G Myrtle Hill / Pill Creek / Victoria Park


Overall this was the older part of the village, although it has suffered from more modern development in the mid 1900’s when the lower part of the village in particular was re-developed partly to alleviate the problems of regular tidal flooding and generally poor housing conditions.

Myrtle Hill 1993  Myrtle Hill 14_4_2007

The two pictures above show the changes between 1959 and 2007. The new maisonettes in Chapel Row and in the early stages of construction whilst the houses along the water front have yet to be demolished.

The Duke of Cornwall remains in both pictures as does Pump Square. The road running up the right hand side of the 1959 photo (now Pump Square, Myrtle Hill, Back Lane, Station Road and Lodway) was originally the main road out of Pill leading to Failand. There was no road to Bristol – all goods, livestock etc came via the river.

The flood improvements works was still to be initiated and the creek ran up under the Viaduct.

Baltic House  Baltic House 2

In these two views from the 1959 and 2007 Baltic House has been swept away by the Precinct but Victoria Park – through the viaduct remains virtually unchanged although the railing shown in an earlier picture were removed in the 1940s.

Station Road

station Rd bank St Road

This area was developed around a core of older existing properties to become the commercial heart of the village. This was particularly encouraged by the arrival of the railway in 1865.

The Old Vicarage , whilst a newer property is set in an area of what was tree and shrub growth and is currently being redeveloped with replanting will follow .

The properties opposite formerly housed the last bank in the village. Further along is the former bakery and library. Next to the Railway is the former stationmasters house.

 Upper Myrtle Hill

Upper-Myrtle-Hill    Old Bakery

This is a typically old narrow lane which houses a former bank, greengrocers, Post Office and Milliners shop. The properties date from the 1700’s.

Myrtle Hill

Myrtle Hill

Church Walk

Another relatively narrow road, although it does have room for a pavement along one side. It has interesting brick lined gutters at the road edge.

Back Lane

A narrow and steep path, with steps and hand rails leading directly from the end of Station Road down to Pump Square and the riverside.

Some newer conversions of properties to the rear of the Railway Inn which have been done in keeping with the surrounding buildings.

Most of the properties in Back Lane date back to the 1700’s. The second one down from the Railway Inn  was the old abattoir there was a hole in the wall used to tether animals before slaughter which, unfortunately, was removed when the site was renovated.

back Lane

 New Road

The top of this road was developed at the time the railway came to Pill cutting through Chapel Hill and  Heywood Terrace. The white cottage shown in the picture was previously 4 cottages.

 New Road

Chapel Row

This road to the rear of the Baptist Church is a mid 1900’s development and is ‘of the time’.

There are some older properties at the top of the steep incline, one of which has recently been restored in a manner which is to be applauded.

Sunnyside Chapel Row

 Church Place

This road has properties dating from the Victorian era. It includes both the former Police House and the Community Centre housed in the former village school. The church was built in the mid 1900’s on the footprint of the former church which had been destroyed by an incendiary bomb in World War 2.

Christ Church_old Christ Church_new

Christ Church

For more information on Christ Church click below


Star Lane

One of the medieval roads in Pill running from New Road down alongside the viaduct and coming out alongside the Star public house.

Pump Square

There was a pump here that supplied water to the neighbouring houses and also sold it to boats mooring in the creek.

The house shown below was previously a butchers shop with meat hanging where the bay window is now.

There is a deep cellar under the shop to keep meat cool.

The old road that was previously the main road into Pill from Failand (all other transport was via the river)ran down the left hand side of the house and the old tiles are still visible.

Pump Sq  Pump Square

Bank Place and Underbanks

Aerial 2  Aerial 1

Two pictures one from 1925 and the other from Google Earth show the new Bank Place at the bottom and underbanks, beyond the viaduct, have carefully followed the line of the earlier road.

Chapel Row also follows the same alignment after redevelopment.

The old school house (now the Community Centre) still exists pretty much unchanged as is the Baptist Church, surrounding houses and Hardwick Road behind the school. The old church alas is no more replaced by a decidedly 50s building.

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