Friends Minutes

Meeting 3rd May 2012 – 7pm in the Pill Memorial Club


Maggie Stowers,Arthur Taylor, Carolyn Williamson, Donald Davies, David Smith


David Parker, Hedley Lomas

Minutes of Last Meeting

Accepted as accurate record

Matters Arising

  • Railings at bottom of path have been moved to give access to motorised scooters and buggies
  • Spraying dog-poo with pink spray seems to be working
  • Coppicing is underway
  • New path at back of coppice has been done
  • Hedge-trimming has been done around car park
  • The wassail was a success

Green flag, management plan, and work programme review:

  • AT and MS need to get together with Katie at the end of May/beginning of June to walk area
  • A small amount of graffiti on the shelter needs removing
  • General tidying up to be undertaken before judging
  • Drainage from pond continues to be a problem
  • Pond has tadpoles this year as a result of spawn put in by DS last spring
  • New benches to be put up – MS to mark out where wanted and DS to construct

Grass cutting

  • MS to get order from Katie to cut orchard and paths mid May

Woodland management:

  • AST and DP have in hand. Discussion about what to do with cut wood and was investment in a wood-chipper justified?

Work parties and surveys:

  • Work party on the 28th May at 2pm – date may need to be altered
  • Floral survey will be Thursday 18th or 25th of May – to be confirmed
  • Giles Morris is doing the bird survey
  • MS is doing the amphibian survey

Orchard events:

  • Village picnic on 15 July cancelled due to low attendance in previous years
  • Apple day will be 21st October. Agreed to have story-teller and treasure hunt again


  • Pill and District Children’s and Young People’s Partnership running event on Watchhouse Hill on 4th June with beacon to be lit at 6pm.
  • Beacon has been registered on national website.
  • Area to be cleared and turf removed before date
  • Fire to be build on the day
  • Lit fire will need to be fenced off


  • Treasurer’s report – see attached
  • Horses – MS has given Katie letter for North Somerset Council to send out to agreed addresses to remind riders to keep to cycle track.
  • Date of the next meeting and AGM:
    • 7pm, 2nd August 2012 at Pill Memorial Club


 Annual General Meeting 9 June 2011


Donald Davies, Maggie Stowers, Hedly Lomas, Arthur Taylor, Isabelle Wooley, Carolyn Williamson, Margaret Hunt, Brian Heaton, Peter Milner

Apologies for absence:

David Parker, Peter Stanley, June Hamilton, Liz Moore, David Smith

Minutes 2010 AGM:

Accepted. No matters arising.

Secretary’s report:

  1. The report was as written; additional points arising from it were:
  2. The ‘Fairy, Monster, Ghost’ performance in the orchard achieved the best audience numbers of the tour and it was suggested that the company return to perform the ‘Ghost’ section for Apple Day
  3. The community now has a PA system that should be useful for orchard events such as Apple Day and the Wassail

Treasurer’s Report:

As written. Accepted.

Election of officers:

Re-elected en-bloc.


Pruning of trees in the orchard would be needed this year and it was proposed a training day be held to facilitate this.


Ordinary Meeting 9th June 2011

Minutes of the last meeting

3 March 2011: taken as read

Matters arising:


Report on green flag judging:

  1. Arthur reported that the site looked stunning on judging day and he was confident of success. Thanks were due to David Smith for his regular cutting and trimming of the site, and to the volunteers for their continued maintenance.
  2. It was noted that the mosaic statues needed repairing and that Katy Hallet, who made them, had offered to teach a student the correct techniques for doing this.

Update on storage container

  1. Arrival in late June confirmed along with arrangements made for preparation of the site and movement of the container by David Smith. It was suggested that the container could also be used to store a wheelbarrow or 4-wheeled trolley and tools to make site maintenance easier for the volunteers.
  2. The petition for a BMX site was noted and it was suggested that the small car park might be suitable as it was not in use in present.

Inspire play-rangers:

Grant applied for to fund play-ranger activities – specifically, to coordinate activities at the MUGA and develop a coordinated play programme.

Latest survey reports

  1. A full report of the flora and fauna surveys was available at the meeting. It was discussed whether a greater range of plant species should be introduced onto the site. Opinions, however, were mixed.
  2. Woodpeckers:Great Spotted Woodpecker photographed by Bob in orchard and reported to be using the nest boxes.


Three new benches had been requested, one of them commemorative. David had these in hand but was waiting for suitable wood to be available. One existing bench had been badly burnt and it was suggested this could be repaired using decking.

Work programme:

To be circulated.


A review of the current situation with regard to the 106 money was thought to be needed; specifically, how much remained and whether it was ring-fenced for site use. Don volunteered to find out from North Somerset, Maggie to e-mail.

Date of the next meeting: 

Provisionally 7pm, 25 August 2011 at Pill Memorial Club.


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