PC Minutes 25 January 2016


Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council

Monday 25th January 2016 at 7.30pm at the Resource Centre


Cllrs Jopp, Langton, Burchell, Davey, Davies, Langton, Ovel & J Smart (Clerk)


Apologies: Cllrs Dawson, Kent, Stone & Taylor

Public Participation

Mr Roger Collins was present.


Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 14th December 2015 (previously circulated) were signed as a true record.

Declarations of Interest





Ward Councillor’s Reports

Don Davies

All items to be discussed during the meeting.




Crime & Disorder

Cllr Davey advised that the next PACT meeting would be held on Thursday 4th February.


Clerk’s Report

Reported street lights not working at Bank Place and Priory Gardens.

Gordano Gardens C1 has finally been fixed.

Requested Shelley Lee arranges some works be done to the road surface at Crockerne Drive.

Very poor repair works to pot holes had been carried out at Monmouth Road last week.

Clerk had asked Shelley Lee to remove the barrier/signs and bollards that had been left at Heywood Road, following the recent drain repair.

David Bailey (NSC Highways) is able to meet us this week.  Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Clerk to arrange Wednesday pm.

Anthony Rylands (NSC Access Officer for Disabled People) had arranged to meet at Ham Green Pavilion tomorrow.  This had now been postponed to next week.  Clerk to confirm date and time.

Clerk had been contacted by John Chaplin of Bristol Port Company.  He had advised that BPC had applied to develop the Court House Farm area for vehicular storage.  Not yet on website, but would be soon.  He was available to come to talk to Councillors if required.  Invite JC for a meeting at the RC.

GB Sport & Leisure had advised that the chains on the flat seat swing at Hardwick Road were nearing the end of their use.  Have ordered replacements at a cost of £100 plus VAT.

Had been contact by Robert Gentilli of Court Hay requesting permission to remove some non-native evergreen trees that are on the border of his property with the Washing Pound (one on his land, the other two in the Washing Pound).  The trees are destroying the fence, and possibly harbouring the pear rust parasite.  All agreed.  Clerk to contact Mr Gentilli.





Maintenance & Highways Issues

LD – Large pothole outside building works house in Stoneyfields (possibly caused by contractors working on the house).

Road surface at bottom of Newsome Avenue deteriorating.

Pavement from St George’s Church Hall to Church Road uneven.






Reports from Committee Meetings

 Finance & Personnel

Cllr Langton reported on this.

Clerk to arrange meeting with WPD.  Change street lights to be upgraded this year as deal to be made with WPD.  All agreed that AJ/BL & JS to meet regarding this.

NatWest signatory information had now been passed on to Lex (Kingswood Branch) to sort out the new mandate.

Playing Fields & Open Spaces

Cllr Davey reported on this.

BO & LD had met with Colin of GB Sport & Leisure.  Clerk to contact Colin Lewis to obtain full quotation for the suggested works.

Environment, Highways & Transport

Cllr Jopp reported on this meeting.


See below.




Reports of meetings with outside bodies and other organisations

DD – Severnet meeting at Avonmouth last week.  Pushing for funding for both sides of the river (DCLG).  Submitted some brief information on this area.

Wessex CLT – Clerk to find out if ALPC is interested in going forward with this.  Agenda next Planning Committee.

BL – nothing significant to report from the Community Forum meeting.





Correspondence requiring action not covered elsewhere



Approval of Draft Budget 2016-2017

Cllr Langton reported on this.  Members had been circulated with the proposed budget for 2016-2017.  DD had reported that the NSC Council Tax Grant was unlikely to be available in 2017-2018.  Seconded by AJ.  Agreed.


Precept Request 2016-2017

Following discussion, Cllr Langton proposed a precept request of £96,066.66, an increase of 2%, or £54.76 per Band D property.  Cllr Jopp seconded, all agreed.  Action Clerk.



Response to West of England Joint Spatial Plan

Cllr Jopp reported on a meeting with ALPC regarding a joint response.  This had been drafted and circulated to members.  Cllr Langton proposed acceptance of the draft response.  All agreed.  AJ to sign the letter & Clerk to send.



New Discretionary Business Rate Relief Policy Revision

Cllr Davies reported on this.  Currently NSC grants a discretionary rate relief to certain organisations.  The Scout Hut at The Poplars would have to pay approx. £200.00 per year and the Community Centre approx. £1,000.00.  Suggested writing to NSC stating that all organisations are community organisations, covering some services that had been taken away by NSC funding cuts.  NSC should not be putting extra pressure on those groups who are struggling to get funding already.  AJ proposed writing to Cllr Ashton asking what effect the above policy revision would have on organisations within his ward.  DD advised that this would not take place in this financial year, but that comments needed to be in by January 31st.  DD agreed to draft letter.  Action DD.



MetroWest Update

Commencement of the scheme had been put back by two years.  Press release in the North Somerset Times.  DD waiting for response from NSC.  AJ – Clerk to arrange for MetroWest to attend the Resource Centre for a meeting.  Action Clerk.











Accounts for Payment

Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – First Collection DD 13/01 422.00
Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – January 2016 Direct Debit 422.00
Unicom Fax & Phone Bill – January Direct Debit TBC
GB Sport & Leisure Play Equipment Inspections – November 150.00
Brian Weekes Litter Bin Emptying 50.00
K&E Property Maintenance Tree & Hedge cutting in Hardwick Road/Yew Tree Gardens 415.00
SSE Contracting Limited Street Light Maintenance – 3rd Quarter 2015/2016 862.01
North Somerset Council Recharge of Election Administration Charges 200.78
EDF Energy Ham Green Pavilion Electricity 03/04/15 – 23/12/15 19.04
EDF Energy Baltic Place Spout & Steps Electricity 19/09/15 – 21/12/15 24.68
Bin-it Dog Waste Solutions Dog Bin Emptying – December 393.21
JRB Enterprise 10,000 Dog Poo Bags 131.82
CommuniCorp Clerks & Councils Direct Subscription Renewal 12.00
Mark Fuller Salary 1,151.86
Julie Smart Salary 1,370.51
Post Office Limited Tax & NICs 509.01
Bath & NES Council Pension Contributions 382.40
TOTAL        £6,516.32

Cllr Langton proposed, seconded by Cllr Ovel, approval of the accounts for payment.






Issues for future meetings


Signed:  ………………………………….


Date:  …………………………………….







1.         The following applications had been received:-



15/P/2807/F 27 Church Path Road


Demolish existing rear single storey extension and rebuild larger rear and side single storey extension.


No objections.

16/P/0105/F 27 Heywood Terrace



Two storey side and single storey rear extension.


No objections.


16/P/0139/F 31 Lodway Close


Proposed two storey and single storey extensions to the rear of the property.
No objections.

Clerk and BO to meet regarding the issue of residents of Church Path Road gaining access to rear of properties from Bull Lane.  Action Clerk/BO.

2.         The following application had been approved:-


15/P/2525/F 34 St George’s Hill


Erection of a single storey extension and a first floor extension over existing garage.