L Westward Drive

F Monmouth Rd Map 2


Monmouth Road follows the railway line. When the railway was being built this area (probably field 65 or 75) contained  a large encampment where the navies who built the railway lived.

Marine Parade Monmouth Road




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One thought on “L Westward Drive

  1. Jennie baker has lived in Pill for 32 years – she lived in Abbotts Leigh for 31 years before that.
    Whilst the area around Victoria Park and the Precinct can be noisy, generally the area is pleasant.
    There are playing areas in the vicinity in Park Walk and Brookside.
    She has seen a slow worm in Friendly Row, foxes and squirrels in Brookside Playing Field and a rat in Westward Drive.
    Preservation sites are the Community Centre, Cumberland House, Edgehill House in Back Lane and Overhill Farm.
    Jennie uses Watchhouse Hill and the Markham Farm area for dog walking.
    She believes that there is a need for retirement homes and affordable houses in the area to assist first time buyers.
    New development should benefit people within the community and not outsiders.
    Parking is a real issue in the village and any new development must take this into consideration.

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