Our Village

Villages, along with towns and cities, change over time. Inevitably old buildings will be adapted to new demands, new homes, workshops and offices will be built and roads will be changed.

When changes happen we can lose things that we value – a tree, a grassy bank, a view, a wall, a place where children play  or people stop to talk – their loss diminishes the character of the village irretrievably.

There is no doubt that the richness of our environment can be enhanced if we only recognise and then look after what we value. Many things can be lost because they are not valued until they have gone and then it is too late!

This website is intended to give a picture of our village.

We particularly want your assistance in mapping our environmental assets.

  • This  will be developed, researched, written, and edited by local people;
  • It will augment our Parish Plan (printed copies available from the Parish Office) and be representative of the views of the village
  • It will describe the visual character of the village and demonstrate how local character and distinctiveness can be protected and enhanced;
  • It is essential that we seek to manage change in the village, not necessarily prevent it.

As the project develops we hope that many more residents will take ownership and input their own knowledge, memories, photographs and opinions to develop the website.

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