8 Markham


Cross Lanes gives way to a network of old bridle paths and footpaths, which now all now cross the A 369 and then lead to the National Trust Land and Failand.

The open country side on the village side of the main road comprises arable fields, which until the 1980s were smaller hedged areas but are now one very large open expanse with 2 main copses circling ponds.

The impressions of this area, which inspires the many walkers are the extensive views of Failand, the docks and wonderful skies and sunsets as you look west.

Rudgeleigh Inn 1  Rudgeleigh-Inn-2

One footpath traverses this large arable area and ends at the Rudgleigh Inn abutting the Easton in Gordano Cricket Club, a lovely rural scene of village cricket, while the spectators sit outside the cricket pavilion or sip pints outside the pub.


Pond and copse in the arable expanse


2 thoughts on “8 Markham

  1. Jennie baker has lived in the area for 32 years.
    She uses Brookside, Markham and Overhill circuit daily for dog walking.
    She has seen Roe Deer, Buzzards, Squirrels, Pheasants and rabbits

  2. The Rudgleigh Inn abuts Easton in Gordano Cricket Club NOT Lodway who play at Ham Green

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