Parish Plan

The Parish Plan  is based on the views expressed by the residents of the distinct settlements of Easton-inGordano, Pill and Ham Green, from questionnaire completed in 2006  delivered to 2,166 households with 5,094 residents.

The overall response rate was good although households in Easton-in-Gordano are slightly overrepresented and households in Pill and Ham Green somewhat under-represented.

Generally respondents appear content to live in the Parish and with the level of services and facilities available.

Plus factors were  proximity to the countryside, accessibility to Bristol, the M5 and places of employment. Community spirit and strong family ties were features of Pill in particular.

Issues relating to transport, traffic and roads generated the highest interest but there was general support for the maintenance of the existing Green Belt and improvement of leisure facilities particularly for younger people.

Particular concern were the perceived levels of crime, vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

The Plan envisages the preservation of the Parish’s rural environment, improvement in safety on the roads throughout the Parish, better leisure facilities, better transport services, maintenance of existing services and more consideration for the elderly and the disabled.

A Community Forum comprising representatives from the Parish Council, local organisations and interested individuals was charged with progressing implementation of the Plan.

This body also now has the authority to disburse small grants for the benefit of the community.

Contact the Secretary Pom Langton

Click here for a copy of the questionnaire

Click here for a copy of the Plan pre 2015

Click here for a copy of the Plan amendments awaiting approval  2015

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