PC 24 March 2014

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council

Monday 24 March 2014 at 7.30pm at the Resource Centre

Present: Cllrs Jopp, Kent, Davey, Exley, Langton, Taylor, Ward Cllr Davies & Francis-Pester and J

Smart (Clerk)

Mr Roger Collins was present.

2. Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 24th

signed as a true record.

3. Declarations of Interest

February 2014 (previously circulated) were

4. Ward Councillor’s Reports

Had received a few more responses from Mark McGregor (NSC) following their walkabout. A369

and St Katherine’s (Pill Road) are on the list for road repairs. Also working through list that was

gathered from when he came. Drains have not been cleared. Having trouble getting contractors to

Added Rectory Road to list. Additional funding to do this. Look again at priorities – possibly stop

port traffic coming through. This is for a later date.

Had ongoing debates about The Tynings Tea Shop. NSC Planners thought this was an access issue.

Sticking to original report. Chris Nolan dealing with enforcement.

Road signs – ordered for No Access to Dock – waiting for date for installation. Laybys can only be

advisory and could be a funding issue.

Boundary debate is rolling on. Closing date for response is early April.

Had received complaints about the fare structure from parents of Gordano School students using

Cllr Exley asked if there had been any progress on the planned Martcombe Road bus stop. CFP

advised just waiting for installation date.

Children’s Partnership is changing the provider after Easter to a company called ‘For Real’. Should

see an improvement in performance after this time.

Had a meeting with First Bus – Pill & EIG buses were badly affected by the works at Hotwells.

Display boards are a waste of money and need to be fixed.

Sub-Committee meeting to be arranged prior to Port Liaison meeting on 9th

April, regarding rail

Jetty – talked to PCC – assured that a working party has been created and are working on solutions.

Nothing will be done until next year due to lack of funds.

Village Green – Inspector has been appointed. Trying to find out when this will be. Other people

had been told, but the PC had not received a reply. The landowner had now cut the fields.

Had met with Liam Fox for a trip round the village. He was supportive of 20mph speed limit –

speaking to NSC. Just want signs, no bollards or traffic calming. Cllr Kent reminded Cllr Davies that

Sue Mountstevens had offered support for any call for a 20mph speed limit. Agenda May Council

Cllr Jopp thanked both Ward Councillors for their reports.

Cllr Davey had attended the PACT meeting. Quite a few thefts from Co-op, also a few attempted

Reported fly tipping at Marsh Lane, Lane between Mariner’s Way and Newport Road Victoria House,

Marine Parade, Avon Road Pumping Station and Chapel Row.

Requested new ‘No Cycling’ sign at Millers Close/Newsome Avenue.

Requested new road name sign for Church Path Road.

Reported overgrown trees in the footpath between Westward Drive and Water Lane.

Reported steps at Waterloo Wharf deteriorating and dangerous.

Reported damaged decorative street light at C3 Pump Square.

Reported street lights not working at Church Road, Priory Road, Stoneyfields, The Breaches.

Reported fallen tree at ‘The Bottoms’ or Summerhouse Wood.

Reported pavement breaking up outside 37 Crockerne Drive.

Received complaints regarding parking outside the garage at Underbanks. AGENDA 09/06.

Received complaints regarding the dangerous parking on Ham Green hill. Suggestion of traffic lights

at top and bottom as it is like a single track road a lot of the time. AGENDA 09/06

Received complaint about the parking outside The Old Brewery. Pedestrians cannot see oncoming

cars coming from right at the zebra crossing. Perhaps rethink planned double yellows. AGENDA 09/

Further rail noise results received from Richard Allard of NSC. AGENDA 09/06.

7. Maintenance & Highways Issues

Street lights in The Breaches now working.

8. Committee Meetings

Playing Fields & Open Spaces

Cllr Kent had circulated notes on his meeting with Lodway Cricket Club and its request to site nets

on the Ham Green football pitch. The CC would now contact the JFC to find out what it thinks. All

thought it was an excellent idea.

