PC 19 May 2014



Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council


Monday 19th May 2014 at 7.30pm at The Resource Centre


Present: Cllrs Jopp, Burchell, Davey, Murphy, Ovel, Stone, Taylor and Ward Cllrs Davies and Francis-Pester & J Smart (Clerk)
Apologies: Cllrs Burt, Exley, Kent & Langton


Public Participation


Roger Collins was present.


Jill Coleman and Dave O’Brien had attended to put forward the case for 20mph speed limit throughout the village. Jill spoke about the paper that had been prepared and circulated. Dave O’Brien suggested postponing any decisions until the PC had considered the matter thoroughly.


Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting


The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 24th March 2014 (previously circulated) were signed as a true record.


Declarations of Interest



Ward Councillor’s Reports


Cllr Francis-Pester


NSC was changing the Area Planning Committee structure to one Committee only, where Officers of the Council would not necessarily have any knowledge of the planning area being discussed. CFP urged the PC to comment this.


NSC Core Strategy – Housing numbers will increase around 20-25,000.


A369 resurfacing completed at long last. Next plan for Pill Road outside St Katherine’s School. Possibly in school summer holidays.


Rectory Road still needed to be done. NSC would possibly temporarily fill in EIG holes on the bend by St George football pitch, although the responsibility lies with the service provider (gas, water).   CFP to chase this.


Tynings application still under discussion. Try to get officers to carry out site visit to find a solution.


‘No access for lorry’ signs have arrived, just need to get erected on the A369.


No overnight parking signs still on the jobs list, although possibly no NSC funding for this.


Again complained about parking at 9 Priory Road, two vehicles on the road are not road worthy.   DVLA following this up. Asked NSC to carry out an environment check at the back of the property.


Suggested Mark Ponsford should attend the rail noise meeting. Action CE.


Cllr Davies


Children’s Partnership had appointed a new provider – working well.


Port Liaison meeting – Sue Turner (BPC) promised to provide AT with full details of their community funding. AT yet to receive.


DD surgeries – issues with housing are becoming more pressing in the village. Shortage of housing is getting worse, and quality of housing provided by private landlords seems to be in question.


The NSC Core Strategy had been overturned – NSC tasked to find a lot more housing within NSC.   No longer being employment led.   This community under a great deal of threat. The PC should consider over the next few months what it thinks as a community, and if green belt is going to be built on, what part of it.


NSC was proposing to scrap the three area planning committees and have only one, as a cost cutting exercise.


Cllr Jopp thanked both Ward Councillors for their reports.


   Crime & DisorderCllr Davey reported from PACT meeting. Reported a spate of burglaries. Cars had windows broken and had been keyed.


Clerk’s Report


A new litter bin had finally been installed at Sambourne Lane.


A new bin had been ordered for Waterloo Wharf.


Requested Alliance Homes to clear the footpath at Severn Road. The houses are almost inaccessible; the surface was covered in slime and lots of growth from the railway line.


Reported streetlights on 24/7 at Debecca’s Lane, Stoneyfields, Oak Grove, Beechwood Road, Waterloo House, Watchhouse Road, Marine Parade and Underbanks.


Reported lights out at Priory Road, Debecca’s Lane, Stoneyfields and The Breaches.

Reported dead Ash trees in the bridle path behind Crockerne Drive.


Requested trees adjacent to the play area at Hardwick Road are cut back. NSC advised a tree officer would take a look, but unlikely anything will be done.


Lots of fly tipping around the village again.


Received a report of illegal advertising by a builder outside Lodway Cricket Club, attached to the road sign. Need to cut it down.


Request from builder of house in Davin Crescent to access the rear of the property through Brookside. Promised the area would be reinstated following the works to build a retaining wall.


Received a complaint about overgrown pampass grass over the pavement outside 9 Priory Road. Called Mr Harris and requested it be cut down as pedestrians had to walk in the road (around his cars). It was cut back within two days. Thanked Mr Harris for his speedy actions, and asked if he would consider cutting down the conifers. Apparently these block noise and light pollution from the port, so he’s not likely to. I did ask him to tidy up the pavement outside his house where the trees grow.


Maintenance & Highways Issues 











Committee Meetings:

Playing Fields & Open Spaces

Cllr Kent was elected Chair & Cllr Davey Vice-Chair of the Playing Fields and Open Spaces Committee.


AGREED – David Smith to cut grass at Brookside for £35.00 plus VAT per cut.


Agreed to ask David Smith to remove the Playpod from Brookside.


