H Newsome Avenue

Newsome Ave  Lodway House

The majority of housing in this area is local authority semi-detached family occupied homes with gardens, built in the 1950s with a few bungalows and Millers Close 2 storey flats of sheltered/retirement/supported housing for older people.

newsome Ave 2  Keswick House

On the northern boundary of this area, formed by the main road, are some older (early/mid 19C?) buildings that look like stables (brick) and a lodge house – brick, stone and render, and suggestions of walled kitchen garden to the east in the garden of 1970s bungalow, and maybe another outbuilding made of stone on corner of Lodway and Newsome Ave. A very high enclosing wall is a noticeable feature on the main road at the Poplars on Lodway.

Inserted into what were presumably the gardens of this house are some clusters of 1970s private housing. The western boundary of Cross Lanes comprises mainly 1970s two storey semis or bungalows, private-built, all facing Pill allotments.

Cross lanes 1  lodway 1 1

Most houses brick-built with surface detail of render or pebbledash with some uncoated brick, all roofs are clay tiles. Increasing numbers of houses with solar panels in this area.

Tonigor House  Tonigor House 2

Some of the remains of buildings within the grounds of ‘Lodway House’ are visible and are a mix of stone and brick, ‘Tonigor’ house has slate roof.

Lodway House – a large house and garden with orchards in this location appear on the 1841 Tithe Map but it’s not clear from the copy we have of the whereabouts the house in the grounds. It also appears marked as Lodway House on 1902 map.

The roads are quite narrow in this area but Newsome Ave and Rudgleigh Road have wide grass verges on one side.

There are two footpaths between housing areas, Newsome Ave to Millers Close and Rudgleigh Road to North Grove, both serve as short cuts to the school in Westward Drive.

westeard Drive 1  Rudgeleig Rd

In Rudgleigh Rd the grass verges are much favoured by local children (usually about 6 – 12 year olds), especially where Rudgleigh Road is joined by the two cul-de-sacs of Bramley Close and The Orchard.

Here children enjoy kicking a ball about, wandering around on bikes and scooters and just quietly hanging out – without causing too much annoyance it would appear.

Mature privet hedges are home to many sparrows and until recent repairs to current and now privately owned LA houses, swifts would nest in the roofs.

A small, rough  grassy bank at the start of Rudgleigh Rd on NW side is home to some mining bees, the new owner of the property took the trouble to find out what they were and has left them alone after initial concern they would be a worry to children in the garden – they are harmless.

Ornamental Cherries in the verges of Rudgleigh Road are attractive and the views from this road and Cross Lanes across the allotments to the woods and fields of the Failand Ridge are a distinctive and pleasant feature.

Facing in the opposite direction the slopes across the Avon above Shirehampton (golf course?) provide another vista.




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