Cllr Langton reported on the Village Green Application – as a Public Inquiry was now planned, the

PC would want to get involved in any representations. Suggested to Nan Kirsen and Lorna Hocking

to take early advice from the Open Spaces Society. Suggested that the PC try to organise a meeting

involving PC, Nan, Lorna and OSS. Clerk to chase reply from Nick Brain (NSC).

Environment, Highways & Transport

Nothing further to report.

Finance & Personnel

Meeting did not take place, as not quorate.

9. Reports of meetings with outside bodies and other organisations

10. Correspondence requiring action not covered elsewhere

11. Parish Councillor Co-option

Mr Bill Ovel had attended the meeting, following his application to become a member of the Parish

Council. Mr Ovel had applied after reading the item in the Pill Paper, and having a general interest

in the wellbeing of the local community. Following a brief presentation and discussion, Cllr Kent

proposed, Cllr Langton seconded Mr Ovel become a co-opted member of the Parish Council. All in

favour. AGREED. Clerk to arrange paperwork.

12. Approve 2014-2015 Budget

All members had been circulated with the Draft Budget. Cllr Kent proposed acceptance, Cllr Exley

seconded. All in favour. APPROVED.

13. Summary of Accounts for Annual Parish Meeting

14. Community Forum – Parish Plan

Cllr Exley thanked the PC on behalf of the CF for next year’s funding. The Parish Plan had now

been running for eight years. The question arose about a follow-up and if so, should start thinking

about putting actions in place now to effect that. Was asked by Community Forum to raise the

question with the PC and what the PC’s views were and if we were in favour of a new Parish Plan

being formulated. What form does it need to take? Need acknowledgment that it is a good tool

for the community and that the CF is useful to the community. Cllr Jopp stated that the PC should

be instigating this. Clerk to find out if there are any grants available. Cllr Langton proposed the PC

respond to the CF to agree it would like to see another PP in some shape or form. Seconded by KB.

15. Draft 2014-2015 Calendar

The Clerk had circulated a draft calendar to all members. AGREED.

16. Accounts for Payment

Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – March DD 21/03/14 625.00

Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – March DD 21/03/14 77.51

Unicom 374442 Telephone & Fax Bill – March DD 19.21

Konica Minolta Photocopier Rental 05/03/14 – 04/06/14 228.92

GB Sport & Leisure Brookside Play Equipment Repairs 588.00

North Somerset Council Dog Bin Emptying 172.80

Edric Hobbs Bus Shelter Cleaning x 2 22.00

SSE Contracting Street Light Maintenance (4th quarter) 862.01

EDF Energy Spout & Steps Electricity 15/12/13 – 15/03/14 23.89

SSE Contracting Replacement Street Light Works 5,509.22

SB Fencing Washing Pound Bollards – Supply & Erect 348.00

Arthur Taylor Website Hosting 66.54

J Smart Expenses 100.30

Mark Fuller Salary 759.34

Julie Smart Salary 1,324.24

Post Office Limited Tax & NICs 414.44

Bath & NES Council Pension Contributions 331.83

TOTAL £11,473.25

Cllr Langton, seconded by Cllr Kent, agreed approval of the accounts for payments.

17. Issues for future meetings

Signed: ………………………………….

Date: …………………………………….






1. The following application had been received:-

14/P/0562/ADV Bus Stop

Baltic Place

Heywood Road

14/P/0575/F 1 Station Road

Application for consent to display illuminated

advertising in the bus shelter at Baltic Place.

No objections.

Demolish existing stone wall, construct retaining

wall, and rebuild the demolished wall to the same

height and design using existing reclaimed stone.

Following discussion, Councillors suggested that

the wall be moved back into the boundary of the

site to enable a widened without the need to go

into Station Road. Also the current coping stones

should be reused.

2. The following application had been approved:-

Barns at Happerton Farm

Happerton Lane


14/P/0162/TPO Penny Brohn Cancer Care

Chapel Pill Lane

Ham Green

Conversion and refurbishment of barns A, B and

D with the creation of a first floor barn A and the

demolition of barn C, and erection of a single storey

link extension all to form 1No. residential dwelling.

1 Cedar – Thin crown 15% & reduce long laterals

by 1.5m. Remove dead and broken branches &

any storm damage which cannot be seen from the


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