerk advised that four of the cars were now parked in the Monmouth Road car park.

Reported problems with The Tynings planning application, relating to transport and number of cars issues.  Waiting for NSC to say on what basis it is dealing with this.

New Chief Executive for NSC starting in November.  Might be worth dropping him a line over the summer on particular issues (keep very focused – youth provision, for example).

AT proposed to write to Sue Mountstevens of Avon & Somerset Police, to request a meeting with Parish and Ward Councillors.  Seconded by Cllr Waters.  Action Clerk.

Don Davies

The Old Vicarage how now been purchased by Knightstone. (See Clerk’s email of 08/07/2013).

Government subsidies for importing wood from South America.  Viability for importing is going to be as great as previous.  If coal isn’t moving this may also help the noise issue.

First Bus problems have reduced.  X2 & X3 fleet now has its own dedicated mechanic.

Commuter buses running from WSM to Cribbs, could possibly stop near J19.  The buses are being run by a subsidiary of Stagecoach.

Cllr Jopp stated there had been a lack of consultation from NSC on several things.  Signs outside Lodway Cricket Club, 50mph speed limit from J19 to Abbots Leigh.  CFP still some lobbying to lower the limit to 40mph.

Cllr Jopp thanked both Ward Councillors for their attendance.



Crime & DisorderLD attended the PACT meeting.  Only three attended.  Crimes were mostly domestic.  Julie Lewis is back doing four hours per day.
6. Clerk’s ReportMark Fuller was back to work today.  He has been issued with new steel toe capped trainers and told to take it easy.

Brookside footpath now been cut back.  Contractor recommended that this be done again in September using a hedge cutter.  Alternatively, the path could be sprayed with glyphosate to improve accessibility in the long term.  Following discussion, the Clerk was requested to obtain quotes for both. Action AT/JS.

NSC advised that the pavement at The Breaches has been inspected and has been passed to Engineers for possible future works.

Reported streetlight not working at Crockerne Drive.

Reported overgrown hedges at Stoneyfields, Bull Lane and The Moorings.

The good weather has brought campers to Watchhouse Hill.  Lots of cans, bottles, disposable barbeques, food wrappers not being cleared up.

Reported the road surface at Pill Road outside St Katherine’s School again.

7.  Maintenance & Highways IssuesNone.




Reports from Committee MeetingsPlaying Fields & Open Spaces

Cllr Kent reported on this.  It had previously been decided to dismantle the tree house at the end of Brookside field, due to the fact that it would never conform to regulations.  AT went to take it down, but thought it was a terrible waste to lose the facility.  Clerk to speak to Colin from GB Sport & Leisure to try to make it as safe as possible.

Cllr Kent reported on the situation with The Washing Pound.  He was sure this will be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

Environment, Highways & Transport

Nothing further to report.


See below.



Reports of meetings with outside bodies and other organisationsCllr Stone reported on the P&DC&YPP.  From September the PC funding will remain the main source of funding.  This would provide two nights of provision, plus Junior Youth Club.  There was now a broader spread of provision and this was very well supported.  NSC Innovation fund runs from September to September. Wide variety of activities through the summer holidays.  Cllr Stone resigned as Chair of the Partnership last month, but nobody was willing to take up this position.  The administration would get easier, as there would not be as much money to look after.  Having a monitoring meeting with NSC next week to explain what funding has been spent on.

BL reported on Community Forum meeting.  Clerk to contact Alliance Homes about empty shop in Baltic Place.

10. Correspondence requiring action not covered elsewhereNone.
11. NSC Electrical Waste Amnesty EventCllr Jopp reported on this.  NSC requested to hold an event in Pill.  Community Centre best placed for this.  Planned for week commencing Monday 21st October from 4pm to 6.30pm.  Clerk to confirm this is OK, contact Lesley and Pill Paper.  Action AJ.
12. Rail Noise UpdateCFP asked if the PC wanted to arrange for NSC Environmental Protection to visit to carry out an assessment of the rail noise.  CE to contact CFP on his return from leave.
13. Finance UpdateThe Clerk had circulated current situation with income and expenditure.

BL suggested the Finance Committee meeting now take place on 19th together with other Committees meetings.  Action JS/PK.

14. Accounts for Payment 
Payee Details


Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – July DD 21/07/13


Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – July DD 21/07/13


Brackenwood Garden Centre Pill in Bloom Account


Anita’s Garden Centre Pill in Bloom Hanging Baskets


SSE Contracting Public Lighting Maintenance (first quarter)


EDF Energy Spout & Steps Electricity 24/05/13 – 27/06/13


S B Fencing Contractors Victoria Park Bollards (Supplied & Erected)


G.B. Sport & Leisure UK Limited Annual Playground Inspections x 3


North Somerset Council Dog Bin Emptying – June


EDF Energy Pavilion Electricity 09/05/13 – 03/07/13


Open Spaces Society Membership for Village Green Status


DC & LM Smith Grass Cutting – Avon Road and Walnut Common


BT Phone & Fax Bill


Seton New Trainers for Mark Fuller


CJ Landscapes Cutting Brookside Perimeter Footpath


Mark Fuller Salary


Julie Smart Salary


Post Office Limited Tax & NICs


Bath & NES Council Pension Contributions





Cllr Langton, seconded by Cllr Kent proposed approval of the accounts for payment.  Agreed.

15. Issues for future meetings‘Feel good’ precinct.

Meet with new Co-op – arrange meeting with new Manager in September.  Action Clerk.

Alliance Homes – empty unit in precinct.  Action Clerk.


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