The following are documents stored in the Pill and Easton in Gordano Parish Archive in 2013

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Annual Parish Meeting reports change of parish council name 2009

Baltic Place Improvement Campaign 1980’s

Brookside Transfer of Lease

Chair report to annual parish meeting 2010-2007

Cycle Track, Chapel Pill Lane 1998

Footpath extinguishment Ham Green 1998

Greater Bristol Strategic Transport Study A369  2010

History of Pill Hospital

History of Ham Green Hospital

Horse Trough, Church Road, Easton in Gordano

Local Government Act 1933, Election of Councillors 1946 (1)

Local Government Act 1933, Election of Councillors 1946 (2)

Monmouth Road, car park in former coal yard 2009

New Dock 1840

New Road land on corner of Bank Place 2004 – 2008

Our Parish by John Rich

Parish Life Pill flood plans 2010

Pill Ferry and it’s environs by Margaret R Bunce

Pill flood plans – MAPS 2009

Pill District Home Messenger extracts 1910-1912

Pill rights of way 1984

Plan to clear the Barton

Portishead to Bristol railway study 2008-9

Proposed footway Lodway

Proposal Bristol cycle route Avon cycle-way 2006

Proposed permissive footpath, Chapel Pill Lane 

Public houses in Pill 1855-1891

Skateboard park newspaper cuttings

Spout refurbishment 2007

St George’s flower bank, 2000

St George’s Wharf 1968 – Underbanks land ownership 1998

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