Libraries and Children’s Centres


A chance to have your say!


North Somerset Council is currently undertaking a review of its Libraries and Children’s Centres to ensure that our services and the properties they are delivered from are fit for purpose, located in the right place and meet the current and future needs of our residents.  We are calling this review the Community Access Review.


Libraries and Children’s Centres are two of our most highly rated services by residents and we are committed to keep delivering them within our local communities.  This review is about ensuring we retain and where we can, improve these services, rather than lose them as is happening in some other parts of the country.  We are exploring how this can be achieved by co-locating services building on the successful models we have at the Campus, the For All Healthy Living Centre and the Town Hall in Weston and the Barn in Clevedon.  In other areas we are looking at how we can use technology to improve our services through self-service and longer opening hours.


The review will be implemented in phases.  Congresbury, Worle, Long Ashton, Pill, Weston South (Bournville and Oldmixon), Winscombe and Yatton are all included in phase 1 of the review.  Options for these localities have been developed following engagement with staff, councillors and key stakeholders and were reported to the Council’s Executive in June. No decisions have been made with regard to the locality options and we are keen to hear the thoughts and views of our residents, community groups and voluntary organisations.  We are therefore now embarking on a 12 week consultation and engagement process that will run from 8th July to 30th September.  The feedback we receive will help inform our option appraisal and final locality decisions.


The purpose of this email therefore is to let you know about the review and to advise you how to get involved to ensure your voice is heard.  You can do this in a number of ways:


  • complete a survey.  This survey asks you for your views on all of the options for each of the areas.  You can complete it on-line via the Council’s e-consult service by clicking the following link.  If you are unable to use e-consult you can also request a print copy of the survey by contacting or calling Council Connect on 01934 888 802.
  • Invite a council officer to come to a meeting of your group or organisation so that we can outline the review and listen to your feedback. Please contact. to make appropriate arrangements
  • Attend a public meeting. Will we be holding a series of public meetings during September in each of the seven localities.  We will publish dates and times shortly so please keep an eye on our website for further information.


Community Access Review Project team
North Somerset Council