Clerk to find out how much a container is worth.   Action Clerk.


Environment, Highways & Transport

Agreed to postpone electing Chair and Vice-Chair to the next Committee meeting.


Clerk to speak to NSC regarding alteration/extension of the double yellow lines at the bottom of Ham Green Hill. Action Clerk.


Lodway Parking – look again at double yellow lines outside The Old Brewery. Drivers not stopping at zebra crossing as can’t see people waiting. Action Clerk.


Rail noise meeting – Charles to organise ASAP.   Action CE.





Cllr Burchell was elected Chair and Cllr Exley Vice-Chair of the Planning Committee.


See attached for planning applications/approvals.




Reports of Meetings with Outside Bodies


Cllr Taylor reported there was a Watchhouse Hill Management Committee met last Wednesday.



Correspondence requiring action not covered elsewhere



Parish Councillor Co-option

Sally Beasant had attended the meeting following her application to become a Parish Councillor, and gave a brief presentation.   Following a brief discussion ALL AGREED Sally be co-opted to the Parish Council. Action Clerk.



20mph Speed Limit

Cllr Taylor proposed supporting in principle SPAD’s case for a 20mph speed limit.   Cllr Murphy seconded. ALL AGREED.   Agenda Committees 9/06.


Cllr Jopp had circulated a paper that made various proposals regarding speed limits within the village. Following discussion, Cllr Jopp withdrew the paper until further discussion could take place at the next Committee meeting on 9th June.



Village Green Application

The Clerk reported on this. Public Inquiry date set for 8th – 10th September at St George’s Hall. All evidence has to be in to all parties by 14th July.



Financial Regulations Update


Approved at the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council.



Accounts for Payment




Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – May DD 21/05/14 625.00
Haven Power Public Lighting Electricity – May DD 21/05/14 77.51
Unicom 374442 Telephone & Fax Bill – May DD 22.14
K & E Property Maintenance Hardwick Road & Brookside Play Area Maintenance 247.00
Brian Weekes Brookside Bridge Repairs 54.00
Seton Brookside ‘No Dogs Signs’ 52.62
Electrical Testing Concrete Column Structural Testing 667.80
Pill Community Centre Use of Room for APM 20.00
SSE Contracting Service Work Charges for new street lighting works 2,289.38
G.B. Sport & Leisure Weekly Play Equipment Inspections Feb & April 240.00
C Jenkinson Landscapes Clear Brookside Perimeter Footpath 50.00
North Somerset Council Dog Bin Emptying 172.80
The Bristol Port Company Annual Rent for 20 acres at Avon Road 1.20
Came & Company Parish Council Insurance 01/06/14 – 31/05/15 1,559.09
DC & LM Smith Cut, bale & remove grass from Brookside 176.25
E Hobbs Bus Shelter Cleaning x 2 22.00
Mark Fuller Salary 761.38
Julie Smart Salary 1,335.37
Post Office Limited Tax & NICs 395.47
Bath & NES Council Pension Contributions 357.26




Cllr Taylor, seconded by Cllr Davey, proposed approval of the accounts for payment. Agreed.


Issues for future meetingsVillage Speed Limits.




Signed: ………………………………….


Date: …………………………………….





Monday 19th May 2014 at 7.30pm at the Resource Centre




  1. Election of Chair & Vice-Chair.


Cllr Burchell was elected as Chair, and Cllr Exley elected as Vice-Chair for the forthcoming year.

2.         The following applications had been received:-
14/P/0970/F Land at 21 & 23 LodwayPill Application to vary condition 2 and remove condition 11 attached to planning permission 13/P/2120/F. Vary condition 2 to allow for pitched roof on garage and change brick style below DPC; removal of condition 11 to remove the need for formal certification of code for sustainable homes.No objections.
14/P/0831/O The TyningsMartcombe Road


Outline planning application for the erection of 3No. two bed cottage style dwellings and associated work following the demolition of barn (B8 use) existing tin shed (B8 use) and existing stables (sui generis) with access to be determined and all other matters reserved (resubmission of 14/P/0009/O). 

Object as previous application (Green Belt).


3.         The following applications had been approved:-
14/P/0430/F The Old BreweryLodwayPill


Addition of a balcony to south elevation at second floor level of the existing office block.
14/P/0611/F 5 Cabot WayPill  Erection of a garage and workshop with dormer window to front elevation.
14/P/0666/F 1 Port ViewPill Erection of a two storey side extension.


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