Mapping Form

A village appreciation – mapping our village

We are working with the Parish Council and the Community Forum to map the village’s environmental assets – whether these are visual, historical, ecological or even sentimental.

We would very much like to hear from you if you have a sense of what different places in the village looked like in the past.

The planning laws have recently changed and whilst it is difficult to predict their immediate impact on communities we believe that action is required to map and record what we have.

We would like local people to create a portrait of the places where they live. The resulting documents will have an influence on the planning process, but just as importantly they will help to define what we regard as important and worth keeping in our village.

Go to our interactive map page which has been broken into smaller areas of built-up neighbourhoods and green spaces. Click on these and you can write your comments for the information of others using the site .

You can also input use the form below to leave a more detailed contribution to the site.  

This form will be automatically sent to the site

Please email your photographs direct to Arthur Taylor email:

For further information or a more detailed form for completion please contact:

Peter Milner tel: 01275 374904 email:

Kate O’Brien tel: 01275 373412  email:

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