D Stoneyfields

D Stoneyfields  D

The most visibly prominent housing in this area is the chalet style houses and bungalows  – large semi-detached, brick built with overhanging gable and timber facing on upper floor, at a guess built in the mid 1960s.

IMG_1333 IMG_4951

Other smaller, detached, semi and terraced brick-built houses date from 1950s to 1970s and have a mix of surface finish from plain brick to render, pebble dash and hung tiles. The front gardens of all these properties often have drives, some with garages and are mainly bounded by low stone or brick walls.

IMG_1335 IMG_1340

There are a few individual much older houses of varying ages in De Becca’s Lane, along the main road and on the south side of The Breaches including the remaining stone and pantile-roofed buildings of Lodway Farm yard that also contains the refurbished and new-build development of (2008?).

IMG_1360 IMG_4955

Opposite Lodway Farm is a private road leading to an older house hard to see from public road but glimpses suggest it is early 19C and has a sign on gothick style gate saying ‘Haunted House’.


Yew Tree Cottage on main road is c late 18C, and a little further west are a mix of detached Victorian houses and one or two Georgian houses.

The impression is of family homes, and judging by the number of cars in some driveways, grown up  children may still be living at home.

St John's

On The Poplars is the St John’s Ambulance  hall.

Particular wild birds, animals, insects etc. resident or prevalent in the sub-area?

Lots of mature garden hedges but no wildlife observed

Features or qualities that are important and make the sub-area special or more pleasant

The remains of Lodway Farm with its stone buildings and the individual older houses provide characterful qualities amongst the many similar 20th Century housing units.

Features of historical significance

None other than the older houses and Lodway Farm mentioned above

History of the sub-area

Stoneyfield House Google Lodway Farm

A large house called Stonefield House is marked on the 1902 and 1884 OS Maps on the junction of DeBecca’s Lane and The Breaches, probably giving its name to  the road – Stoneyfields which in was probably based on the field name Stoney Ground found on the 1841 tithe map. Some fields in this area in 1841 described as arable but the majority were pasture with a few orchards.

Lodway Farm is still shown on Google maps but the farm buildings were obviously extended across the road after 1884

At the east end of The Breaches a school is marked on the 1841 Tithe Map (leased to Richard Bright – of Ham Green House maybe?) But it’s not on the 1902 version.

Liz Milner


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