E Hardwick Road


E Hardwick Road E

Houses predominantly 1950s(?) local authority brick built, semi-detached and bungalows with gardens, many now privately owned, a noticeable number of solar panels on roofs. Surface finish varies from plain brick to render and pebble-dash.

IMG_1325  IMG_1320

Streets medium width, some with grass verges, quiet. Many houses have driveways and/or garages so less parking in street than older areas of village.

There are a number of quite well used footpaths between areas of housing a) Sambourne Lane through to Hardwick Road b) path off Hardwick Rd/Lodway Close junction goes (into area F) under railway to Avon Road and cycle route to M5 bridge and c) further west on Lodwick Close is a path through to The Breeches that takes you into slightly later area of private housing.  (see section D)

Impression is of mix of older people in bungalows and families (perhaps some with grown up children still at home) in semis.

IMG_1322  IMG_1323

There is no specific focus to the area as it’s a network of roads serving only houses, but it’s very contained, bounded by the main road through the village, railway and fields with motorway beyond on three sides.

There are glimpses of the Avonmouth bridge here and there, the cranes in Portbury Docks and probably views from the top floors at the back of houses on the margins.

Housing in Easton in Gordano creates the other boundary and it’s a surprise to take the footpath (mentioned as c) above) and be confronted by fields and the motorway.

None of these boundary features are particularly evident from within the area so it feels inward facing and quite ‘safe’

The main road, Lodway at this point, has the only commercial premises and older buildings which include : The Memorial Club – mid 19thC; The old Brewery that appears on 1841 Tithe Map, once also a fire station and now a small business unit; The old house next to the New Avon arms, possibly once a pub  – the New Inn, and/or a farmhouse appears to be 18C; and on junction of Lodway and Newsome Ave is the Lodway Garage and petrol station.

Opposite this collection is the most recent building in the area, the Heywood surgery, completed in 2006? – a mix of new-build and refurbishment, and in adjacent Lodway Gardens a number of 60s bungalows.

There is a playground on Hardwick Road.

Places favoured by children for play, whether designated play places or not

 The playground. Pavements used by children with scooters and bikes

Particular wild birds, animals, insects etc. resident or prevalent in the sub-area

Sparrows enjoy the hedges. Starlings.

Any features or qualities that are important and make the sub-area special or more pleasant

Mature hedges, most notable features are a fair number of very lovingly tended gardens, contrasted by only a few unkempt gardens.

Any features of historical significance

Perhaps the old New Inn?

History of the sub-area

Probably farmland, perhaps belonging to Lodway Farm until the houses were built


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